The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals This 2020

The Best Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals This 2020
The Best Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals This 2020

Yes, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner!

Some of you may still be recovering from the delayed Amazon Prime Day event or possibly sulking for not getting any deals throughout the event. Regardless, here is another event not just from Amazon but also from other retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, and more– ready to give you a second chance!

For this year’s Black Friday sale, we’re going to take it to a whole new level. Just like what we did for this year’s Amazon Prime Day, we’ll keep you up-to-date with the latest deals by updating this page every hour.

We’ll continuously be on the lookout for websites like Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy, and eBay for hints leading to some of the best tech and PC deals.

When is Black Friday 2020?

This year’s Black Friday will take place on November 27, the day after Thanksgiving Day. That’s literally days from now, but you can’t tell when deals will show up. However, we’re expecting to see sales start to show up by the end of next week (November 25-27).

Some of you may think that it’s too early to expect deals, but you can’t tell, especially with Amazon. Similar cases have happened over the past few years, where sales started showing up days– even weeks ahead in some cases as a teaser.

Best Early Amazon Black Friday Deals

We expected that deals would show up on the 27th, but it seems it has already started! Here are some of Amazon’s Black Friday Deals Week we found:

We’re expecting more as the day gets closer, so expect that our list below will change from time to time to ensure you get the best deals.


Here are this year’s best Black Friday and Cyber Monday processor deals:

Best Black Friday Headphones Deals
1moreNow Until 11/30 - 1MORE Wired In-Ear Earphones USA Store 50% off Stylish Wired . Use this link: -for the deal to be activated, discount applied at checkout.


Audeze NEW Mobius Carbon Headphones SALE PRICE: $299.00 Save 25% was $399.00
Audeze NEW LCD-1 Headphones SALE PRICE: $299.00 Save 25% was $399.00
Creative Sound BlasterX G6 7.1 HD External Console Gaming DAC Amp $129.99 was $159.99
TREBLAB Z2 Over Ear Workout Headphones come with 42% off! The deal price is $69.97
Dudios T8 TWS Earbuds is only $20.39 from Nov 27, 6:45 AM — Nov 27, 12:45 PM
EarFun TW100B Black Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphones
Regular price: $49.99 (Dropped to $39.99 this week)
Extra 15% OFF Discount code: EFFREEBC
Best Price: $29.99 (With a 10%OFF coupon on the product page and this discount code)
Expiration date: 2020-12-31 23:59 PST
Tranya H10 Hybrid Digital Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones $129.00 from $159.00
Tranya M10 Ultimate Wireless Earbuds $89.99 from $139.00


Here are this year’s best Black Friday and Cyber Monday processor deals:

Best Black Friday Speaker Deals
Nuled Flame SpeakerNULED Flame Bluetooth Speaker Enjoy 20% off for Amazon prime members.
Abramtek E600 High Power Wireless SpeakerABRAMTEK E600 High Power Wireless Speaker with Super Bass Subwoofer was $199.00 now $149.00

Creative T100 Compact Hi-Fi 2.0 Desktop Speakers for Computers and Laptops $84.99 was $99.99
EarFun UBOOM 24W Portable Wireless Speaker
Regular price: $55.99 (Dropped to $49.99 this week)
Extra 18% OFF Discount code: EFUBOOMDL
Best Price: $35.99 (With a 10%OFF coupon on the product page and this discount code)
Expiration date: 2020-11-25 23:59 PST
TREBLAB HD77 Bluetooth Speaker comes with 40% off! The deal price is $59.49
TREBLAB FX100 Extreme Bluetooth Speaker with 39% off! The deal price is $55.19
ABRAMTEK E600 High Power Wireless Speaker with Super Bass Subwoofer was $199.00 now $149.00

Photo Editing Equipment

Here are this year’s best Black Friday and Cyber Monday photo editing equipment deals:

Valera Screens Creator 95 Collapsible Portable Green Screen Was $199.98, Now $142.50 with Link

Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal is 20% off any size and any color of Webaround green screens. Use code WEBFRIDAY or WEBMONDAY (Depending on the day). 

Black Friday Link:
Cyber Monday Link:

Solix Bi-Color 1-Light Compact Kit from Fjwestcott. Best continuous lighting kit for youtubers and streamers $249.90 was $359.90 

Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY on to get $80 any green screens or green screen kits.

Novostella 2 Pack 20W Smart LED Flood Lights
Reg Price: $ 71.99
Discounted to $55.99
Deal running: Nov 26, 2020 12:00 AM ~ Nov 30, 2020 11:59 PM

Novostella 20ft/40ft/79ft Tunable White Strip Light 
Discounted to $20.79/ $31.99/ $55.99
Deal running: Nov 26, 2020 12:00 AM ~ Nov 30, 2020 11:59 PM

LYLYCTY Background 5x7ft Non-Woven Fabric Solid Color Green Screen was $16.88 now $13.88

Yesker 5.9X 9.5 ft Green Screen for Photography was $17.99 now $16.99

Emart 5 x 6.5ft Portable Green Screen Chromakey Collapsible Background was $49.99 now $42.99


Here are this year’s best Black Friday and Cyber Monday processor deals:

Graphics Card

Here are this year’s best Black Friday and Cyber Monday graphics card deals:


Here are this year’s best Black Friday and Cyber Monday motherboard deals:

Storage Device

Here are this year’s best Black Friday and Cyber Monday storage device deals:


Here are this year’s best Black Friday and Cyber Monday laptop deals:


Here are this year’s best Black Friday and Cyber Monday monitor deals:

Console Controllers

Here are this year’s best Black Friday and Cyber Monday console controller deals:

Gaming Chairs

Here are this year’s best Black Friday and Cyber Monday gaming chair deals:

CPU Coolers

Here are this year’s best Black Friday and Cyber Monday CPU cooler deals:


Here are this year’s best Black Friday and Cyber Monday keyboard deals:

Gaming Mouse

Here are this year’s best Black Friday and Cyber Monday gaming mouse deals:

Other Deals

Use the discount code YOORXWATERPROOF to receive $20 off the YOORX Sleep and Activity band along with free shipping at

Stygianforce has 40% off PRE-XMAS sale storewide.

Use the coupon code FORBLACKFRIDAY to receive 40% off and free shipping on Re-Timer Light Therapy Glasses, to help you combat winter blues, insomnia and even jet lag by using light to re-time your body clock.

ReliefHeat™ Smart Heat Wrap is 20% off sale using couponcode is BLACKFRIDAY20.

What can You Expect from AMD and Intel Processor Deals on Black Friday?

Amd Vs Intel

Both Intel and AMD have released new processors (Intel’s Comet Lake/10th gen and Ryzen’s recent 5000-series gen).

Intel has just launched their 10th generation Comet Lake processors– the Intel Core i5-10600K, the Core i7-10700K, and the Core i9-10900K. Even though these were released in April of this year, it’s still unlikely you’ll find heavily-discounted prices for these processors.

The good side is that the 8th gen Coffee Lake/Kaby Lake and 9th gen Coffee Lake Refreshed will undoubtedly drop their prices this Black Friday. These processors are still powerful enough to handle modern AAA games just fine, especially when paired with a decent graphics card.

On the other side of town, the 3rd gen AMD Ryzen 3 and Ryzen 5 processors are also expected to show off some outstanding deals this Black Friday, especially Ryzen 7’s 2700x, 3600x, and Threadripper processors.

What can You Expect from Graphics Card Deals on Black Friday?

Amd Vs Nvidia

In the graphics card department, NVIDIA just released their 3000-series RTX graphics cards, specifically, the RTX 3070, RTX 3080, and the RTX 3090, which can output up to 120 frames per second on 4K resolution with RTX on.

But because most of these are out of stock, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever get a chance.

Mid- to high-end Nvidia Geforce RTX graphics cards, like the GTX 1660 series and the VR Ready RTX 2060 graphics card, should also see some discounts. Its AMD Radeon counterparts should also have some significant discounts you shouldn’t miss this Black Friday, including the RX 5500 XT, RX 5600 XT. which is one of the better values on the market before accounting for Black Friday sales.

What can You Expect from Motherboard Deals on Black Friday?

Motherboard Deals

Because of Intel’s 10th gen processors’ release, the release of new motherboards was also anticipated. Unfortunately, motherboards don’t get the recognition they deserve when it comes to PC building. But because the processor is the brain of a system, there’s no reason to skimp out on a motherboard.

New motherboards that are compatible with the latest processors essentially have better VRMs, support higher RAM clocks, have a slightly better Wi-Fi setup, and have more stable, higher overclocking speeds.

Motherboards compatible with AMD’s AMD4 chips are straight-up $10 cheaper than last year at their base price (still varies), so the cuts could be even more profound. Plus, they support both first, second, and future gen Ryzen processors, too. So expect to see way cheaper B450 and B550 motherboards from this year’s Black Friday deals.

What can You Expect from SSD Deals on Black Friday?

Ssd Deals

Solid-state drive prices are steadily becoming lower; as such, it’s expected that we will see some that are deeply discounted this year. We’re talking anywhere from 50% to over 60% off!

Currently, 500 GB SATA drives cost no more than $60, while 1 TB SATA drives cost around $100. A 500 GB M.2 storage device can cost around $100 even though they’re expected to cost more. If anything, the price shouldn’t be that far off.

What can You Expect from Photo Studio Equipment on Black Friday?

Photo Studio Equipment

Streaming has become more popular than ever. Since studio equipment and accessories such as tripods, green screens, and lighting are easy to manufacture, it’s hard to find something that will truly last.

This coming Black Friday, we’re expecting to see plenty of low-quality equipment with huge discounts. However, we’ll specifically look at the worthy options– products that aren’t durable but also deliver. With so many companies jumping on the bandwagon, it can be hard to pick a durable product.

What can You Expect from Laptop Deals on Black Friday?

Laptop Deals

ProductBlest Black Friday Laptop Deals
Nustand Bamboo Laptop Book Music StandNUStand Natural Bamboo Laptop/Book/Music Stand Enjoy 20% off for Amazon prime members.

We’re starting to see many this year’s laptops that utilize Intel’s 10th gen Comet Lake processors. Some of the major laptop manufacturers that do so include Asus, Acer, Samsung, and Dell. They also usually come packaged with a Windows 10 home or a Windows 10 professional operating system.

Overall, most of these laptops still perform just as (or a tad better) than previous Windows laptops.

That is why it’s expected to find laptop deals with the same discounts as last year, ranging from $100 to $300. So if you’re looking for a gaming laptop this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can spend the money you saved on components and accessories, like:

  • SSD (solid-state drive).
  • NVMe.
  • 1 tb HDD (hard disk drive).
  • Power supply.
  • Even a Smart TV with HDR.

What to Expect from Monitor Deals on Black Friday?

Monitor Deals

This year’s Black Friday monitor deals expect brand new monitors to not go on sale these days. And if they do, it’s unlikely that you’ll get a considerable discount.

With the release of next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, games can now be played up to 120 frames per second at 4K resolution. Since it uses the latest HDMI 2.1, monitors that support it will most likely be too expensive for the average consumer.

That is why most consumers go with the older models, as it’s likely that they’ll be steeply discounted to clear out inventory. If you’ve thought of upgrading to a dual or triple monitor setup, this will be the perfect time to do so.

Because 4K resolution monitors are getting more popular than ever, chances are you could get one at a lower price. Similarly, HDR and ultrawide monitors are also cheaper today than they were last year, so it’s a perfect time to upgrade your monitor regardless of which type of monitor or setup you have in mind.

What can You Expect from Controller Deals on Black Friday?

Controller Deals

Aside from the famous default controllers for the PS5 and Xbox Series, respectively: Sony’s DualSense 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series controller, Nintendo’s Switch Pro controller has become increasingly popular (albeit pricier).

You can expect gamepad controllers on Black Friday to be cheaper. Specifically, DualShock 4 and Xbox One controllers. Possibly even wireless Xbox One controllers and Elite controllers.

On the other side, it’s also likely that you’ll find a handful of cheaper console bundles this Black Friday. So if you’re planning to gift someone a console and controller bundle, then we got you covered, too, since we’ll keep the list below updated round the clock.

What can You Expect from Gaming Chair Deals on Black Friday?

Gaming Chairs

It’s unlikely that you’ll find significant discounts on gaming chairs, especially from the DXRacer models, because of their quality.

But other gaming chair manufacturers do offer relatively huge discounts on gaming chairs. In fact, during Amazon’s 2019 Prime Day, some gaming chairs that initially cost almost $500 went down to only around $150.

Fortunately, the demand for gaming chairs is becoming more extensive. With this, expect to see larger discounts on popular gaming chairs such as DXRacer models this year and gaming chairs as a whole.

What can You Expect from CPU Cooler Deals on Black Friday?

Cpu Cooler Deals

Corsair, Cooler Master, EVGA, and Noctua are among the most popular brands in this department. Unfortunately, there aren’t any considerable developments in the CPU cooler for a while now, but we expected discounts ranging from 20% to 50% during Black Friday.

How to Prepare for Black Friday?

There’s no better way to shop than to shop prepared. To help you out, here are our practical tips to prepare for Black Friday.

  1. Figure out which parts need an upgrade so you know which parts you should keep an eye on. You might even want to make a list if there are some specific components you want to check for.
  2. Head over to a website that tracks prices on Amazon, like CamelCamelCamel, to get an idea of how much they’re usually sold for so you can compare how much you’d save. Similarly, you can use this to compare how much they’re usually sold for during Black Friday. That should also give you an idea of how much you can save when prices start to drop. (We’ll include the price difference on our list of items below, so make sure you check that out as well.)
  3. Set a budget. You’re likely to encounter a good number of profitable deals during the event. We can’t tell you how much to spend, and we don’t know your means, but make sure that you have some sort of idea going into this.

Other things you can do: sell your used or old components to get a little extra money. And don’t fall for fake Black Friday scams on shady sites. Do your research before purchasing to confirm the website is legit.

It’s relatively simple:

  • Type the website’s name in a search engine and check the results.
  • Check the connection type of the website.
  • Be sure to check the site’s security status from the browser’s address bar. (i.e Does it say “Not Secure”)
  • Make use of the About Us and Contact Us page.

Keep Yourself Up-To-Date!

These were just some of the best deals from last year’s Black Friday deals. Instead of adding more of what’s best from last year’s deals, we’ll keep a lookout and update this page as more deals from this year get announced, so keep a watch out!

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