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What are the Cheapest Domain Name Extensions (Top Level Domains) In July 2017?

2 Years ago I wrote a popular article called "What are the Cheapest new Top Level .domains?" In the last few years, the number of new top level domains has grown dramatically, and most of them have entered 'general availability. This means that any normal person can...

Are ? or ? more loyal?

Many people say Dogs are man's best friend but are they really more loyal? Is your ? loyal? Cat lovers will argue that their cats are very loyal. However, are they really loyal or just using their owners for their own selfish needs?  Cats commonly carry the virus that...

What are the best ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ vacation destinations for fun in the ☀️?

There are so many places in the world to see, that I often wonder what the best vacation destinations are for tropical weather ? . Here are a few that I found online, but I'd like to hear from the comments section about which destinations everyone loves. 1) South...