The Best PS5 Steering Wheel: Full Immersion Gaming for Driving and Racing Simulators

Best Ps5 Steering Wheels
Best Ps5 Steering Wheels

The PlayStation 5 is fast approaching its release date, as well as some of the most anticipated PS5 racing games: Gran Turismo 7 and Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown, among many others. And for those of us who love their racing simulators, we’re starting to look for options on what the best PS5 steering wheels available right now are.

RankPreviewProductRotationForce FeedbackPrice
1Thrustmaster T300Thrustmaster T300 RS GT1080°Yes
2Logitech G29Logitech G29900°Yes
3Hori RwaHORI Racing Wheel Apex270°No
4T150Thrustmaster T150 Pro900°Yes

We’ve put together a list of the four best PS5 steering wheels for sale right now on Amazon. These brands are tried and tested by racing sim enthusiasts all around the globe, and we highly recommend that you pick one of these wheels right now, so you can head straight to the races the moment your PS5 comes in.

The Best PS5 Steering Wheels at a Glance

What do I look for in a PS5 steering wheel?

Rotation range: All steering wheel controllers for PS5 have degrees of rotation that dictates how much you can turn the wheel before it sticks. Having less than 900 degrees rotation capability means that you’re going to have to turn your wheel way more than what the game requires – which will make you feel like you’re driving one of those arcade driving games, rather than a next-gen PS5 racing game. 900 degrees of rotation is the absolute minimum you should get for a truly immersive feel.

Force feedback capability: Force feedback is a lot like haptic feedback on your regular PS5 controller. It simulates the feeling of driving a car in real life by replicating the feeling of steering a car on the road, under different conditions. Force feedback is essential to true immersion for racing games. Not having force feedback on your steering wheel kind of cheapens the experience, and will make you feel you’re playing on an arcade machine.

The material used: This is a quality that falls upon personal preference. There are leather-covered steering wheels, fabric steering wheels, rubber steering wheels, and plastic steering wheels. If you want real immersion, pick the material you’re used to driving in real life. This can help you have a more immersive experience with your PS5 racing games.

Design and build quality: Design is an important factor to consider when buying a steering wheel for the PS5. There are steering wheels that look like regular ones, with the shifter on the side or in a separate part. There are also wheels that mimic those of supercars, with flappy paddles in place of a stick shift.

There are also wheels that look exactly like F1 car steering wheels which, for games like the upcoming Gran Turismo 7, truly make you feel immersed in the high speeds these cars are capable of. All you need is a racing helmet and “racer” gaming chair and you are all set! Just don’t forget your seatbelt.

Price: Finally, the price of the steering wheel you pick up, in the end, is a potential factor. If you want the best, you’re likely going to pay a high price for it. The Fanatec line of steering wheels, for example, is a rather pricey line of steering wheels for PS5 that while they may be the best in their class, they’re also some of the most expensive. Make sure that your choice of steering wheel works within the budget that you set for yourself.

Top 4 PS5 Steering Wheels

Thrustmaster T300 RS GT | High-End Racing Wheel for PS5

Thrustmaster T300

  • Great force feedback performance
  • Well-designed steering wheel
  • Solid pedals
  • Logitech still best value for money

Rotation: 1080 degrees Pedals: 2 Buttons: 12 programmable buttons

If you’re looking for one of the best but can’t find Fanatec on Amazon (snooty af), the Thrustmaster line of steering wheels should tickle your fancy. The T300 is their most premium and feature-packed steering wheel available, and is an excellent choice as a steering wheel for the upcoming console generation.

What really stands out with the T300 is not its Terminator-inspired name, but its incredible force feedback motor. It has strong push-and-pull force powered by a brushless motor inside the wheel. You can really feel how your car works on the surface of the roads you’re driving on. If you still have your PS3, good news – it works just as well on that console as it does on PS4 and PC, and definitely on PS5.

The wheel quality is amazing. It feels hefty and solid, unlike the cheaper steering wheels in this list (such as the HORI RWA racing wheel.) It’s modular in the sense that you can replace any of the peripherals, such as the wheel itself, on the T300. If you’d like a Ferrari-branded wheel, they’ve got you covered.

The pedals, while of great build quality, lack a clutch, so those driving stick will find themselves wanting for more. However, as for the accelerator and brake pedals, they feel surprisingly solid and responsive, compared to the Logitech G29. This is an amazingly well-designed piece of equipment that’s sure to add value to the racing games you’ll play on your PS5.

Logitech G29 | Overall Best Value Steering Wheel with Pedals for the PS5

Logitech G29

  • Good force feedback
  • Three pedals
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Feels “budget”

Rotation: 900 degrees Pedals: Accelerator, brakes, clutch Buttons: 16 programmable buttons

Logitech has long been a mainstay in peripherals for pretty much all platforms: PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The G29 Driving Force is a fun little racing wheel that works just as well as the most expensive steering wheels for the PS5. This racing wheel is one of the best for us, thanks to its performance, quality, and price point.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you start driving with the G29 Driving Force is how powerful its force feedback function feels. It comes from a servo clamped to the wheel, which lets you set up and get moving on pretty much any desk.

The wheel quality is excellent too, with a smooth and plush finish that feels really great to the touch. It’s something that we can keep using for hours on end without chafing the skin on our hands. The buttons aren’t too far apart and are easily accessible with just your thumbs. Unless you want a stick shift, there’s no need to ever lift your hands from the wheel thanks to the flappy paddles built into the wheel.

The pedal is something to note as well. While they do feel light and non-resistant, the build quality is still surprisingly sturdy. The fact that Logitech chose to attach a clutch pedal is a great touch, for people who like to have more control over how they drive. The only problem we have is that it’s pretty small. People with big feet might have to worry about stepping on two pedals at once.

HORI Racing Wheel Apex | Entry-Level Racing Wheel for PS5

Hori Rwa

  • Fun to play with
  • Really wallet-friendly
  • Where’s the force feedback?
  • Bad rotation angle

Rotation: 270 degrees Pedals: 2 Buttons: 16 programmable buttons

We’ve talked about HORI in this site before, featuring one of their mini keyboards. They’ve had a good track record with peripherals such as keyboards, fighting game joysticks, and controllers. The Racing Wheel Apex is their entry into the racing game sphere, and it’s an admirable first attempt– but also a bit disappointing.

Being the value-minded people that they are, HORI chose to set the RWA as an entry-level, budget-friendly steering wheel to compete with what Thrustmaster, Logitech, and Fanatec have to offer. And, because it is a budget steering wheel, it comes with a lot of compromises. The entire steering wheel set is made with plastic, even the wheel. There’s not a lot of weight to it, which makes it feel flimsy.

Another thing to consider is the lack of force feedback on the HORI RWA. It feels exactly like driving an arcade driving simulator game than a full-on video game. It feels fun to play with, really, but that’s the catch: it feels like playing a game rather than being immersed in a driving simulator. You’ll feel that most when you try to rotate your wheel. You won’t even get to spin it all the way, as the wheel rotates only 270 degrees.

The pedals themselves are nothing to write home about. They have a cheap, plasticky feel and can easily move if you don’t set it somewhere secure. There’s no clutch pedal and the pedals are not as responsive as you’d expect them to be. The pedals sink way down without much resistance which kind of makes it feel very cheap. However, it’s still a solid choice for your first steering wheel if you’re trying to save enough for a PS5 monitor.

Thrustmaster T150 Pro | 1:1 Scale Steering Wheel for PS5


  • Great value for money
  • PlayStation certified
  • Rubber cover can chafe hands

Rotation: 900 degrees Pedals: 3 Buttons: 12 programmable buttons

Don’t call the T150 Pro as a lesser version of the T300 – it’s something entirely different. Unlike the T300, the T150’s design cues aim to be as accurate as it can be, with the wheel a 1:1 scale replica of an actual car’s wheel. It’s a fun steering wheel set that’s easy to install and is PlayStation certified right out of the box, making it a solid choice for your PS5.

This steering wheel has a flappy-paddle setup that does away with stick shifts, but there’s an option to purchase one if you so wished. However, we’re big fans of the flappy paddles since it does keep our hands on the wheel at all times, which is kind of crucial when you move from driving souped-up sedans to F1 racers in-game.

Rubber grips come with the T150 Pro’s box, but they’re not exactly great for us. Rubber tends to chafe hands during long hours of use, which means if you get one of these, either limit your playtime or invest in some driving gloves to keep your hands from getting too chafed. One upside to its rubber grips, however, is how it helps spread force throughout the wheel itself, so you don’t have to exert too much effort trying to steer.

Speaking of steering, the force feedback engine in this thing is nuts, comparable to some of the more expensive racing wheels (looking at you, Fanatec.) The brushless motor built inside the wheel makes every bump, slide, and crash feel real and responsive. The same can be said about the pedals, whose resistance outclasses the likes of the Logitech G29 or the HORI RWA. This is a solid choice, and one that won’t drain your wallet straight away. You could even buy some PS5 headphones with the change!

Best PS5 Steering Wheels: Frequently Asked Questions

Are PS5 steering wheels worth it?

If you’re the type that values immersion and total control when playing your PS5 racing games, a steering wheel for PS5 is definitely going to be worth it for you. It’s a lot more satisfying to play racing games with a steering wheel, rather than with an analog stick or a mouse and keyboard. Steering wheels are designed to give you a truly immersive feel and more control over how you maneuver your vehicle when playing racing games. They’re worth it to a lot of people, and we’re sure it will be for you as well.

Should I get a steering wheel  for the PS5 with force feedback?

It’s no surprise that we will recommend that you pick up a steering wheel with force feedback. This feature on many steering wheels allows you to have a more immersive experience, as every bump, drift, and strip of gravel will feel real and tactile, which, for those used to driving, will only help them have a better sense of what kind of condition the road they’re driving on is.

It’s an amazing feature that has to be experienced rather than told. We highly recommend picking up a steering wheel with force feedback for your first one, especially if you can spare the cash for the best steering wheel for PS5.

Will PS4 steering wheel work on PS5?

Sony has announced that the PS5 will continue to support PlayStation certified peripherals made for the PS4, which is good news for those of us who already own a PS4 steering wheel. All of the steering wheels listed here are compatible with PS4, Xbox One, and PC, which means that they will work with the upcoming PS5 as well.

There’s no official word yet on whether Sony will release a steering wheel designed for the PS5 by themselves. Judging from the previous generation, however, it seems that Sony could be leaving the production of steering wheels for PS5 to third parties that have already made ones for the previous console generation.

Will a steering wheel for the PS5 work on PC?

The steering wheels featured here are mostly compatible with PS5 and PC. There are some, like the HORI RWA, that works exclusively with the PS4 and is therefore incompatible with PC unless you use third-party software to make it so. Therefore, if you own both a gaming PC or a gaming laptop as well as a PS5, you’re going to have no trouble at all switching between platforms when using your racing wheels.

Will a steering wheel for the PS5 work on Xbox Series X?

Much like the PS5, Microsoft has stated that peripherals compatible with the Xbox One will be backwards compatible with the Xbox Series X. This is great news for those who have invested in a PS4 or Xbox One steering wheel and wish to bring over their peripherals to the next console generation. This bodes well for those who bought headphones for Xbox One too, because they won’t need to buy a new one just for the Series X!

What PS5 games are steering wheel compatible?

Upcoming games such as Gran Turismo 7, Test Drive Unlimited, and WRC 9 are likely to have support for PS5 racing wheels. These games have realism and accuracy as top priorities for their games and will probably ship out with native steering wheel support. So if you’re as hyped as we are to play these games, pick up one of these steering wheels and start driving the moment you get your PS5.


That’s it for our list of the best steering wheels for sale on Amazon right now. Our most recommended product is the Logitech G29 Driving Force. Its excellent force feedback and great build quality are amazing value for money. It’s sure to give you a great experience for what you pay for it. If you want something a lot more high-end (that isn’t Fanatec) then we recommend the Thrustmaster T300.

Which of these steering wheels tickle your fancy, and which one did you end up buying? Let us know in the comments section.

Recap: The Best Steering Wheels for PS5 in 2020

  1. Thrustmaster T300 RS GTHigh-End Racing Wheel for PS5
  2. Logitech G29 Driving Force Overall Best Value Steering Wheel with Pedals for the PS5
  3. HORI Racing Wheel Apex Entry-Level Racing Wheel for PS5
  4. Thrustmaster T150 Pro 1:1 Scale Steering Wheel for PS5
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