Top 9 Amazon Affiliate Link Checkers

Top 3 Amazon Affiliate Link Checkers 2
Top 3 Amazon Affiliate Link Checkers 2

It can be imperative to ensure that all of your Amazon Affiliate links are functional. We are going to be exploring some of the best Amazon Affiliate Link Checkers that can help you with convenient features and accurate results. If you have a large number of affiliate links on your website, then it could take hours to manually check all of the links to ensure that they are functioning properly.

You don’t want to risk the possibility of losing commission revenue by having broken affiliate links. These three Amazon Affiliate Link Checkers are extremely accurate and provide you with all of the information that you need to ensure that your links are working properly. We will be discussing the positive and negative effects from each service and we will lay out a list of pros and cons for each review.

Amazon Affiliate Link Checkers – Full Review

Option #1 –  (Free Open Beta)

Affiliate Link Fixer
  • Ideal for New Affiliate Marketers (Beginners)
  • Simple Color System to Analyze Affiliate Links
  • Limited Features are Available
  • Limited Analytical Information is one of the newer affiliate link checkers for Amazon. The really nice thing about this service is the simplicity of their website and interface. You can simply visit their platform and start tracking websites and affiliate pages on a regular basis. You can even set a predetermined schedule that will loop and repeat until you disable it.

The dashboard will show all of your selected websites and conveniently lay out all of the affiliate links that have been analyzed. Links that are operating correctly will appear next to the green indicator. Affiliate links that may be experiencing some minor issues will appear next to a yellow indicator. Links that are completely broken and not functioning properly will appear next to a red indicator. This simple color-based system eliminates the learning curve for new users and makes it easier than ever to get started with

Option #2 – AMZ Watcher (Free Open Beta) from $19.95/month


  • Daily Affiliate Link Management with Email Notifications
  • Find Broken Affiliate Links with Ease
  • Find Alternative Affiliate Programs to Generate Additional Revenue
  • Expensive Monthly Service Plans
  • Limited Customer Support for Lower-Tiered Service Plans


Our first recommendation goes to the AMZ Watcher platform. This premium service offers support across all of the international Amazon web stores and has several convenient features that will make your life a lot easier as an affiliate marketer. We will start with the convenient tracking features that will allow you to analyze all of your affiliate links through a single dashboard. Simple diagrams and charts will show you all of your affiliate links and how they are operating in real-time.

The real-time analytical data can easily be exported into a CSV file as well. This is a great feature for saving organizational file reports that keep track of all of your progress.

One of the really nifty features that is available with AMZ Watcher is the ability to find other affiliate programs aside from Amazon that could help to generate additional commission. This is a great way to improve your income potential and find new ways to generate revenue.

If you link to products that go out of stock, then this utility will automatically notify you in daily email messages to inform you about the situation. This will keep you updated with this important information and it will allow you to switch out products and generate new affiliate links quickly.

There are four service plans available with varying prices that are billed on an annual basis. You can also switch to monthly service plans but they cost a little bit more per month on average. Higher-tiered service plans of AMZ Watcher allow you to check more pages and websites. You will also receive priority customer support if you have an active higher-tiered service plan.

Option #3 – AMZ Link Checker from $20.00 per month

  • Free Trials are Available for All Users
  • Simple Interface with Several Scan Filters for Affiliate Links
  • In-Depth Scanned Reports are Generated for All Affiliate Links
  • Slightly Expensive Service Plans
  • Limited Customer Support is Available


AMZ Link Checker is the third and final service that we are going to take a look at within this review. This service is designed to help affiliate markets on Amazon to improve their conversion rates and ensure that affiliate tags and links are not missing or broken.

The goal for AMZ Link Checker is to provide affiliate marketers with an effective resource that eliminates broken affiliate links and enhances the potential for commission and revenue in the long run. AMZ Link Checker outputs a simple scan report for all of the affiliate links that are found and highlights links with issues. These issues could include broken links, products that are out of stock, and links that don’t have an affiliate tag.

The convenient interface allows users to filter the results that they are looking for before they complete their scan. You will be able to effectively manage all of your affiliate links with this high-quality AMZ Link Checker platform. All users can start out with a convenient free-trial to get started.

Option #4 – Affilimate Link Checker (Free Trial) From $29 Per Month

Affilimate is an all-around link analytics tool that offers a wide range of services. The best thing about Affilimate is that the link checker tool is free – unlike other options that require you to pay at least $20 per month. You just need to register and install the plugin to your website.

The main feature of the Affilimate Amazon Link Checker is its detailed yet easy-to-read link report. Through the report, you’ll see which links are broken and which products are out of stock. Additionally, you’ll also get information about products that will be restocked later. This can be useful for adjusting your affiliate marketing strategies.

Since Affilimate is being run server-side, it won’t slow down your website. Another reason is that Affilimate generates complete reports on a weekly basis while doing daily checks.

Keep in mind that Affilimate’s Amazon Link Checker has its limitations. You can only check a standard number of links per month. Once you’ve become an Affilimate member, you’ll get the option for unlimited link checks.

Option #5 – ThirstyAffiliates (Free With Paid Add-Ons)

ThirstyAffiliates offers more than just basic affiliate link checks. The plugin allows in-depth affiliate link management through a diverse set of features. You can even utilize these features from the get-go, without needing to pay for anything. If you need additional features, then you can always pay for the add-ons.

After installing the plugin, the next thing you have to do is to add all of your affiliate links. With the ThirstyAffiliates plugin, you can add all of the links with one click of a button. This will help you save precious time. If you have a big library of links, ThirstyAffiliates’ link picker button will display the ones you need in just a few seconds.

Another advantage of ThirstyAffiliates is the capability of using different types of affiliate links effectively. You can now use banner images by clicking the plugin’s link picker button. Using the images is better than relying on long and untrimmed links. Plus, ThirstyAffiliates cloak your links automatically – you have the option to change the link’s name and its destination.

Other options that you can get with ThirstyAffiliates free version are link prefix editing, smart segmentation, and nofollow attribution. The PRO version, on the other hand, allows CSV import and export, redirects, and Amazon API importing.

Option #6 – Amazin Link Checker (Free)

If you just want to use a simple tool that would identify broken product links, the Amazin Link Checker is a neat choice. You can just visit the Amazin site and input the page that you want to check. The tool will check the links from the page and determine which ones are broken. If you want to add a Secret Access Key, Amazin will also let you do so.

Since there’s no installation process needed, you can save time with Amazin. Just remember that not all products have the Amazon API, and these links might show ‘invalid’ results. Once this happens, you have the choice to configure the links and ensure that they contain Amazon products.

Amazin is constantly being improved, so it’s possible to have new features in the coming months or so.

Option #7 – Affiliate Link Checker Chrome Extension (Free)

Are you fond of using Chrome extensions? In that case, you should check out Chrome’s Affiliate Link Checker extension. This tool is very easy to use and doesn’t require a lengthy installation process.

To use the tool, you must add it to your Chrome browser. Once the extension is active, you must open your website. The tool will direct you to the Affiliate Link Checker icon, and you need to input your Amazon tracking ID. Upon clicking the ‘check’ button, the tool will navigate through your links and generate a quick report. Green links bear your tracking ID while red links do not.

Currently, long links are supported by the Affiliate Link Checker tool. The support for shorter links is still being developed.

While the Affiliate Link Checker extension seems bare and simple, it’s still helpful because of its pure function and speed. Other tools might have some issues with speed, and advanced features hide behind a paywall. At least, with Affiliate Link Checker extension, everything is free.

Option #8 – GeniusLink (From $25 Per Month)

More often than not, affiliate link checkers don’t give 100% accurate data in their reports. If you want the best results, you probably need to unlock advanced features. The quick answer to this problem is GeniusLink.

According to Jake, founder of, GeniusLink can raise an affiliate site’s earnings by as much as 30%. This is achievable because of the tool’s accuracy and ease of access. The major advantage of GeniusLink is its quick notification system. It tells which products are out of stock on Amazon, thus allowing you to take action right away. Swapping the links and tracking IDs is also fast and easy.

After signing up to the GeniusLink site, you can go to the dashboard and choose the respective countries covered by your Amazon Associates account. Next, you should try GeniusLink’s JavaScript snippet to save time. This snippet will automatically load all of your Amazon links in the dashboard. Just be wary of ad blockers because they tend to block the snippet and cause errors with your links.

GeniusLink also shows global traffic data that help adjust your monetization strategies. Still, you will get more information from Google Analytics or the default Amazon dashboard.

Whether you have a small or big budget, GeniusLink is always beneficial for your affiliate site. If you have many links, GeniusLink will charge more but you can always start with at least $5 per month.

Also, big thanks to Jordan from for contributing his feedback about GeniusLink for this article!

Option #9 – Lasso (From $19 Per Month)

Lasso is not entirely different from the tools featured in this article but it has some useful perks. The first advantage of Lasso is its user-friendly dashboard that helps you to put all of your affiliate links in one place. Lasso runs a thorough check of your website, spotting broken links or out-of-stock products.

The second advantage of Lasso is hassle-free automation. Thao Tran, founder of Voltcave says that Lasso goes around strict Amazon content policies and lets you use the tool’s API.

Lasso also allows you to add grid display boxes around your links. You’re probably aware that visuals can affect the visibility of your site. With these simple grid boxes, you might have a better CTR over time. It takes only a few seconds to set up one grid box.

Here’s one glaring issue with Lasso, specified by Thao Tran: theme compatibility. Since Lasso is still an unfinished product, it gets periodic updates. Sometimes, these updates can break a website’s theme or interfere with other plugins. Version rollback is also nearly impossible and can cause deeper problems for your site. So if you’re planning to use Lasso, make sure to test it with an old website.


It has been exciting to have the opportunity to take a look at three of the highest-rated Amazon Affiliate link checking services that are currently available to the public. These services are all similar and different in some ways but it is important to remember that they all share the same goal. Each of these services wants to make it as easy as possible for users to track their affiliate links on their pages and websites.

You will now have the opportunity to decide which service is best suited to help you. The varying levels of pricing and features that are available should have a significant impact on how you make your decision. It is highly recommended that you take a look at the pros and cons that we have discussed to help you compare each of the options.

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