What Are The Most Durable Earbuds?

Most Durable Earbuds
Most Durable Earbuds

Your earbuds are your constant companion throughout the day. They stay with you as you make calls on the bus, listen to your favorite podcast on your lunch break, and unwind with your favorite music. For them to stand up to the strain, it’s important that you have the most durable earbuds you can afford within your budget. Features like reinforced wires, waterproofing, and durable metal casings all make for earbuds that can stand up to whatever you put them through.

We’ve searched the web to find some of the most durable earbuds available, comparing models at various price points and evaluating numerous features. Our goal was to find the earbuds that can go everywhere with you – from your commute to the gym to jogging through the park on a rainy day. So, if you’re in the market for a new set of earbuds and want a set that can take a beating and still put out great, high-quality sound, read on.

When you want to purchase the most durable earbuds available, it’s vital that you examine the pros and cons of all of the models that you’re considering. There are great earbuds available at a variety of price points, so even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you can still obtain a very solid set of durable headphones. And if you have a little bit more money to invest, you can select a pair of earbuds to last you for several years to come.

Let’s take a look at some of the most durable earbuds on the market today.

We tried to find earbuds that also provide the best sound, highest quality, and best price points so that you can find the set that’s perfect to meet your needs.

1. Brainwavz M2

Brainwavz M2 In Ear Earbuds

  • Silver plated copper cables
  • Noise isolating earbuds
  • Heavy duty aluminum body
  • Numerous ear tips
  • Sound can be weaker at lower volumes
  • Cable tends to hold a spiral due to tangle free features


The Brainwavz M2 earbuds feature silver-plated copper cables, providing durable long-lasting strength. The cable is also tangle resistant, helping limit the daily stress that the cords themselves are under.

The earbuds are noise isolating, making them a great option for noisy environments like open offices, public transit commuting, or home office workers. These earbuds feature a heavy-duty aluminum body that’s built tough, ready to stand up to daily wear and tear.

In addition, these earbuds come with 7 different sets of ear tips to help you achieve a perfectly customized fit. A cable tie is included for secure cable management, and an easy to use shirt clip helps keep your earbuds precisely where you need them. Hard carrying case is also included. These headphones are covered by Brainwavz “hassle-free customer support”.

2. Shure SE215

Shure Se215

  • Sound isolating
  • High quality inline mic
  • Detachable cable
  • Clear sound and deep bass
  • Logo wears off of product after regular use
  • Some individuals have issues with fit


These earbuds provide a clear sound and deep bass, making them a great option for music lovers. In addition, they feature an over the ear wire for secure wear and a detachable cable to eliminate wear, tear, and tangling. They have a sound-isolating design with a customizable fit kit, helping to block outside noises so you can enjoy your media in peace. These earbuds also have an inline mic with three-button remote, making it easy for you to handle calls or work with a voice assistant. Two year warranty covers manufacturing and material defects. A zippered carrying case is also included.

3. 1 More Quad Driver in Ear Headphones Bundle

1more E1010 Quad Driver In Ear Headphones

  • Additional drivers for best possible sound
  • Isolate ambient noise
  • Built in mic with excellent call quality
  • Amplifier can be less effective with larger devices


This set boasts four drivers for some of the best sound on the market, making it sound as if you’re listening to four individual speakers instead of headphones. When you want to hear your media in the best possible way, these headphones are well worth the investment. In addition, they’re built to isolate ambient noise and provide a high-quality call experience with inline mic controls. The built in mic allows you to answer phone calls with exceptional call quality, and the cables are made with Kevlar for enhanced durability.

4. Sound PEATS True Wireless Earbuds 5.0

SoundPEATS True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Under $50

  • Ear hooks and variety of tips for a perfect fit
  • IPX7 water resistance
  • Built in mics on both sides
  • 12 month warranty
  • Small amount of audio lag
  • Some background noise
  • Some tinniness


These earbuds feature ear hooks, true wings, and a variety of different sized tips so that you can obtain the best possible fit. This helps secure them in your ear, ensuring their durability and lowering the risk of them being lost. They carry IPX7 water resistance, meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy great sound no matter the conditions. Best of all, these earbuds feature a 12 month warranty against damage. They also feature an auto power on and an auto pairing, immediately out of their case, as well as built in microphones in each individual earbud.

5. JLAB Audio Jbuds Wireless Signature Earbuds

Jlab Audio Jbuds Pro Bluetooth Wireless Signature Earbuds

  • Precise fit with adjustable tips and fins
  • Highly visible
  • High quality inline mic
  • Some noise still finds its way in
  • Volume resets when headphones are turned off


This affordable in ear headphone option features a comfortable fit with cush fins and adjustable tip placement, helping them to be as secure as possible. Careful fitting limits the risk of accidental loss, while the heavy bass makes them a great option for individuals who enjoy their music on the loud side.

These durable corded earbuds feature a bright plastic housing making them highly visible in your bag or backpack. They link to your phone with Bluetooth, allowing you to enjoy your media on the go.

In addition, they’re built with an inline mic so that you can access your virtual assistant, answer phone calls, and more, without ever needing to take your phone out of your pocket or bag. These unique earbuds also come with a 2 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.

6. RHA MA 750 Wireless

Rha Ma750 Wireless

  • Noise isolating
  • Strong copper cables
  • Up to twelve hours of active listening
  • Variety of ear tips for the best possible fit
  • 40 hour burn in time
  • Battery gauge is imprecise
  • Battery time is only 8 hours


These unique stainless steel noise isolating earphones feature ear hooks for a great fit. In addition, the copper cables and reinforced 3.5 mm connection help ensure a great sound in a set of wireless earbuds that’s hard to beat.

They pair quickly and easily with your favorite device and provide up to twelve hours of active listening time while you’re on the go. The magnetized housing is designed to fit perfectly around your neck to avoid accidental loss, and the earbuds feature an inline mic that allows for crisp, clear calls or for giving directions to your favorite voice assistant.

These earbuds come with a mesh carrying pouch and a selection of ear tips so that you can obtain the best possible fit. The earbuds also come with a 3 year warranty.

7. Aukey Key Series T10

Aukey Key Series T10

  • 24 hour playtime
  • IPX5 water resistance
  • Variety of ear tip sizes
  • Some individuals experienced pairing issues
  • Some video delay
  • Noise cancellation is not very effective in certain situations


This set of cordless earbuds features a secure fit and 24 hour playtime. They charge by USB C or wireless charging, and utilizing the included case. The earbuds secure in the case with magnets, eliminating the possibility of accidental loss while charging. These earbuds feature IPX5 water resistance making them a good option for individuals who occasionally find themselves in damp conditions.

They feature noise isolation, making them a great option for those who find themselves in louder environments and wanting to block out excess noise. In addition they feature several sizes of ear tips, as well as in ear hooks, helping you to achieve the best possible fit to fully utilize the noise isolation benefits.

The earbuds are prepared to link you to your voice assistant with just a simple tap, making staying organized a quick, easy process. They’re ready to help you out each and every step of the day, whether you’re listening to your favorite podcast, getting directions, or adding an event to your calendar.

8. MEE Audio M6 Pro Wired/Wireless Combo Pack

Mee Audio M6 Pro

  • Both wired and wireless options
  • High quality audio
  • Numerous eartips for a perfect fit
  • Can be slightly uncomfortable for small ears
  • Difficult to adjust volume between notifications and music


This set of headphones comes as a wired/wireless combination pack, allowing greater flexibility, as well as high quality audio that will please even the pickiest music lovers. The cables can be attached or detached depending on your preference for the day, making them a convenient option that can take you from the office to the gym.

In addition the set includes 7 pairs of ear tips so that you can achieve a perfect fit. These earbuds are IPX5 water resistant, making them a good option if you occasionally get caught in the rain or damp when you work out. They also feature a 1 year warranty. The set includes an audio cable, Bluetooth audio adapter, protective carrying case, memory foam eartips, six sets of silicone eartips, 1/4″ adapter, a USB charging cable, and a shirt clip.

9. TaoTronics Sound Elite 72

Taotronics Soundelite 72

  • 14 hour battery
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Magnetic earbuds
  • Customized fit kit
  • 3 equalizer settings

  • Micro USB
  • Low quality documentation


These earbuds feature a mic with CVC 8.0 noise cancellation, making them an excellent option for those needing to make calls during the day. In addition, they’re magnetic and connect around the neck to avoid loss. They have a rechargeable battery that lasts for 14 hours, and they’re IPX7 waterproof, making them a good fit for many damp conditions.

They also come packaged with a fit kit of various silicone tips so that you can customize the perfect fit. These headphones also have active noise cancelling technology, acting to block out environmental background noise so that you can focus in on the media you want to hear. In addition, they feature three equalizer settings, allowing you to adjust the sound to your personal preference. The earbuds are magnetic and can be attached to one another to prevent loss, and they come packaged with a mesh carrying pouch.

10. Westone 78400 Adventure Series Beta

Westone Alpha Adventure

  • Zinc unibody
  • Weather resistant
  • Reflective
  • 3 button remote mic
  • 2 year warranty
  • Can be uncomfortable for small ears
  • Have to be carefully fitted in order to hear full sound range


These earbuds feature a zinc unibody that is both low profile and light. They’re reflective and weather resistant, making them a good option for individuals who will be using them outdoors.

They are designed to be used in all weather environments, including adverse weather, making them a great option for individuals who have to work outdoors no matter the weather. They are IPX3 waterproof, making them slightly water resistant. They also feature a replaceable cable.

This set of earbuds features a three button remote mic, allowing you to access your voice assistant quickly and easily to stay organized on the go. They arrive packed with a variety of ear tips, a wax loop for cleaning, and a travel case. These earbuds come with a 2 year warranty.

Buying Guide

As you begin to shop for the set of earbuds that’s right for you, it’s important to ask yourself several important questions. You’ll need to think about how you’ll be using the earbuds daily, as well as what features and functions that you need them to have. The answers to these questions will help you to determine the type of earbuds that will best meet your needs. You’ll also need to learn a little bit about the various features so that you can evaluate which ones are necessary for you.

Wired or Wireless?

One of the first decisions to make is whether you’d like a set of earbuds that are wired or wireless. Some individuals are quite happy with a set of earbuds that have strong wires with tangle-free technology. Others find that they need wireless earbuds in order to be satisfied, as they frequently get the wires caught in zippers or on other obstacles as they go about their daily activities.

Wired Earbuds: Wired headphones typically do not require any type of batteries, and they often have extremely high sound quality. Using the most durable earbuds that are wired means that you don’t have to worry about missing part of your book, song, or conversation because of your batteries dying in the middle of the experience. Individuals that prefer wired earbuds often select the highest quality connectors and cables that can be purchased, to keep sound quality high and to lower the risk of breakage due to wear and tear.

Wireless Earbuds: These earbuds typically use Bluetooth technology to connect to your device. This highly reliable method requires the earbuds to have their own batteries, so as you comparison shop, pay careful attention to their battery life. They may be charged by their case or they may have a small docking station that they charge in overnight.

Measuring Water Resistance

Earbuds are frequently exposed to moisture of a variety of forms. Opt for a set of durable earbuds that is water-resistant or waterproof, so that they can stand up to the sweat that’s produced during your heaviest workouts or sprinkles from a summer rainstorm. You don’t want to learn the hard way that your earbuds are too sensitive to water to stand up to a damp day while you’re already in the middle of your outdoor activities.

As you compare earbuds, you’ll also want to know how water resistant they are. Products claiming to be waterproof are classified with an IP rating, ranging from 0-9, with a 9 providing the highest level of protection against liquids such as rain, sweat, and condensation.

It’s important to carefully consider the water resistance of the earbuds you’ll be purchasing and decide on the type of rating that you need for them to function correctly as you use them in the type of environments that you encounter regularly. If you’re often in a very wet environment and still need your earbuds to stand up to the strain, then you’ll need a higher IP rating. If you occasionally get sweaty at the gym or caught in the rain while jogging, you may be fine with a medium level IP rating.

Do You Need a Voice Assistant?

Another factor to consider as you evaluate an earbud purchase is whether or not you need to be able to access your voice assistant through the headphones. If you do, then you may want to purchase a set of earbuds that either has a voice assistant included or that has an excellent quality mic that will pic up your voice or activate with a single button press. This will make it easy to access your assistant as you go about your daily activities. On the other hand, if you don’t regularly use a voice assistant as you go about your day, this may not be a feature that you need.

Selecting a Microphone

If you’ll be using your earbuds for both listening to media and communicating on your phone, the quality of the microphone that’s included with the equipment will matter greatly. Otherwise, you may find yourself continually frustrated by low call quality and communication difficulty. If you plan to use your earbuds as a headset as well, pay careful attention to information about the sound quality, mic quality, and how well the mic works with the Bluetooth signal.

Earbuds for Sports

Whether you’re running, hitting the gym, or doing yoga on your own, it’s important to have the best possible soundtrack. Music is motivating, and having a great pair of earbuds that will stay put while you’re exercising is incredibly important. Choose a set of the most durable earbuds you can find, with ear clips that will help them stay in place, customized ear tips for the perfect fit, or a band or magnets that help them stay attached around your neck. Opt for water resistant earbuds to keep them safe from sweat, as well as any rain that you encounter while you’re outdoors working out.

As you select a pair of earbuds for sports, it’s also important to select a pair that has easy to operate controls, so that you can adjust the volume, take calls, or adjust your playlist as you move. You may want to opt for a voice assistant to help you with these tasks, as well. These AI assistants also let you add reminders, get directions, or set appointments on your calendar, all using your voice. If you’ll be using wired headphones will exercising outdoors at night, you might want to consider picking up a set with bright or reflective cording so that you can stay as visible as possible.

Earbuds for Work

Whether you’re working in an open office, a coffee shop, or working from home, your earbuds help block out the world so that you can focus on the task at hand. Earbud models with noise isolation are a good fit for office environments, as they help limit interruptions from outside noises. If you’ll be using the device that you have your earbuds connected to take calls throughout the workday, you may also want to select earbuds with a voice assistant and a mic. This will allow you to easily switch back and forth between the audio of your choice and taking calls as necessary.

Noise isolating earbuds physically block the noises of the outside world with the seal that they make inside of your ear. Noise-canceling earbuds electronically block out the sounds, creating a calmer, quieter environment as a background for your media. Depending on how loud your office environment is, you may need one of these types of earbuds in order to create an environment in which you can focus on your work. Either type will work, although you’ll obtain a better block against ambient noise with noise-canceling earbuds than you will with the noise-isolating type.

These types of earbuds can also be highly useful for business travel by train and airplane. This type of travel often puts you in a situation where you’re in close quarters with numerous other individuals, with no real control over their behavior. If you need to rest or block out noise so that you can focus on preparing for a business event, a set of earbuds can make this process easier.

Earbuds for Entertainment

It’s easier to enjoy your favorite audio entertainment when you can focus on it without distractions. Whether you enjoy audiobooks, podcasts, music, or streaming video, a set of the most durable earbuds available will help you block out distractions and enjoy your favorite method of relaxation. When you just want a little bit of time for yourself, even in a crowded space, a great pair of headphones can help you get it. Instead of constantly being distracted by the noises around you, you can pop in your earbuds and let the stress melt away as you enjoy your favorite show or unwind with a chapter of the book that you’re currently reading.

How to Select the Most Durable Earbud

When you’re shopping for earbuds, it’s important to carefully evaluate the following components to make sure that they are reinforced and as strong as possible. You’ll be using them on a daily basis as you go about your daily activities, commuting, exercising, and working. Some parts of a set of earbuds tend to wear out before others, and it’s important that these areas are reinforced thoroughly to help the technology last as possible. As you evaluate earbuds to decide on your new purchase, pay careful attention to the following:


Cables that are constantly knotted and twisted can become damaged internally. In addition, the connectors themselves can become overly worn. The most durable earbuds feature detachable cables, cables made from reinforced materials, and strong, supportive cables that can handle being pulled and twisted. Some types of earbuds feature detachable cables, so that you can opt to use them or not use them depending on the individual situation that you find yourself in.

As you evaluate the type of earbuds that work best for you, spend some time thinking about the activities that you carry out over the course of a normal day. Do you frequently find that your cables get caught up and tangled, or is this not an issue for you? Do your cables wear out more quickly due to tangling and being put in and out of your bag, or do you not experience this issue? Thinking about these factors will help you decide if you’re better off with a set of earbuds with durable cables or if you’re better off selecting a set of wireless earbuds.


Less expensive earbuds often feature plastic housings, which cost less, but can easily become damaged or cracked. This can cause the internal components to be damaged. On the other hand, these casings often come in a variety of bright colors that are easy to see and can be more reflective at night. If you’re purchasing less expensive earbuds, opt for the best made pair that you can afford.

As you shop for the most durable earbuds, opt for products that have strong casings made of metal such as zinc or stainless steel. These housings will protect the electronics inside the equipment, preventing it from damage if the earbuds are bumped, dropped, or otherwise compacted. This type of earbuds tends to cost more, but they’re made to be more durable and last for years.

Ear Tips

The tips and accessories that you add to your earbuds provide you with a highly customized fit. This helps keep the earbuds fitted securely in your ear, ensuring that you don’t accidentally shake them loose while you’re wearing them. Evaluate the earbuds you’re considering for how many ear tip options are available, so that you’ll know how well you can customize the fit to the shape of your ear.

Different earbud manufacturers include varying numbers of ear tips with their devices. If you have very small or very large ears, you may need to adjust the fit of the earbuds so that they fit securely in your ear. This helps lower the risk of you accidentally dropping or losing an earbud. Some also include ear hooks or are made so that the earbuds lock together around your neck when not in use.


Do the earbuds come with a carrying case to store them in, so that you don’t have to worry about them getting tangled up in your bag or purse? Do they have a case that also functions as a charger? Are they magnetic so that you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping one earbud while you’re out and about? These types of additional storage features can go a long way towards making it more convenient to use your earbuds without the risk of accidentally losing them. If you often lose small items or have difficulty keeping up with your belongings, it may be wise to purchase a set of earbuds that comes equipped with this type of storage.


It’s also important to consider the warranty that a pair of earbuds comes with, as occasionally electronics fail during manufacturing. If you purchase a pair of earbuds and they stop working soon after you receive them, or if they arrive damaged or do not work, it’s important that you be able to return them under the manufacturer’s warranty. Pay attention to the specifics of this documentation before you invest in a set of high quality earbuds. Also, make sure that you put the warranty information away in a file where you can locate it if it’s needed.

Your earbuds are an accessory that you use on a daily basis. They commute with you, travel with you, and help you block out excess noise at home and at work. This makes selecting the best possible pair of earbuds for your lifestyle especially important, as you’ll need a durable set that also meets all of your lifestyle needs.

We’ve spent time evaluating the most durable earbuds on the market, so that you can choose the set that is right for you. Use our guide to decide which earbuds best fit your needs, so that you can enjoy your favorite media, make calls, and listen to music with ease throughout your day.

Recap: Top 10 choices for the most durable earbuds in 2021.

  1. Brainwavz M2 in-Ear Earbuds
  2. Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones
  3. 1MORE E1010 Quad Driver in-Ear Headphones
  4. JLab Audio JBuds Pro Bluetooth Wireless Signature Earbuds
  5. SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds
  6. RHA MA750 Wireless Earphones
  7. AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds
  8. MEE audio M6 PRO
  9. TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones
  10. Westone Alpha Adventure


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