How To Play Xbox One On Laptop Screen With Hdmi

How to Play XBOX One On Laptop Screen with HDMI

Can I Use My Laptop as a Monitor for My Xbox One? Computers and laptops are becoming more and more versatile and are now being...
best tips for writing a d&d campaign

The Best Tips For Writing A D&D Campaign – Learn How To Write Exciting...

In Dungeons and Dragons or any other TTRPG, the Dungeon Master (DM) does everything. From writing the campaign to organizing the first session, the...
D&D Character Questions

The Most Important DnD Character Questions That Every Aspiring Characters Must Answer

It’s easy to make a D&D character due to the Player’s Handbook’s step-by-step method and other online tips. However, making a great D&D character...
how to make an elden ring d&d campaign

How to Make An Elden Ring DnD Campaign?

Have you ever wondered if there are lists of Elden Ring themes that can be turned into a large-scale D&D campaign? While Matt Mercer,...
the funny d&d characters that you can try today

The Funny DnD Characters – Character Traits That You Can Try Today

Humor is one of the best things about D&D. In most tables, there’s always a humorous player ready to make some situations light-hearted. Without...
best d&d character flaws and how to use them

How to Use D&D Character Flaws For Your Next Game Session?

When it comes to character creation, many players often forget about flaws. These players focus on ideas, ability scores, and all the mechanical aspects...
do paladins have to be lawful good in 5e

DnD 5e Evil Paladin – Do Paladins Have To Be Lawful Good 5e

Lawful good Paladins are the cornerstone of an adventuring party. Through innate divine powers, a Paladin can become a reliable tank, holding down the...
best d&d tavern maps that you can use for your campaign

The Best D&D Tavern Maps That You Can Use for Your Campaign

The tavern is the usual starting point of any D&D campaign or adventure. Without a tavern in a campaign, the players might feel stressed...
how to make miniatures for d&d

How to Make Miniatures for D&D: A Concise Guide

Miniatures make any D&D game alive. Through miniatures, players can visualize how their enemies look like and they can even plan ahead in every...
best d&d accessories for december 2021

The Adventurer’s Shopping List: Best D&D Accessories for December 2021

Shopping for D&D accessories and items is a part of the average tabletop gaming journey. Even if you don’t have D&D items right now,...
Best Tracfone Smartphones You Can Get For 2020

This is the Best TracFone Smartphone You Can Get for 2021: Compare Top 8...

Some people are really into smartphones. They invest heavily in which phone they get and drop mad cash on peripherals such as cases, earbuds,...
how to play d&d without a dm

How to Play D&D Without a DM – A Simple Guide for Beginners

Many people believe that D&D can’t be played without a DM. That’s a clear misconception because D&D was actually one of the pioneers of...
best d&d 5e tips and tricks

Proficiency Up: The Best D&D 5E Tips and Tricks Every Player Should Know

Hearing about a handful of 5E tips and tricks is easy, but pinpointing the very best tips is another matter. Many tips are subjective,...
best dm tips and tricks that you should know

Professional DMing: The Best DM Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

The life of a Dungeon Master is never easy. If you’re a DM, you need to manage everything from the start. Campaign creation, session...
d&d 5e character creation walkthrough for beginners

D&D 5E Character Creation Walkthrough for Beginners

Following a detailed D&D 5E character creation walkthrough is like reading a simple meal recipe. There are lots of terms and steps involved, but...
best new world classes for september 2021

Aeternum Beyond: The Best New World Classes for September 2021

New World is the most anticipated MMO of the year. Now that the game is out, players are excited to try out the best...
how to setup blue yeti microphone

How To Setup Blue Yeti Microphone

Even though many people struggle to set up their Blue Yeti microphone, this is a very easy process that can be finished in just...
top 9 amazon affiliate link checkers

Amazon Affiliate Link Checkers: Get More Sales By Having Working Links

You can lose as high as up to 30% of commission sales from your Amazon affiliate program when your website affiliate links aren’t working...
how to dm for the first time

How To DM For The First Time: Learn How To DM The Right Way

Becoming a DM is a fruitful journey filled with interesting activities like creative writing, organizing, narrative planning, storytelling, and people management. If you’re a...
tips for new dms you must know

Essential Tips For New DMs: New DMs Looking for Tips Should Read This

So, are you looking to view some new and helpful Dungeon Master (DM) tips before you finally sit behind the DM screen for the...
the types of d&d players that every dm should know

The Types of D&D Players That Every DM Should Know

In Dungeons and Dragons, there are classifications for everything. Monster types, spell schools, item rarity, and tiers of play are great examples. Among the...
best d&d tips for dms that you’ll ever need

The Best D&D Tips for DMs That You’ll Ever Need

Being a Dungeon Master is a great way to approach D&D. Imagine – you can whip scenarios from thin air, establish conflicts, and even...
warhammer 40k for beginners

Warhammer 40K For Beginners – A Quick Guide

Are you looking for a deep hobby that involves hundreds of hours, perils of assembly, and a great stretch of creativity? If you answered...
how to write a compelling backstory for d&d

Picking Your Origin: How to Write A Compelling Backstory For D&D

Creating a backstory is one of the best things about D&D. Unlike modern video games, you have absolute freedom in backstory creation. Even if...
7 best arpg’s to play while waiting on diablo ii resurrected & diablo iv

7 Best ARPG’s to play while waiting on Diablo II: Resurrected & Diablo IV

So you’re looking for a game to play while in the eternal limbo of waiting on Diablo II: Resurrected & Diablo IV? Well, look...
What's The Computer Graphics Hardware Market Value In The Game Console Segment 2013 To 2023

Video Gaming Console Industry Statistics and Trends 2020

With the release of the next-gen console hardware, the video gaming console industry statistics and trends have changed from how they were perceived 5...
The Best Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals This 2020

The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals This 2020

Yes, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner! Some of you may still be recovering from the delayed Amazon Prime Day event...
How To Get Started In The Zizaran X Shopify Racing Gauntlet

How to get started in the Zizaran x Shopify Racing Gauntlet

So, you feel like taking part in the Ziz x Shopify Gauntlet starting on the 14th to have a chance at all those juicy...
Best Maps To Shape And Sustain In Poe

Exile’s Endgame: The Best Maps to Shape and Sustain in POE

Path of Exile is more than just a ‘Diablo successor.’ It redefined the ARPG genre, introduced a plethora of systems, and allowed a deep...
Top 18 Free Switch Game Codes For You

Playtime Unlocked: Get 18 Free Switch Game Codes Coupon!

Owning a large collection of Nintendo Switch games is a nice goal to have this year. With dozens of games to choose from, you’re...
Ggez Guide For The Best Pc Build For Valorant

The GGEZ Guide for the Best Gaming PC for Valorant

Building a gaming PC is never an easy task. You have to keep in mind what specs you need depending on what you would...
How To Start Streaming On Twitch

How to Start Streaming on Twitch

Twitch is a fascinating online platform that allows you to watch and interact with your favorite streamers in real time. The medium attracts millions...

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