Best Microphones for Youtubers: Get Loud, Get Heard

Best Microphones For Youtubers
Best Microphones For Youtubers

So, you are dreaming of making it big on YouTube? Good news, it is not a pipe dream anymore. After all, there are tons of non-mainstream subjects and channels ideas waiting to be  introduced into the platform. And with today’s modern and easily accessible technology, creating a signature content for your very own channel is easier than ever. You can also use drones, a 360 camera, or even a 3D audio microphone.

Whatever content that may be, the fact that you must be heard loud and clear remains. You must reach your audience, build rapport, and grow your fan base. However, you can’t do that by just using substandard materials. You need the best equipment for the job. You need the best microphone for YouTubers. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, as we have covered the best picks that you can get right now!

Best USB Microphone for YouTubers

If you are new to the trade, something that is functional without the extra frills is recommended. Without complicated set-ups and additional hardware, the USB microphone is a popular pick for up and coming content creators.

Blue Snowball iCE: Best Plug and Play Microphone for Youtubers

Blue Snowball Ice

  • Budget-friendly pick
  • Produces crisp audio using a cardioid recording pattern
  • No fuss, plug-and-play set-up
  • Picks up unwanted noise if the room is not acoustically treated
  • Mic needs to be mounted to align with mouth properly


Blue is another strong contender in the recording industry. Their legacy is alive and well in their Blue Snowball iCE microphone. This mic is super stylish, they also come in black or white variation, so whatever suits your workstation best you are free to choose.

This orb-shaped microphone sports a plastic shell that exposes the metallic grille located in front of the mic, the iconic Blue logo is found here as well. There is also a status LED indicator located on the top front face. This little bulb will light up whenever the USB cable is connected to the microphone and a recording source. The Snowball Ice uses a pressure gradient-style condenser and utilizes a cardioid pattern for sound pick-ups.

 The mic also does not have any gain knobs nor headphone jacks, pretty typical for XLR microphones but unusual for USB mics like this one. However, once you’ve set everything up, the Snowball Ice produces the promised clean and crisp audio recordings.

Unfortunately, the mic is prone to picking up unwanted room sound, especially if your work area is not acoustically treated.

However, this is not the case if your room is acoustically treated, as you will get a clear recording. It is also best to use a pop filter to counter the plosives. Overall, the Snowball Ice does an excellent job of picking vocals thanks to its oval design.

Apogee MiC Plus: Best Microphone for Youtube Musicians

Apogee Mic Plus

  • Plug and play set up
  • Compatible with almost any device
  • The mic is super sensitive to desk bumps


The Apogee MiC Plus is another excellent pick for the best microphones for YouTubers. This plug and play USB mic are perfect for easy set-ups. Though pretty straightforward, this mic offers excellent sound quality that is a bit on par with studio-level recordings. After all, this pick is a bit famous in the music scene.

It also easily connects to Windows and Apple devices or any other smart device as long as it has a 3.5mm slot. This way, recording high-quality external sound for your videos is super easy, no matter what camera you are using.

This microphone is equipped with a cardioid polar pattern pick-up. So, it can easily pick up your voice, loud and clear. It also boasts a powerful headphone output that features zero-latency during recording. This microphone also uses pure digital connection, so you are guaranteed to capture high-quality sound up to 24-bit/ 96kHz.

Samson G-Track Pro: Best Microphone for First Time Youtubers

Samson G Track Pro

  • Plug-and play set-up
  • Functions as a 2-track audio mixer
  • Crisp voice capture

  • Needs pop filter to get rid of plosives


The Samson G-Track Pro is one of the best microphones for YouTubers, all thanks to its extra features. Unlike other mics that seem to revel in being flashy, this mic puts functionality above all else.

The G-Track Pro is sturdily built, equipped with a multi-pattern for better audio capture. This USB mic is perfect for beginner YouTubers who are looking for a decent mic to start their podcasts. After all, this is a plug-and-play mic and does not require any additional software nor fancy accessories to operate.

However, what makes the Samson G-Track Pro shines is its 1/4-inch audio input. Basically, this mic functions as a 2-track audio mixer, so if you want, you can go right ahead and plug in an extra mic, a second audio source, or a keytar without shelling out for a separate mixer. This kind of additional functionality is what makes this mic top of the food chain.

For the audio quality, it is what you would come to expect from a studio microphone. It is clean, crisp, and captures audio without fail.

Blue SPARK Digital Lightning: Best Microphone for Youtube Streamers

Blue Spark Digital Lightning

  • High-quality design
  • No-fuss set-up
  • Sound quality is amazing
  • Built using premium materials
  •         Simple for seasoned users
  • Settings can’t be tweaked


The Blue SPARK Digital Lightning is another fantastic pick from Blue. This microphone is beautifully crafted with sophistication and grace that we’ve come to expect from this audio company. Sure, it looks like a bit intimidating for beginners due to its professional vibe. However, it is actually user-friendly as it comes with a USB connector along with iPhone cables. Clearly, this mic is marketed towards amateur streamers and podcaster.

Since this is not an XLR microphone, seasoned musicians might find it lacking, but for those who are just starting out, it is a great pick. On the microphone itself, you can find convenient volume controls and a button that you can press if you want to mute the mic. This set of controls also includes a switch that you can use to turn on the focus mode. This mode dramatically improves clarity which is perfect with mid-range and higher frequencies

Overall, the Blue SPARK Digital Lightning is a high-grade product that is perfect for YouTubers who are just starting out. Since it utilizes a plug and plays set-up, it does not need much to get it up and running.

Blue Yeti Nano: Best Microphone for Podcasting

Blue Yeti Nano

  • Excellent and high-grade quality build
  • The cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns are perfect for vocal recordings
  • Convenient headphone jack and knobs
  • You need to install the Sherpa app is you want to tweak its settings


If you want something small and portable, the Yeti Nano is your best bet. This cute little mic measures 8.3 x 3.8 x 4.3 inches and weighs just 1.4 pounds. It is lightweight, compact, and ideal for up and coming YouTubers. This mic is also quite stylish and comes in four color variants, muted gold, black, blue, and red. It also has a distinct sophistication and professionalism that is further boosted by the iconic Blue logo.

The Blue Yeti Nano also sports with a convenient headphone volume knob that is located at the front side panel. Whenever the mic is connected to your PC, the volume dial will automatically light up green. If you press it, it will function as a mute button, and the light indicator will change to red.

The included mic stand is fitted with a swivel mount that allows you to position the capsule to a more optimal recording angle. You can also tighten the knobs on the to tighten it, and once you’ve achieved the best angle, you can simply lock it in place.

Overall, the Blue Yeti Nano brought everything fan’s love about the Blue Yeti and stuffed it in the smaller body of the Nano. Even though it’s the miniature version of the Yeti, it still easily fits into any mic stand should you decide to use a different one. However, some of the recording patterns were cut-off during the shrinking process. Good thing, the cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns still remain, which are the best ones for podcasting and streaming. This mic is solid, sturdy, and sounds terrific. Well, no surprises here as this is the exact level of quality that fans have come to expect from Blue.

Blue Yeti USB Recording & Streaming Microhpne

Blue Yeti Usb Recording & Streaming

  • Retro look
  • Built-in mute button and volume controls
  • Very little background noise when using this mic
  • Sensitive enough to pick up voice at normal levels.
  • Affordable
  • Takes up a lot of desktop space


For the past couple of years, I’ve used a Yeti USB Microphone for recording my YouTube videos. I like the design of the microphone even though it takes up a lot of desktop space. There’s something cool about the retro look and feel of this mic. I love that the mute button and the volume controls are on the mic. There is very little background noise when using this mic and I love that it is still sensitive enough to pick up my voice at normal levels. I’ve used this mic for various media interviews and on my YouTube weekly stream. I would highly recommend this mic for anyone who records on YouTube. It’s a great mic for an affordable price.



Burton Kelso
Tech Tips Youtuber


Blue Yeti Studio Blackout Microphone

Blue Microphones Yeti Studio Blackout

  • Crips production quality
  • Completely portable.
  • Produces warm audio
  • None


I really love the Yeti blackout microphone. I just upgraded to it, and the production quality is so much more crisp than what I was using before.

The best thing about this mic is that it is completely portable. I can pack it up and take it with me, meaning I can create content from anywhere in the world.

The warm audio produced by the Yeti mic is a game changer to the quality of my videos.



Todd Baldwin


Rode NT-USB: Best Microphone for Voiceovers

Rode Nt Usb

  • Excellent clear audio pick-up
  • Plug-and-play set-up
  • The package includes a pop filter
  • It does a fantastic job eliminating background noise

  • Single polar pattern
  • Little too directional soundwise
  • Picks up table bumps and other desk noises
  • The tripod is a bit shaky


The Rode NT-USB is a sleek and minimalist microphone that is another excellent pick for YouTubers. It is also nicely built thanks to its narrow metal body. Design-wise, the Rode NT-USB looks premium and feels premium.

It also utilizes a cardioid polar pattern. This scheme is perfect for capturing the sound directly in front of the mic. That is why this pick is ideal for voiceovers and song covers.

This microphone is also a popular pick for people who are already familiar with recording devices. You can say that it qualifies for a simple studio setup minus the huge price tag. The package also includes a faux-leather carrying bag for easy transport.

 The Rode NT-USB is also equipped with a built-in headphone amp. So plugging your trusty headset in them is super convenient. It also performs super well in spoken voice and vocals, no tonal anomalies whatsoever. The included pop shield also does a great job in blocking plosives.

“The mic I use for Youtube isn’t my best mic. It’s the one that is easiest to set up and gets the job done with least fuss. It’s a Rode nt-usb. I tend to switch between using a few different devices, and they all just seem to pick up the nt-usb straight off.

I first bought the mic to take on a music tour through Japan. I didn’t want to take a computer so I looked for a mic that I could use with an iPad, and this was the one I found. I guess the iPad is just one more on the list of many devices the mic seems to “just work” with. Sound wise, it tends to be a little too directional for my liking, in that you can’t move around too much in space while using it, but for the all-round versatility, it’s fine.”



Peter Joseph Head
Japanoscope Youtuber


Best XLR Microphone for YouTubers

If you want better control of your audio and already know their way in the recording trade, XLR microphones are the picks for you. Sure they need extra hardware to run, but the professional quality that they offer is worth the extra work.

Blue Ember Microphone: Best for Youtubers Who are Still Lacking Mic Techniques

Blue Ember

  • Perfect for podcasters and streamers who wants to upgrade from USB mics.
  • Great in blocking plosives

  • The multiple accessories needed for it to operate does not come with the package


Another great pick from Blue. The Blue Ember is a mic marketed towards podcasters, YouTubers and streamers. This microphone is not a USB microphone, so if you are into plug-and-play, this might not be your thing as this mic uses XLR connection to operate. This means that you need a mixer, a mic preamp, or any interface that you can use to plug the Ember into.

Though it needs more prep before usage, we can’t deny that this is an affordable professional camera for YouTube podcasters and streamers out there. This mic also provides damping, which makes this model an ideal choice for users who are still lacking mic techniques. If you want high-grade condenser sound and does not care to forgo the USB route, the Ember is an excellent choice.

Design-wise, the Ember has a retro design that is prevalent to other Blue models. It has a somewhat flattened cylindrical body and a sleek gray-blue metallic frame. It also sports a shiny mesh grille and the ever-iconic Blue logo. 

Audio-Technica AT2050: Best Microphone for Youtube Song Cover Artists

Audio Technica At2050

  • Great no-frills design
  • Vocal recording sounds clear and sharp
  • Sturdy build
  • Does not have an on and off switch
  • The XLR cable needs to be purchased separately


Audio-Technica is not new to the recording industry. They are also a brand that does not care about flashy designs and whatnots. This tradition is alive and well in the Audio-Technica AT2050. It sports the no-frills design that is uniform with Audio-Technica’s extensive product lines.

This mic is designed with an all-black metal chassis plus a black mesh grille. It looks high end, functional and sophisticated. The only thing that seems out of place in this all-black theme is the brand logo at the front side. There are no complaints with the build as well as the company spared no effort in using premium materials.

Performance-wise, the Audio-Technica AT2050 offers a well-rounded experience. With its additional polar patterns, this model can be categorized as a practical usage mic. This mic can be used for recording anything from song covers, voice-overs to full orchestras. It is also equipped with higher SPL options, so recording powerful and loud instruments is a piece of cake.

The vocals also sound fantastic, it will pick up your voice loud and clear. It also remains responsive, whatever polar pattern you have set into it. You can use it to set-up a home studio or a semi-professional recording studio if you are into it.

Aston Stealth: Best Premium Microphone

Aston Microphones Stealth

  • Includes four distinct voice settings
  • Has a built-in Class A preamp
  • Features active and passive modes
  • Has switchable purple LED indicators

  • Need pre-amp to function smoothly
  • A little bit large and bulky


Aston Microphones are not as popular as big names like Audio-Technica or Blue, but they are known for creating high-quality microphones as well. The Aston Microphones Stealth is not really budget-friendly, but the value that you’ll get from these microphones justifies its price tag.

Aside from looking premium, it also boasts premium features. It has an outstanding built-in preamp and steady internal shock mount. Now desk bumps won’t cause any trouble to this mic. Thanks to these great features setting up the Aston Microphones Stealth is super easy.

This mic is also remarkably versatile due to its four distinct voice settings. The V1 is ideal for males, while V2 is for female voices. On the other hand, the G setting is perfect for guitar recordings, while D offers a darker profile that is similar to a ribbon microphone. This is an XLR mic, so prepare your other accessories for the mic to run smoothly.

Rode NT1-A Microphone: Best for Recording Vocals and Acoustic Instruments

Rode Nt1 A

  • The cardioid polar pattern is perfect for recording vocals
  • The high-quality all-metal build
  • Has low self-noise
  • Has a flat frequency response

  • Needs a pop filter for plosives
  • Needs extra equipment to use


The Rode NT1-A is not as USB type microphone, so to get it up and running you need to have the right equipment. To start it off, you will need an XLR cable that you need to connect to any audio interface. Fortunately, you don’t have to buy this separately, as Rode included the 6m long cable in the package, which also includes a shock mount and a cute carrying case.

Now, once you get this microphone mounted, just connect it to the XLR cable to your interface, and you are almost good to go. This condenser microphone also requires a bit of extra power to get up and running. You need to use phantom power. Now you are ready to record.

The Rode NT1-A uses a cardioid pattern, which makes this microphone best for recording vocals and instruments while isolating audio from the area that is on the opposite side of the sound source.

Aside from the intricate set-up, this microphone is a certified bestseller. From its solid cardioid recording pattern to its flat response down to its high sensitivity, this mic is one of the perfect picks for budding YouTubers. Though it is not really plug-and-play, the value that you will get from the extra muscle work is worth it.

Rode NT2A Anniversary Vocal Multi-Pattern Dual Condenser Microphone Package

Rode Nt2a

  • Top notch quality
  • Optimal for studio/streaming set up
  • Very transparent sound signature
  • None


I run a music & lyric video production studio. I’ve worked with many different microphones over the years but since I got my RØDE NT2-A I have not looked back. Made by a Norwegian company, the quality is top notch. It’s a condenser microphone, which means
it’s more sensitive, as is optimal for studio/streaming set up. The sound signature is very transparent which should be especially relevant for music production. The best way I can describe working with this microphone is it picks up the exact same sound as your ears.



Calvin West


Rode Procaster Broadcast: Best Microphone for Seasoned Youtubers

Rode Procaster

  • Affordable for its features
  • Robust, sturdy and all-metal body
  • Equipped with an internal pop-filter for plosive reduction
  • Not for newbies
  • Quite heavy


If you are want to attain an authentic studio-quality recording, the Rode Procasters Broadcast Dynamic Vocal Microphone is the way to go. This is pick is an excellent microphone that is constructed to perform like a true professional. Though newbies may want to stay away from this mic as the Procaster needs more legwork before it becomes operational. However, for seasoned podcasters and streamers who are looking to improve and upgrade the sound quality of their content and level up their setup, the Rode Procaster is an absolutely strong contender.

Aside from high-quality, this pick is also much affordable than most professional microphones. So if you don’t want to compromise on quality but do not want to splurge, I would definitely recommend trying out the Rode Procaster Dynamic Broadcast Microphone. Overall, it is a dynamic microphone that enables you to record amazing vocals without capturing the annoying background noise.

Sennheiser EW 112P G4 – A Omni-directional Wireless Lavalier Microphone System

Sennheiser Ew 112p G4

  • Best for environments with background noise
  • Picks up voice even in loud environments
  • Great range with minimal interference issues
  • Best for intermediate to advanced vloggers
  • None


I have a YouTube channel with 110,000 subscribers. I use different mics depending on the situation but my go-to mic is the Sennheiser EW 112P G4 wireless lavalier microphone system. As a travel YouTuber, I am in a lot of different environments with all types of interesting background noise. I’ve food that the Sennheiser mic picks up my voice well, even in the most loud environments. Also, it has a great range with minimal interference issues. I highly recommend it for the intermediate to advanced vlogger!



Sarah Funk
Travel Youtuber


Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

Shure Sm7b

  • Versatile microphone
  • Impeccable quality
  • Superior level of definition to speech
  • Great for hip hop and rock vocals
  • None


Aside from my microphone-niche business, I have tremendous experience as a musician, producer, and working with video + audio.

The Shure SM7B is hands down the most versatile microphone & the best choice for a YouTuber. The quality is impeccable and adds a superior level of definition to speech. It’s also great for hip hop and rock vocals, with crystal clear audio that’s extremely easy to work within production. I own a lot of microphones and the Shure SM7B is my preferred choice most of the time.

If looking for a more budget-friendly microphone, however, the Audio Technica AT2020USB+ comes in around $80 on average, offers competitive quality for that price point, and doesn’t require extra equipment like a USB microphone.

Adrian Higgins


Adrian Higgins
Creator / Founder


Best Microphone Kit for YouTubers

If you are just starting up and do not have the funds to buy additional accessories, the investing in microphone kits is your best bet. They are highly functional, includes a ton of accessories and affordable to boot.

Maono AU-04 USB Microphone Kit

Maono Au 04 Usb Microphone Kit

  • Plug-and play set-up
  • Whole package
  • Affordable

  • Picks up ambient noise like AC hum


If you want the whole package with the arm mount and all, the Maono AU-04 USB Microphone Kit is a great pick. Aside from the USB condenser microphone, this kit includes a boom arm, a shock mount, a pop filter, and a foam windscreen. Unlike other picks that just include the mic, the MAONO Studio Microphone Kit is a bang for your buck. This mic is literally cost-effective and will provide you with everything that you need to start your YouTube channel.

For the audio quality, they won’t be able to compete with big names, but they are decent enough to capture your voice loud and clear. If you want to invest in a whole package but do not have the money to splurge, then this is a great pick. For YouTubers who are just starting out, the Maono AU-04 USB Microphone Kit is a great steal.

TONOR XLR Condenser Microphone Kit

Tonor Xlr Condenser Microphone Kit

  • Complete package
  • Cardioid polar partner is perfect for podcasting
  • You need to buy the 48V phantom power separately


Another all-in-one microphone package, the TONOR XLR Condenser Microphone Kit, is an excellent deal for budding YouTubers. It includes the microphone itself, a table mounting clamp, an adjustable arm, a shock mount, a windscreen, a pop filter, an XLR male to female cable, a 3.5mm XLR cable, a manual and a sound card.

This mic also sports a cardioid polar pattern, which ideal for reducing the pick-up ambient sounds. It also dramatically improves isolation, so it is perfect for podcasting and other YouTube videos.

Rode Compact On-Camera Microphone with Rycote Lyre Shock Mount

Rode Compact On Camera Microphone With Rycote Lyre Shock Mount

  • Great for shooting outdoor video with audio that feels like it’s an indoor shot
  • Mounting a Pop Filter can easily turn it into a studio mic
  • Noise reduction wall surfaces not needed in quiet rooms
  • Studio quality audio
  • None


I prefer a Rode On-Camera Microphone with a Deadcat Wind Muff mounted when we’re shooting outdoor videos. Both cameras and my object move a lot in that case and there is too much wind noise in general. The setup is great to shoot a video outside with audio that feels like it’s an indoor shot.

We normally cut the audio loose ends using Audacity, works like a charm.

Rode On-Camera Microphone works fine to fulfill mic requirement for your youtube videos or podcasts. But when you mount a Pop Filter on it, we’ve got ourselves a damn studio mic.

You don’t even have to set up for noise reduction wall surfaces, just find yourself a calm room and tweak a little with its Mic Gain control to find a sweet spot for your voice, and voila! You can record yourself rapping and the sound quality would be like you were in a studio.



Farhan Sheikh
Co-Founder of Vloguide


Recap: 11 Best Microphones for YouTube Videos

  1. Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic for Recording and Streaming on YoutubeBest Plug and Play Microphone for Youtubers
  2. Apogee MiC Plus – Studio Quality USB MicrophoneBest Microphone for Youtube Musicians
  3. Samson G-Track Pro Professional USB Condenser MicrophoneBest Microphone for First Time Youtubers
  4. Blue SPARK DIGITAL LIGHTNING Condenser MicrophoneBest Microphone for Youtube Streamers
  5. Blue Yeti Nano Premium USB MicBest Microphone for Podcasting
  6. Rode NT1-A Cardioid Condenser MicrophoneBest Microphone for Voiceovers
  7. Audio-Technica AT2050 Multi-Pattern Condenser MicrophoneBest Microphone for Youtube Song Cover Artists
  8. Aston Microphones Stealth Broadcast Quality Cardioid MicrophoneBest Premium Microphone
  9. Rode Procaster Broadcast Dynamic Vocal MicrophoneBest Microphone for Seasoned Youtubers
  10. Rode NT1-A Microphone –  Best for Recording Vocals and Acoustic Instruments
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