The Best Memory Foam Gaming Chair – Top 10 Picks

Best Memory Foam Gaming Chairs For The Ergonomic Gamer
Best Memory Foam Gaming Chairs For The Ergonomic Gamer

Recently, a lot of us have started moving into work-from-home settings. People are starting to see the value of their office chairs, and gamers most of all know how important it is to keep your tushy comfy as you grind for that tier 100 battle pass on Fortnite. And as many more people start understanding the need for a good chair, we thought it’d be best to give you some of our recommendations.

Today we’re presenting you a list of some of the best memory foam gaming chairs available today. And while many people might say that gaming chairs are way too “edgy” and “don’t provide the right comfort and support” for your back, we’re here to say that that doesn’t always have to be the case. We’re showing you gaming chairs with memory foam that are ergonomically designed to keep you comfortable. Check out which of these gaming chairs work best with your gaming PC setup.

The Best Memory Foam Gaming Chairs at a Glance

Best Gaming Chair for Minimalist Setups

Blue Whale Memory Foam Gaming Chair

Blue Whale Memory Foam Adjustable Gaming Chair

  • Adjustable side arms
  • Thick seat cushion
  • Reclining back
  • Tension release can be hard to adjust
  • Headrests pillow is too high for shorter heights

At first glance, the Blue Whale Memory Foam Chair doesn’t look like any gaming chair you’ve seen before. It looks too… normal. The only gamer-looking thing about it is the color scheme – a flat black and white combo. People won’t have trouble telling it apart from their boss’s chair and yours, at least.

Looks aside though, the Blue Whale is a good chair. It’s ergonomically designed, with great lumbar support to keep your spine aligned properly. An adjustable headrest allows you to find that sweet spot for the neck to be perfectly supported as you lean back, preventing strain. And we all know how much strain builds up during extended gaming sessions.

The seat alone is wide enough to support you should you be more inclined to cross your legs every now and then – assuming you’re not 6 feet tall. The backrest is adjustable from between 90 to 155 degrees, so you can lean back as much as you want to. Perfect for when you want to play your Nintendo Switch RPGs leaning back!

This gaming chair is made with an integrated metal frame, while the cushioning is made with high-density memory foam. Its upholstery is full bonded PU leather, making it more durable and wear-resistant than faux leather chairs that gaming chairs tend to use. Explosion-proof gas spring for the adjustable parts makes sure you don’t launch up in the stratosphere as you adjust your chair. The wheels are made with thick plastic, and they’re really nothing to write home about. Don’t expect Mac Pro Wheels quality here! However, it does do its job and doesn’t skid too much when you sit on it.

Overall, this is a decent-enough seat for a gaming king such as yourself. The company suggests a max load of 350 pounds for the chair, so people beyond that weight limit would be better served elsewhere.

Best Gaming Chair for Back Support

Easysmx Reclining Memory Foam Racing Gaming Chair

EasySMX Recliner Memory Foam Racing Gaming Chair

  • Easy to assemble
  • Great back support
  • Recliner
  • Looks gamer as heck
  • Leg rest is short
  • Cushion is too firm


Okay, now we’re gaming. The EasySMX Reclining Memory Foam “Racing” Gaming Chair is as gamer as they come. From the racing seat design to the solid, two-tone color schemes, it’s as clear as day that this chair was made for the hardcore gamer. What it lacks in subtlety though, it makes up for in its comfort level.

The EasySMX chair uses environmentally friendly PU leather in its upholstery. It feels just like leather, without the hardness usually associated with regular, genuine leather. Inside is a breathable, high-density molded memory foam for a nice sitting experience all throughout your games. It comes with a lumbar and headrest pillow to prop up areas that usually slouch when you’re sitting down.

Build-wise, its heavy-duty metal frame and base allow for even the heaviest of gamers (up to 300 pounds) to sit on it comfortably, without any strain. Its wheels are made of smooth nylon, allowing it to easily slide whenever you need it to. It’s also got 2D adjustable armrests for when raising your chair just isn’t enough. Adjustability is no issue with a Class-3 gas lift, ensuring easy adjustment with no risk of the chair just popping out of the stand.

A cool feature of this memory foam, racing and gaming chair is the retractable telescopic footrest. If you’ve got a wide enough space, you can pop this baby out and enjoy cross-legged gaming whenever you want. Or, if you need a bit of a breather, just pop it out and recline the back 135 degrees so you can lounge comfortably for a nap. Also great if you want to curl up and use your modded PS4 controller instead.

We love this one particularly because of the footrest. Who doesn’t love a recliner, right? Gaming for hours on end does put a strain on your legs and knees, so it’s nice to have the option to pop out the footrest and relax for a bit. Especially when we’re getting a bit salty from a losing streak.

Best Gaming Chair with Massager

Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair

Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest

  • Solid construction
  • High back and pillow features
  • Good material feel
  • Armrest feels rickety
  • Heavy


We’re back with another Blue Whale feature! What makes this chair special, besides its retractable footrest, is a feature that hasn’t been seen in memory foam chairs yet: a built-in massager. Yes, you heard us right. This model from Blue Whale has a massager that plugs into a power outlet or portable power bank, easing tension from the back area from extended periods of sitting.

This particular model looks more like a modern executive chair than a true gaming chair, but it does come in 7 different designs, all more gamer-y than the next. So if aesthetics are your concern, then you’ll find a model of this gaming chair that fits you just right! This chair from Blue Whale does not, however, use PU leather. Instead, it uses faux leather that flakes over time and will go faster if you sweat a lot. We don’t recommend this if you live in a hot, humid area. Otherwise, though, it looks pretty good still.

An integrated metal frame gives hefty support for up to 380 pounds. Its explosion-proof gas spring lets you adjust your height easily at the pull of a lever. All heights are adjustable, from the chair height to the armrest height, making it easy for you to find that Goldilocks spot where you’re truly comfortable. Given that arms need to be completely level with the desk for maximum comfort, you’re not gonna have too much trouble adjusting it to fit.

The seat and backrest are made with high-density memory foam, which molds to your body’s shape to perfectly cushion it. The footrest as well is equipped with memory foam, which gives great support to your legs when you lean back. Sadly, the headrest and lumbar pillows are made of a different kind of foam, which lacks the softness of the memory foam on the chair itself. It’s pretty firm though, and lets your back achieve that perfect 90 degree angle.

The best feature, of course, is its massager – just plug your chair into the nearest USB port and enjoy a nice, relaxing back massage all without leaving your chair. This function works best when you’re reclined for maximum comfort. For us, this chair is a big buy for the massage option alone.

Best Gaming Chair for Relaxation

Killabee Massage Gaming Chair

KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair

  • Good build quality
  • Built-in adjustable massager
  • Retractable footrest
  • Wheels are stiff and stick sometimes
  • Control knobs are hard to reach


We don’t know if it’s a trend, but we don’t care – we love the fact that there’s a bunch of massage gaming chairs out here right now. Our backs are happy. And we think you might be too with the KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair. It looks good, works good, and feels good – and the best part is, it totally looks like a gaming chair.

This absolute unit of a chair weighs 43.4lbs, surprisingly light for something of this size. KILLABEE did not skimp on the build quality as this chair is made with a sturdy integrated metal frame. It sports a tough nylon base with hard plastic wheels, and an explosion-proof gas spring to do the heavy lifting for you. Speaking of heavy lifting, this chair can hold up to 250lbs without sweating, so this is perfect for the more heavyset gamer.

The cushions are made with not-too-firm, not-too-soft memory foam that molds to your body’s shape, cushioning the places that need cushioning without deforming the foam inside. This is especially great for people who have to stay in their desk for an extended period of time. So if you’re a streamer, a pro gamer, or just someone who works a desk job, this is the perfect chair for you.

Let’s talk about its features. First off, its height and armrest elevation are both adjustable, as all good gaming chairs should be. The backrest can recline up to 175 degrees. Pop the retractable footrest out and you’ve got yourself the perfect midday nap chair, without ever leaving your desk. Those working from home will appreciate that they don’t even have to stand up to walk to the bed if they wanna catch some Zs.

The star of the show, of course, is the lumbar cushion, which has a built-in USB-powered electric massager. Compared to the other chairs that we’ve featured today that have the massager on the upper back, the KILLABEE’s massager targets the lumbar area, where most of the strain happens as we tend to slouch down our chairs over time. But the best part is that this same cushion is adjustable, so if you’d like to bring the massager up to your neck, you can totally do that. Ain’t that neat?

All in all, the KILLABEE massager is 100% a buy, especially if you need to stay at your desk for hours on end every day.

Best Gaming Chair for Plus Sized People

Fantasylab Big And Tall 400lb Massage Memory Foam Gaming Chair

FANTASYLAB Big and Tall Massage Memory Chair

  • Great for big bois
  • Sleek and minimalist
  • 3D adjustable arm rests
  • Not ideal for smaller sizes


Coming in at number 5 is the FANTASYLAB Big and Tall Massage Memory Foam Chair, made for big gamers with big needs. And yes, it is big and tall. Its dimensions (LxWxH) are 28.4 x 25.6 x 53.5 inches, making it a hefty addition to your gaming battlestation. If you’re the type who likes it big, this one is most likely the chair for you.

We’re big fans of its build quality. It’s built on an integrated metal frame, and features an explosion-proof gas spring for easy height adjustment. Even the legs are made with the same heavy duty metal used in the frame. (It’s fine, FANTASYLAB, we believe this chair’s 400lb weight capacity.) The whole body is filled with memory foam, so comfort isn’t something you’ll be worrying about.

Two things we’d like to point out are the detachable headrest pillow, also made of memory foam, that rests on… well, the headrest. It’s not squishy and really cushions the heck out of your neck – if you’re tall enough for it.

And then there’s the lumbar pillow – wait, sorry, lumbar massager – that’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. Filled with memory foam, the pillow contains two side-by-side massagers, powered by USB. Whenever your back is feeling a bit ouchy, plug this in and enjoy a nice, relaxing massage on your lumbar area.

All in all, we consider the FANTASYLAB Big and Tall Massage Memory Foam Chair to be a clear buy. It’s the perfect gaming chair for big guys, or people who just like to imagine that they’re sitting on a giant gamer’s throne. As an added note, that “S” symbol embroidered on the backrest looks awfully like Shroud’s logo.

Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair

RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

  • Ergonomic padded cushion
  • Adjustable neck and lumbar pillows
  • Looks sexy
  • Bulky
  • No solid color options


If you’re seeing a trend here, just know that we’re surprised as well. The RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair is, as with the others on this list, is a reclining chair. This chair comes in 12 two-tone colors for the more discerning, aesthetically sound gamer. Its bonded leather upholstery covers high-quality memory foam, molded into sleek angles in the distinct shape of a racing chair.

Now, racing chairs aren’t exactly known for their comfort, but the RESPAWN 110 sets itself apart through its ergonomically-designed segmented padding. These segments help to give you support where you it the most – namely, by your butt and your lower back. And it’s made even better by the fact that the whole thing contains memory foam too, and you’ve got yourself one comfortable chair.

And you won’t run out of ways to customize its comfort level for yourself, either. The 4D-adjustability of the RESPAWN 110 allows you to raise and lower your chair’s height, as well as the armrests’ height and distance from you. The chair reclines back up to 155 degrees and locks in place with the flick of a lever. Max out that comfyness with its retractable recliner, also filled with memory foam and you’ve got a chair you can fall asleep in.

The RESPAWN 110 also comes backed (heh) with the OFM Limited Lifetime Warranty. With all its features, this gaming chair is a definite buy. It looks sleek and sexy, and definitely a conversation piece when friends come over to see your spankin’ new white PC. The only thing we wish this chair had are RGB lights to compliment your setup.

Best Gaming Chair for Airflow

Respawn 200

RESPAWN 200 Racing Style Gaming Chair

  • Minimal
  • Mesh back
  • 4D Adjustability
  • Mesh might not be comfortable for some


The RESPAWN 200 is like a slimmer, trimmed-down version of the 110. It has all the features of the 110 model, if “all the features” meant looking like a racing chair. And it does, definitely. It borrows the same racing seat contours of the 110, but replaces it with a slimmer mesh back and an all around lower profile.

Now a lower profile doesn’t mean that this is a lower-class product. The RESPAWN 200 is a gaming chair that’s minimalist but does the job quite well, and sometimes, even better than its more expensive brother. The 200 has a mesh back, which lets cool air seep through better, keeping your back cool when you’re getting sweaty (both IRL and in-game.) It’s a better choice for those who stay in hot, humid weather, or those who just run hot.

And the build quality isn’t worse either. The 200 has the same metal alloy frame the 110 has, and the same four degrees of adjustability: chair height, armrest height and depth, and recline. It’s fully adjustable to find your perfect comfort level. However, the 200 doesn’t lean as far back as the 110. It’s not a deal breaker, but it might be an issue with some who want to pretty much lie down on their chairs.

As with all RESPAWN products, it comes with the OFM Limited Lifetime Warranty, with all the good customer service that accompanies it. With that said, the 200 is as much a buy as the others on this list. It’s lightweight, keeps you cool, and looks cool too. It’s a nice mid-range option for people who can live without memory foam to lean back on.

Best Gaming Chair for Basic Setups

Ofm Essentials Collection Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair

OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair

  • Nice and thick foam
  • Padding everywhere
  • 275lb weight capacity
  • No “extra” features
  • Looks plain despite colors


Out of all the gaming chairs featured in this list, the OFM Essentials Collection “Racing Style” Gaming Chair looks a lot like an office chair. If not for the two-tone color options that really scream out at you, this chair looks like it’ll feel right at home in your office’s cubicle. But there’s more to a chair than what it looks like, and this plain Jane gaming chair does not disappoint where it matters.

The whole chair rests on a solid metal alloy frame, allowing it to have a 275lb weight capacity. Covering the layered memory foam is its bonded leather upholstery that, unlike faux leather, won’t flake after a few sweaty sessions of Fortnite. The claw holding the wheels is made out of thick PVC, and the wheels are made from tough nylon, allowing it to roll easily on any surface.

Everything you sit or place your arms on in this chair is made with memory foam: the built-in headrest and lumbar cushions, even on the arm pads. The memory foam is segmented as well, much like the RESPAWN 200. It provides better ergonomics as it cushions the areas you need taken care of the most.

On the adjustment side, it’s basic, but does the job. It’s got the standard height adjustment and flip-up armrests, as well as center-tilt control. But that’s pretty much it. You can’t exactly recline in this chair, which shouldn’t be a problem for those who want separation of the gaming chair and sleeping chair.

For us, this chair is the one you get when you just want a mid range gaming chair that feels more like your office chair. It’s comfy enough, and more than enough for your average gamer. If you’re not picky about extra features like massagers, headrest and lumbar pillows, or a retractable footrest.

Best Gaming Chair for Low-Key Setups

Yamasoro Memory Foam Office Chair

YAMASORO Leather Memory Foam Office Chair

  • Great design
  • Good cushioning
  • Good adjustability
  • Instructions unclear
  • Doesn’t look like a gaming chair


It’s in the name – the YAMASORO Leather Memory Foam Office Chair isn’t an explicitly gaming chair, but it does kind of look like one, at least the white model is. However, it works just as well as the other gaming chairs in this lineup. With 6 colors to choose from, this chair from YAMASORO is a good chair to consider when thinking about your battlestation setup.

The chair’s layered memory foam back, seat, and armrests are covered in environmentally-friendly PU leather that’s been treated to be softer, more durable, water- and fade-resistant. Spilling your Mountain Dew on this bad boy shouldn’t be a problem.

The high-density memory foam is also filled with microscopic bubbles, forming spongy features that absorb impact and weight better. The manufacturer swears by it and says the quality holds up even after a few years of heavy use. This gaming – sorry – office chair rests on what seems to be a tough aluminum frame, making it a lot lighter than some chairs in the lineup. They use it down to the claw, and the flip-up armrests as well.

Design wise, the YAMASORO makes use of a segmented cushioning setup. Its designers say that it’s a lot more ergonomic than putting headrest and lumbar pillows, as the angles are designed to provide perfect cushioning for your lower back and neck. They use the same segmented design on the seat as well. The chair reminds us of a lobster, which is pretty cute.

The YAMASORO Leather Office Chair is a non-gamery gaming chair in our book. It’s comfortable, ergonomic, and the color options are a lot more mature compared to many options you have when it comes to gaming chair colors and designs.

Best Racing-Style Gaming Chair

Gtracing Gaming Chair

GTRACING Gaming Chair

  • Pros: Good airflow
  • Looks REAL good
  • Great adjustability
  • Racing seat design
  • Frays easily due to sweat


GTRACING does exactly what their name promises: they give you a racing-inspired gaming chair that looks like it can take you up to 300 mph. And it might as well, given how… speedy the chair looks. It’s definitely a gaming chair designed for gamers, and it hits all the right notes, at least aesthetically. Let’s dive a bit further into it…

The frame is made with a strong metal alloy, which the manufacturers claim is ergonomically designed to keep your posture straight during gaming. This is only helped by the thick padding on the back and the seat, which, of course, are both filled with durable memory foam.

As far as adjustability goes, both the armrest height and width, as well as the chair’s height can be fiddled with to your satisfaction. The back can recline up to 170 degrees, and a 5-point base hosts smooth-rolling wheels that don’t slip easily. There’s also a removable headrest and lumbar pillow, which you can take out if they’re not working for you.

The chair is covered with smooth PU upholstery, which just like other PU leather products are pretty waterproof. They’re weak against sweat though, so you should take care to keep temperatures comfortable when you’re gaming – especially if your PC tends to run hot. Speaking of temperatures, the back is a bit hollowed out to allow for better airflow to your backside, allowing you to keep cool during long periods of gaming.

The chair is pretty basic, as far as gaming chairs go. While it doesn’t have any of the flashy features some gaming chairs in this lineup has, it looks the part and does its job well. A definite buy for the gamer that wants their things as functional as possible.

Memory Foam Gaming Chair Buying Guide

With dozens of gaming chairs in the market today, you might have a hard time taking a pick. Branded ones are overwhelming, and you’ll even encounter many options suggested by professional streamers and gamers.

Now that you’ve read our list of high-end gaming chairs, you should take note of some important factors before clicking the buy button.

Overall Chair Build

It’s not enough to simply look a gaming chair’s picture and make your decision right away. You need to examine the chair’s overall build and materials. Aside from that, you must also understand the nature of different gaming chairs.

The best gaming chair is meant to last for a long time. But how can you determine this by just looking at pictures? Well, you have to start by analyzing the chair’s frame. This frame serves as the foundation of the chair, and it shouldn’t break down fast. Plastic frames are notorious for their low durability but they’re somehow lighter. Chairs with reinforced metallic frames have remarkable quality albeit heavier.

If you’re a professional streamer, you’ll probably use the gaming chair often. You might also make extra movements such as constant swivelling, position adjustments, and standing up abruptly. Chairs with durable aluminum bases can accommodate such vigorous movements. Aluminum is malleable, and it even works great with flexible materials. Just expect additional costs for chairs with aluminum bases.

A good chair base won’t be too effective if it doesn’t have a set of sturdy wheels. How will you know if a chair’s wheels are sturdy? First, observe the small adjoining sections. They must swivel along with the chair’s position or movement. If a section is not movable, it’s very likely that the wheels will break apart after just a few months. Second, you must observe the thickness of the wheels. Thick wheels are more resistant to wear and tear.

Comfort is the main factor that separates gaming chairs from regular chairs. A wooden chair, for example, is hard on your back and pelvic muscles. On the other hand, pure metal chairs are heavier and they also have sharp edges. An exceptional gaming chair provides high levels of comfort and style. Do you like ergonomic backrests? How about thick yet soft armrests for your long gaming sessions? By understanding such questions, you’ll find the best chair that matches your desired comfort level.

All About Upholstery & Design

While chair quality and comfort are strong factors that can affect your buying decision, design is also important. After all, you wouldn’t buy a dull-looking gaming chair! Since gaming chairs are costly, you must always settle for a unit that looks best and feels great.

The most common material used for gaming chairs is PU (polyurethane) leather. PU leather is a cheaper alternative to leather, and it has variable levels of style and quality. If you’re a casual gamer, you can settle for PU leather chairs. It almost looks like real leather, and the quality is not that far off.

Gaming chairs made of 100% pure leather are top-notch products. Leather is smooth, breathable, and won’t cause irritations. Due to leather’s high quality, expect that leather gaming chairs are more expensive. Some leather reclining chairs can even reach as high as $2,000!

A common trend in the gaming chair market is the fast-scaling price of monocolored chairs, especially pure black variants. If you’re fond of colorful designs, you don’t have to worry about outrageous prices unless your chosen chair has ultra-remarkable qualities. It’s okay to be loud and proud in terms of gaming chair design.

Level Up Your Chill With Fancy Gaming Chair Accessories

Modern gaming chairs look beautiful and comfortable but there’s always a room for improvement. If you still have a decent budget, you can always shop around for high-quality gaming chair accessories.

Check out or gaming chair accessory suggestions:

No More Elbow Strain – Best Gaming Chair Armrests

Do you want to have an armrest that won’t cause elbow strain? How about an armrest that matches the theme of your desired gaming chair? There are hundreds of armrests to choose from, but only a few brands are worth your time.

EcoLifeDay armrests offer the best value because of thickness, comfort, and affordability. It’s also easy to remove the EcoLifeDay armrests for washing.

Iseedy armrests are great options if you’re looking for style and comfort. Due to the natural curve of Iseedy armrests, you can take the pressure off your wrists every now and then. The available colors for Iseedy armrests are black, beige, and brown.

If you’re after versatility, you can never go wrong with the Milliard memory foam armrest. This pair of armrests has the right amount of thickness and softness. Since the Milliard armrests are made of pure memory foam, you can now forget about annoying elbow strains.

The last armrest brand that we’re going to recommend is Healgen. Made from high-quality memory foam, the Healgen armrest is soft and durable at the same time. The Healgen armrests also have a relaxing texture.

Mind Your Feet – Best Gaming Chair Footrests

If you’ve been playing for a long time, it’s normal to experience cramps and leg pain. Sometimes, all you need is to stand up and take a walk. But if you can’t leave your game, just set up your footrest to relax your legs and feet.

Gaming chairs usually have their own footrests but you can still purchase separate products. ComfiLife footrests, for example, are affordable products that you can adjust whenever needed. The typical price range for ComfiLife footrests is around $30.

Another excellent footrest brand is ErgoFoam. The ErgoFoam footrest is soft and has an additional height for people with short legs. ErgoFoam is slightly pricier than ComfiLife but you’ll benefit from its better features.

Are you looking for a massager footrest? HUANUO is the effective yet affordable answer. The HUANUO footrest is not as soft as the first options but it has dozens of ergonomic massaging nubs. Just put your feet firmly against the footrest and let your muscles relax.

Lastly, you can always try the durable StrongTek footrest. This footrest is designed to last for many years, and it can improve your posture as well. Aside from long gaming sessions, the StrongTek footrest is great for continuous office work.

Business Owners, Office Workers Input on the Best Office / Gaming Chair


“As someone who lives and works in the same space, I wanted comfort for sitting at my desk, along with style. I know the Aeron chair is the best in terms of comfort, but stylistically, I refuse to sit on something that looks so decidedly office and has wheels.

I have two chairs that I use:

One is a slatted wood and chrome cantilevered Cesca-style by Bauhaus designer Marcel Breuer. It’s widely considered one of the most important chair designs of the 20th century and was designed in 1920s. 

Since the design was never patented by Breuer there are a lot of lovely copies to be had for just a hundred dollars or so. Here is a picture of the one I have. The only problem with this chair is it’s lack of lumbar support. Because of that, I
also purchased the Tom Dixon Y-chair.

The Tom Dixon Y chair is an AMAZING chair that offers a fabulous design and excellent lumbar support for home, dining and office. Technically I believe it is a dining chair,
however I use it as an office chair. It’s been a dream come true as an office chair that offers an ergonomic and comfortable design (excellent lumbar support, the perfect seat height for my 5’3 frame), without looking like anything like an office chair. It’s a little pricey- but if you live and work in the same space, and want something that looks cool and is still comfortable, it’s definitely worth the investment.”

-Mariko Ichikawa


“As someone who works from home at a computer all day, everyday, comfort and ergonomics was a must when buying a new office chair. At the recommendation of my former professional gaming brother, I invested in a Secret Lab chair. 

Let’s just say, gamers know their stuff (after all, they can easily out-sit me any day of the week!) The firm support of this chair is next level and it’s the best office purchase I’ve
ever made. Having suffered with lower back pain and sore shoulders from poor quality office chairs in the past, even though it’s an expensive chair, I can say it’s probably going to save me money from physical therapy in the long run!”

-Emily Amor
Digital Darts

“I am currently using the Dowinx Ergonomic gaming office chair, and it has been amazing thus far. It is ideal for anyone who sits for long hours while working or gaming. It is fully adjustable, and offers massage support thanks to its several body point contacts. This way, any accumulated pressure on your spine or back spreads out evenly. It is a highly  ergonomic office chair, perfect for both office and WFH workers.”

-William Taylor
Career Development Manager at VelvetJobs

“This chair is really comfortable and it’s fully adjustable. It’s ergonomic and doesn’t cause back pain like some other chairs. I like the suede fabric for softness, especially when sitting down for several hours it’s comfortable to the touch. The colour and finish match a more classic office look unlike some other chairs that can look a bit too modern.”

-Joe Flanagan
Senior Employment Advisor at VelvetJobs


“This is a highly subjective topic, but the chair I would rank as perhaps the best one is the “Serta Smart Layers Arlington Air Executive Chair”. There’s a lot of reasons that make it the best office chair. For starters, the comfort is unmatchable by the rest of its competitors. Serta is actually a mattress maker, so they have years of expertise that goes into this chair. Moreover, the ergonomics, lumbar supports, the headrest, and the overall layers of cushioning make it the best chair you could hope for during your work hours.”

Yasir Nawaz


“Luckily, I’m a business owner. My business is running smoothly. Thus, I give the majority of my time sitting in my office. For the last one year, I’m using the Hbada Office Desk Chair. It is truly an amazing one. I was suffering from back pain mainly, but; when I got this chair, the pain just vanished. It is made of sturdy materials. The height of this chair is adjustable. It is 180° rotatable. Moreover, it saves space. My office also looks amazing.”

-Levi Li


“My favorite office chair ever and the one that I currently use is the Bungee Office Chair from The Container Store. It is light weight, and easy to assemble. It has a low profile so that it fits well even in small office spaces. I have chronic back pain so most office chairs do not provide support. Most importantly this chair offers great support using a very strong and sturdy bungee cord system.

I love that this chair is very stylish. Most office chairs are either big and bulky or plain and boring. This chair is so unique. You will not find another chair that is made with bungee cords and it comes in really cool colors so that it fits in nicely with the décor of your office. It has made a great conversation piece, when people see this chair they always ask me about it because they have never seen anything like it.”

-Carolyn Garrett


“As a marketer, I spend all day plopped in front of my iMac. I used to use use an old dining room chair as a desk chair (embarrassing, I know), but I was inspired by everyone  remaking their home offices at the start of the pandemic, and I bought a Långfjäll office chair with armrests from IKEA. Is it the fanciest chair I’ve ever sat in? No. But it’s super comfortable and provides exactly the right amount of back support. Plus, it didn’t cost me a million dollars. Even better, the Gunnared light pink chair looks great at my desk and matches my favorite Boy Smells candle.”

-Kelsey Donk
Owner, Donk Creative LLC


“I have back problems which make sitting in some chairs a painful experience. I sit in my Fennington up to 15 hours a day every day, working on my laptop. I can lean back just enough that my weight is distributed. It has a well designed lumbar support.

The height of the chair is adjustable also. An excellent chair.”

-Steve Harris


OFM ESS Collection Upholstered Desk Chair

This chair is beautifully stylish. It makes my office look like it belongs to me more than a generic office chair would. The seat height is adjustable so it fits my height, and the chair tilt is adjustable so I can change it throughout the day to prevent fatigue. The upholstery is tough and easy to clean. Wheels are a must for my work situation and this chair has swivel
wheels so I can move around as necessary without scratching the floor.

-Sara E. Routhier
Outreach 360 Quote

Cedric Office Chair

Recently, my husband splurged on this office chair for our home office and, at the time, I thought he was crazy. All chairs are the same and you can find one for much less money to purchase that will do the same thing for you.

But, after I started using this chair, I realized that there is a difference in office chairs and that this was one of the good ones. It’s supportive, breathable, comfortable, and encourages proper posture. While sitting in this chair, I notice that I slouch less, my neck is more supported, and I don’t lean back in an attempt to lie down.

It’s a solid chair made from good materials and designed by experts.. It will last a long-time and help you get the most out of your time while sitting at your desk.”

-Karen Lee
Researcher and Editor


“Speaking candidly, I found the chairs I bought extremely similar in terms of comfort and quality. This includes chairs I bought from Staples and assembled myself at home, plus more expensive versions purchased at home office furniture stores. My favorite chair is an old-fashioned used roller model I bought on Facebook marketplace. It’s beautiful and extremely comfortable – a deep burgundy leather, tufted, with comfortable armrests
and roller wheels. And I got it for $150 – well worth the price for a chair of this quality.”

-Matt Satell
Little Bundle

Wrap Up

And that’s it for our choices for the best gaming chairs with memory foam out there today. If you noticed that some “big name” brands aren’t featured here, it’s because we chose to focus on chairs that had actual memory foam on them. Out of all the choices, our favorite has to be the RESPAWN 110. It looks good, feels good, and has a retractable footrest that’s awesome for midday breaks. We highly recommend it, whether you’re a gamer or just someone who’s looking for a good chair. It’s a great addition to any ergonomic gaming setup.

What’s your favorite out of this list? Got any more recommendations on good memory foam chairs for gaming? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Recap: The Best Gaming Chairs with Memory Foam

  1. Amazon Basics Executive Office Desk Chair with Armrests

2. EasySMX Reclining Memory Foam Racing Gaming Chair

3. Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest

4. KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair

5. FANTASYLAB Big and Tall Massage Memory Foam Chair

6. RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

7. RESPAWN 200 Racing Style Gaming Chair

8. OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair

9. YAMASORO Leather Memory Foam Office Chair

10. GTRACING Gaming Chair



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