How to Farm Corruption Mimic?


Terraria is filled with many interesting minibosses that will test your wits and reflexes. One of them is the Corrupt Mimic – a stronger, tougher Mimic with some interesting drops. By using the right weapons and strategies, you can farm the Corrupt Mimic without taking too much damage.

The Corrupt Mimic also has a different spawning rule. To spawn the chest miniboss, you must combine 15 souls of night into a Key of Night. After that, just put the key in an empty chest and watch it transform into a deadly, voracious Corrupt Mimic. Prepare for battle!

Now, are you curious to know how to farm the Corrupt Mimic effectively? Continue reading this article to learn more!

How to Farm the Corruption Mimic?

Farming the Corruption Mimic isn’t too complicated. You just need to prepare ahead by making some useful potions and crafting (or hunting) strong weapons.

Here are some tips on farming the Corrupt Mimic:

  • Get a fast high-power or medium-power gun such as the Clockwork Assault Rifle or the Dart Pistol. These weapons are highly advisable because the Corruption Mimic has strong jump and stomp attacks.
  • Create a multi-layer killzone that allows you to encircle the Corruption Mimic and dodge its attacks accordingly. Since you control where the miniboss Mimic will spawn, you’ll have greater flexibility in building the killzone or arena.
  • Forge the Adamantite Armor set to gain considerable defense and speed boosts. Also, the Adamantite Mask will help you conserve ammo.
  • Don’t forget to find any boots that can improve your movement speed. A pair of Hermes Boots is always handy if you can’t find anything else.
  • Try to reforge some accessories to get the ‘Warding’ modifier. This will boost your defense further.
  • Craft or acquire the following potions: Endurance, Life, Regeneration, or Ironskin. These potions will improve your survivability against the Corruption Mimic.

Following the tips discussed above will help you kill Corrupt Mimics fast. But is the effort worth it? In the next article section, we’ll show you the potential rewards of farming a Corrupt Mimic.

What are the Best Drops from the Corruption Mimic?

While the Corruption Mimic isn’t the best miniboss in Terraria, it still has some useful drops that will fund your endless spelunking and boss-hunting. Besides, kill-farming a fickle Mimic miniboss is more fun than simply looting underground chests and pots.

So, what are the drops from the Corrupt Mimic? Read on and find out.

Greater Mana Potions and Greater Healing Potions

You need a large supply of mana potions and healing potions throughout your adventure. Even if you have a high regeneration rate, a handy potion can save you from being smashed to a pulp. 

Boost your supply of Greater Mana Potions and Greater Healing Potions by farming Corrupt Mimics. The process will take time but, at least, you’ll always have a decent source of potions.

Gold Coins As Always

Just like other monsters, the Corrupt Mimic drops coins – gold coins, to be exact. These coins are useful for purchasing stuff from Terraria’s NPCs.

However, the Corrupt Mimic only drops up to 3 gold coins. This is somehow lower than the coin drops of regular Mimics. Still, you won’t encounter regular Mimics frequently, and the Corrupt Mimic is spawnable as long as you have chests and Keys of Night. So, pick your pain!

Some Cool Weapons and Items

A Mimic miniboss isn’t worth the dust if it doesn’t have cool items and weapon drops. Well, the Corrupt Mimic has excellent rewards for the brave and dutiful farmer. 

Take a look at these loot drops:

  • Chain Guillotines: A fast-firing sharp weapon with Pierce and poor Knockback.
  • Clinger Staff: A mid-level damage staff that can summon a wall of Cursed Flames.
  • Putrid Scent: An accessory that makes you less likely to be targeted by monsters.
  • Worm Hook: A grappling hook that releases three hooks instead of one.
  • Dart Rifle: A stronger yet slower version of the Dart Pistol.

So, are you now excited to farm the Corrupt Mimic miniboss? Well, gear up, prep your potions, and start building an arena to take down the corrupted chest monster!

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