The 10 Best Lights for Streaming in YouTube, Twitch and Mixer

Best Lights For Streaming
Best Lights For Streaming

Streamers and the fans who watch them know how important strong lighting is for streaming. Streamers must sell themselves as a brand, and the way their videos look is a huge part of retaining an audience.

As entertaining as a streamer may be, they will likely not retain viewers if their stream quality is low. With a marketplace flooded with professional streamers with professional streaming equipment, viewers are first drawn to crisp video above all else.

Luckily, professional-grade lighting is more accessible than ever, and streamers do not have to worry about breaking the bank in order to create well-lit videos.

Thinking about purchasing superior lights as an investment in your channel can help viewers feel the same way about your content – and can have a major impact in getting those subscribers rolling in!

Top 10 Best Streaming Lights

1. HPUSN Softbox Lighting Kit

Best Lights for: Streamers In It for the Long Haul

Linco Lincostore

  • Provides professional lighting at an affordable price
  • Long-lasting, energy-saving lightbulbs will keep you streaming for years to come
  • 210 degree rotate-able softbox
  • Slightly complicated setup may be intimidating for new streamers


When it comes to lighting solutions, professional photography kits simply cannot be beaten. While they may seem a bit extra for simple streamers, they are actually a must-purchase for professional streamers.

This softbox lighting system comes highly recommended as it provides amazing long-term lighting solutions. With two 85W CFL bulbs, and each bulb lasting up to 8000 hours, an energy-saving solution like this is a no-brainer for committed streamers.

Anyone who has been streaming for a while knows how quickly those hours can add up and how an ill-timed lighting failure can completely throw-off an entire stream, and should not take the longevity of their lighting solutions lightly.

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2. Emart 60 LED Continuous Portable Photography Lighting Kit

Best Lights for: Great Output at a Great Price

Emart 60 Led

  • These lamps provide a wide range of power for their price point
  • Multiple LED diffuser panels provide a variety of effects
  • Small and portable

  • Do not come with a dimmer like other similar lamps


These tabletop LED panel lights also come with multiple color diffusers. What sets this set apart from the others is the wider illumination and accurate color temperature these lamps provide.

Providing a wide range of color temperatures, both 3300K and 5500K, these lamps help create clear and superior lighting in real-time. Thanks to this lamp’s 60 LED bulbs, streamers are easily able to take their lighting to the next level.

As these lamps provide much higher output, they must be plugged into power outlets rather than charge by USB. Luckily, the cords for these lamps reach 65-inches, giving the freedom to craft their streaming space dynamically.

3. NEEWER 160 LED CN-160 Dimmable Light

Best Light for: Impressively Bright Lighting

Neewer 160 Led Cn 160

  • One of the brightest lights in its price range
  • Color diffuser provides luminous white video or a vintage orange effect
  • Achieves color temperatures up to 3200K

  • Powered by AA batteries


Rather than focus on colored lighting effects, this LED panel light gives users bright light, fast output, and great control over their lighting. There is no replacement for just plain good lighting and the NEEWER delivers just that without any extra bells and whistles.

This light prides itself on providing some truly bright lighting. As there is a trend of Twitch streamers streaming from otherwise dark rooms, new streamers will find it easy to style their videos in this way with a lamp like this.

Viewers will be able to concentrate on you, even without any other light present in the room – that’s how bright this light is!

4. Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable 5600K USB LED Video Light

Best Lights for: Twitch Streamers and Introducing Dynamic Colors

Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable 5600k Usb Led Video Light

  • Dimmable 5600K lights are impressive even without the color effects
  • 10 watts of output power all USB powered
  • Standard tripod setup designed for desk use

  • Slightly smaller than average LED panels


Many Twitch streamers are known for their dynamic lighting. As the viewer’s focus is typically on the game rather than the streamer, Twitch users have begun to experiment with boldly colored lights.

Rather than invest in multiple boldly colored lamps, these tabletop lamps make it simple to switch between color palettes based on your mood. These LED light panels are equipped with a diffuser and come with white, red, blue, and yellow color panels that allow users to change their lighting dramatically.

With a convenient USB plug, these desk lamps are ideal for tech-savvy streamers looking to change up their lighting. Each lamp can adjust up to 180 degrees.

5. Linco Lincostore Studio Lighting

Best Lights for: Those Without a Dedicate Streaming Space

Linco Lincostore

  • Small and easy to transport
  • Comes with two 5500K studio lights
  • 15″ morning glory softbox diffuser adds a profession quality to videos

  • Those looking for more dynamic lighting may prefer larger umbrella lamp


This umbrella light kit is unique even among professional lighting kits. What sets this lighting solution apart from the others is its ability to collapse into itself and pack away neatly in less than 30 seconds.

As this kit does not require an intricate setup, streamers just starting out, traveling, or often moving around for collabs will appreciate just how easy this umbrella light is to transport.

What’s more, this is a tabletop light rather than a standalone light, making setup easier for those just venturing into lighting their own streams.

6. VIEWOW 8″ Ring Light with Tripod Stand

Best Light for: Collabs

Viewow Selfie Ring Light

  • Great range of lighting for those looking to experiment with lighting in their streams
  • 360 degrees of motion for dynamic angles
  • 3-pronged, sturdy stand that locks into place
  • The included remote does not rotate the ring light


Those who regularly produce diverse content will likely prefer a versatile lighting solution. That’s where this ring light and stand come in. With three separate color modes and 10 levels of brightness, this light operates within a range of 3200K and 6500K.

Simply put, this ring light can handle both indoor and outdoor streams and vlogs, providing a one-size-fits-all lighting solution for those just starting out or looking to evolve their content over time. This ring light can adjust within a full 360-degree range and is sure to fit in any stream setup.

This kit also functions as a smartphone stand, providing high-quality lighting on the go.

7. QIAYA Selfie Light Ring Lights

Best Light for: Small Streaming Setups

Qiaya Selfie Light Ring Lights

  • Easily recharges through the provided USB or any standard USB
  • Works on 4 different brightness levels
  • Works well even with a cell phone

  • Not the most powerful light out there


It doesn’t get much more simple than a classic ring light, and the QIAYA light is one of the best out there. Ring lights have prevailed in popularly because they’re simple and they work effectively.

The QIAYA is a powerful light that is easy to use. Rather than worry about lightbulbs going out in professional lighting kits, many streamers prefer the simplicity of an LED light that is rechargeable through a USB.

This ring light will work as well with your gaming rig as it will with your cell phone, providing you with great lighting on the go.

8. MOUNTDOG 1350W Photography Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit

Best Light for: Setting Up Right Out of the Box

Mountdog 1350w Photography Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit

  • Easy to use as-is
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Great soft lighting effect

  • Color and temperature not easily adjustable

With softbox lighting that can rotate a full 210 degrees and a tripod that extends between 27 and 80 inches, this MOUNTDOG kit is a serious contender for the most adjustable lighting kit. Compatible with standard 110-130 volt lightbulbs, this kit is set up to deliver over and over again.

Covered by a premium nylon slip, this lighting box will give you that soft lighting look that can set your streams apart from the rest. What’s more, while remaining powerful, this kit is highly portable as well as being easy to assemble and dissemble.

Those looking for a kit that’s great straight out of the box will prefer one as simple as this, as it requires no fuss over color temperature or technical knowledge to set up.

9. LimoStudio Photography Lighting

Best Lights for: Cinematic Flair

Limostudio Photography Photo Portrait Studio

  • Superior quality, even without any other light source
  • Comes with an extremely sturdy, pet-proof tripod
  • Great for professionals and beginners

  • May not work well with lower-quality outlets that do not support powerful bulbs


This 3-piece professional photography kit is easily transformable into a streamer’s dream. Complete with a stand that can reach a maximum height of 86-inches and a 33-inch umbrella reflector, this lighting kit is truly professional-grade.

However, streamers may find that this type of lighting kit can provide their streams with a more cinematic and professional look, setting them apart from a myriad of other streamers with low-quality streaming setups.

The 45-watt bulb is capable of producing photos with an amazing color depth even in the daylight. What’s more, this kit comes with a convenient carrying case perfect for collabs and travel.

10. MOUNTDOG 18″ Ring Light Kit 55W Bluetooth LED

Best Light for: Makeup Gurus

Mountdog Ring Light Kit for Makeup Streaming


  • Great HD lighting that even makeup gurus will love
  • Easily adjustable for any space
  • Great range of lighting tones and colors

  • Entirely dependent on the stand, will not function if stand breaks


This is a photo and lighting kit clearly designed with video streaming in mind. This powerful 18″ ring light is easily adjustable, providing streamers with a wide range in both temperature and color range.

This ring light kit comes with pretty much anything you might need in order to start streaming and is easy to set up. What’s more, this kit comes with a remote that allows you to adjust your lighting in real-time. The adjustable light head allows you to get the perfect angle every time.

The included additional soft tube lets you adjust the range of your ring light, making it easily adapted to any streaming set up.

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Best Lights for Streaming Buyers Guide

Whether you’re completely new to the streaming business or a seasoned streamer looking to improve your stream quality, there are some general things you should be looking for in your streaming lights.


While the maximum specs of your streaming lights are important, they are actually not as important as the ability to control the output of your lights. For example, a light with a high amount of lumens will likely not do you any good if it is too bright for your streaming space.

More important is the ability to dim or brighten these lights on-demand while you are streaming in order to ensure they are perfect for any circumstance.


You may find the most perfect, high-spec lights around, only to find you have no room for them in your stream setup. Likewise, you’ll have to consider your setup needs. If you have a dedicated streaming space, you may be okay with leaving your lights up for an extended period of time.

However, if you do not have such a dedicated space or will need to travel in order to stream, you’ll want to prioritize lights that are easily assembled and disassembled.

Take a good look at your space’s specific streaming needs before determining if you will need standalone lights, desk lights, or ring lights.

Stream Type

While many may immediately think of PS4 and PC gamers when considering streaming, there are several other types of streamers out there, such as “Just Chatting” streamers, makeup gurus, ASMR enthusiasts, streaming Nintendo switch gameplays and more. Some artists even utilize streaming platforms in order to showcase their creative process.

The possibilities created by streaming platforms are endless and enterprising streamers have the ability to try many types of streams before finding their niche.

Naturally, each type of these streams requires a completely different lighting setup. While gamers typically keep their audience’s focus on the game, other streamers will require their audience to focus on their own countenance for the entirety of their stream.

In these instances, streamers may want to consider professional photography lighting kits over the classic LED lighting largely preferred by PS4 and PC gamers.

Similarly, more cinematic streamers will prefer lighting that can be dramatically dispersed for more dynamic lighting effects.

Meanwhile, many gamers will be perfectly happy with an LED light that illuminates them just enough to give their audiences a clear focus on their faces without diverting from their gameplay.

Recap: Here are the 10 best lights for live streaming on different platforms.

  1. HPUSN Streaming Softbox Lighting Kit Pro
  2. Emart 60 LED Continuous Portable Photography Lighting Kit for Streaming
  3. NEEWER 160 LED CN-160 Dimmable Ultra High Power Light
  4. Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable 5600K USB LED Video LightS with Adjustable Tripod
  5. Linco Lincostore Photography Photo Table Top Studio Lighting Kit
  6. VIEWOW 8″ Ring Light with Tripod Stand – Dimmable
  7. QIAYA Selfie LED Ring Lights 
  8. MOUNTDOG 1350W Photography Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit
  9. LimoStudio Photography Continuous Lighting Kit
  10. Mountdog 18″ Ring Light Kit for Makeup Streaming Blogging


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