The 15 Best Bass Earbuds for Fat Wubs and Sick Drops

Best Bass Earbuds For Fat Wubs And Sick Drops
Best Bass Earbuds For Fat Wubs And Sick Drops

We understand how it feels when you’re browsing through Amazon, searching for that perfect pair of earbuds. There are so many choices out there that it’s really hard to find the right one – especially if you’re looking for the best bass earbuds out there.

We’re here to do the heavy lifting for you; here’s a list of some of the best bass earbuds money can buy right now. Everything from the wired to the truly un-wired can be found in this list, so all you have to do is find the one that works for you! Please enjoy this list of the best bass earbuds you can use for gaming, music, and movies.

The Best Bass Earbuds at a Glance

What do I look for in the best bass earbuds?

This question usually hounds those just starting out on their audiophile journey. Many people would trawl the internet looking for suggestions – and that’s why you’re here! When looking for the perfect bass earbuds for you, you’ll have to consider a few factors.

It all hinges on what kind of bass you want from your earbuds. There’s no one pair of earbuds that can consistently give you the bass you want from different genres of music. Usually, you’d want to go for headphones that do very well on the low end of the sound spectrum, rather than prioritizing mids and highs. Audio engineers have to prioritize the low end to deliver the best bass quality, so if you’re looking for an all-rounder pair of earbuds for gaming, music, or otherwise, you have to look elsewhere.

What should I expect from using the best bass earbuds?

The drops are gonna be so frickin’ sick. Kidding aside, you should expect better bass reproduction from the earbuds you pick out of this list. This usually results in better low-frequency sounds. This spectrum usually covers bass guitars and bass drums in music, as well as the lower notes from synthesizers and pianos.

For movies and gaming, explosions, footsteps, dialogue, and other sounds in the low end of the sound spectrum are usually more prominent when using bass-heavy earbuds. A few of the best gaming headsets usually go for a low-frequency bias in their headphones to give their users a tactical edge in gaming, for example.

Which genres sound better with the best bass earbuds?

While almost any genre under the sun will benefit from some extra oomph for their bass. If you’re into Rap, Hip-Hop, Electronica, Dubstep, EDM, and any of the digital music derivatives, you’ll be happy to know that your bass-heavy earbuds will shine in these genres. The aforementioned usually revolve around a steady bass cadence to keep you moving and is usually the most prominent sound in the tracks.

As for Rock, Jazz, and even Classical, there’s a lot of good to be had from using bass earbuds for music. If you’re looking for earbuds for gaming, then you might be interested more in this article here.

Bass-heavy earbuds helps develop a more massive soundstage, highlighting the mids and the lows and making them sound bigger, wider, and more immersive. In short: it doesn’t really matter what kind of genre you listen to as having better bass for your earbuds will always be a welcome addition to any track.

Beats PowerBeats Pro | Best True Wireless Earbuds with Bass

Beats Powerbeats Pro

  • Great for workouts
  • Ergonomic fit for active use
  • Looks cool
  • Bulky charging case
  • Can be irritating to ears with extended use

Beats is one of those brands that many audiophiles discount. It’s had a rocky start, with so many users saying that they’re overpriced luxury items that don’t really sound that well. However, in recent years, they’ve come up with some of the best audio devices they’ve ever sold, and the PowerBeats Pro is one of those.

The PowerBeats Pro is quite possibly the best bass Bluetooth earbuds you can get right now, especially if you’re looking to use them for working out. The design alone shows off that it’s made for active use: a hook design secures these earbuds to your ears better than most Bluetooth earbuds. It rocks an IPX4 water-resistant certification that lets it endure sweat and light showers, but not dives into the pool.

As for its performance, its lows perform very well. It’s deep, vibrant, and can go as loud as will make your skull rattle. It’s like having your own personal rave. These bass-heavy Bluetooth earbuds will definitely get you going if you’re the type who likes to listen to bass-heavy tracks during your workouts.

These earbuds are also great for mobile gaming if you can suffer a slight delay. It’s great if you’re playing games like Hearthstone or Gwent on the go, but if you’re playing a more competitive game such as COD Mobile or PUBG Mobile on your smartphone, the delay might be a bit detrimental to your game. Bluetooth technology hasn’t progressed enough to address this delay, so if hearing sound cues immediately is very important to you, consider using a wired pair of gaming earbuds, or any of the wired bass earbuds in this list.

Sony MDRXB5OAP Extra Bass | Best Wired Bass Earbuds for Sound Isolation

Sony Mdrxb5oap Extra Bass

  • Punchy bass
  • Excellent 12mm drivers
  • Comfy
  • No extra features besides inline mic

Sony will always show up in any list of the best audio equipment, as the Japanese company has always been at the forefront of entertainment equipment. From the much-loved Walkman to the PS4, people have loved Sony’s offerings. And for bass heads, this next pair of bass earbuds will definitely put a smile on their face.

The Sony MDRXB5OAP Extra Bass is the best wired bass earbuds with natural sound isolation in this list. It may be minimalist in its features, but it does deliver a punchier bass than other earbuds in its class. It features 12mm neodymium drivers that lend a resonant feel to the bass, making it sound punchier and more full. And while these earbuds definitely lean towards a bass bias, the mids and highs are still well-reproduced, giving these earbuds a nice well-rounded sound with a punchy bass backing it up.

It’s got an in-line mic and single button control, which when attached to your phone or laptop lets you control the play or pause function, receive or end calls, and skip tracks. It’s a useful feature to have, but definitely lacking compared to many other earbuds.

A nice feature of its design is its flat styled cord, which is meant to keep your wires from tangling in your pocket or bag. It’s a really nice touch as wired earbuds tend to tangle a lot when not in use. We think it’s a bunch of pocket gremlins screwing with you, but don’t @ us with that. Sony also provided very comfortable ear tips to go with it, so you won’t have to worry about using these for long stretches of time.

All in all, the Sony MDRXB5OAP Extra Bass is a good choice for your first bass-focused earbuds. It’s minimalist and should serve even the most discerning audiophile well. While we have talked about some of the best earbuds you can use for your PS4, the MDRXB5OAP is a great choice for gaming as well.

RHA T20i | Toughest Bass Earbuds

Rha T20i

  • Tough build
  • Good noise isolation
  • Fiddly hook design

RHA Audio is a proudly British audio technology company that many casual audio listeners may not be familiar with, but is well-respected by the audiophile community. They’re currently playing in the true wireless earbuds scene, but the T20i is one of their best accomplishments in the bass focused earbuds category. It’s also one of their toughest.

Many users of the T20i will swear by its build quality. Some users report that they’ve been using their T20is for up to 2 years without any issues. It features a patented injection molded housing that keeps the design ergonomic and sleek. And while RHA takes pride in its build quality, they still offer a 3-year warranty for factory defects to put their customers’ worries at ease.

As for its performance, the T20is, of course, has some of the deepest bass reproductions in the earbuds market today. The soundstage is excellent and is made even more massive by the bass, allowing you to clearly locate where the mids and highs are coming from.
Its features include an inline mic with a remote, with a single button that controls music, movies, and your phone’s AI assistant. Imagine controlling your smart lights, like the Eve Flare, from your earbuds! The future is now, gentlemen.

The T20i also features a hook design for the wires nearest to the earbuds. While this does help secure the buds to your ears, it does make putting them on and taking them off a bit awkward as you have to struggle with the inevitable tangling that will happen.

Still, despite our rather petty complaints, the T20i is a solid pair of bass earbuds good for beginners to the bass head scene. If you’re looking for a pair of good bass earbuds that will last you for a while, RHA produced the perfect pair for you.

Moxil Original 3.5mm In-Ear | Best Bass Earbuds for Comfortable Listening

Moxil Original 3.5mm

  • Extra bass-y (duh!)
  • Comfortable fit
  • Decent sound isolation
  • Rather basic design

Wanga is another one of those “sleeper” brands that aren’t really as prominent as the bigger ones, but they, like the bass in these earbuds, punch just as hard with their products. The Wanga Original is definitely one of those hard punches, as the bass in these things feel less like a punch and more like a donkey’s kick. And we like it for that.

Don’t let its very minimalistic design fool you – these earbuds from Wanga are pretty good bass earbuds in their own respect. But yes, the design – it’s pretty basic. The buds are encased in a matte black plastic shell, reinforced by an aluminum band. It’s got an inline mic that has a single button control, with the welcome addition of a volume slider. If you’re working in a high traffic area where people constantly come up to you, you can just put your finger on the control and slide the volume down to hear what the other person is saying.

Wanga also thought about you using these earbuds for extended periods of time, so they included extra soft earbuds that are very comfortable yet seal in the sound pretty well. These earbuds also help provide some of the best sound isolation available in a pair of bass earbuds, which help lock in that sweet, sweet punchy bass.

And speaking of bass, the Wanga Original has it in spades. Its got a clear lows bias, and that’s exactly what we’re looking for! Mids can be pretty flat at times but the highs are clear and prominent. The soundstage on this thing is pretty decent, as close to studio quality as possible. It works best on electronic music tracks but is able to do other genres justice as well.

The Wanga Original is a good pair of earbuds for those that value function over form. Its minimalist design is probably a good selling point for people looking for an unassuming pair of buds that work just as well as the flashier, more expensive ones out there.

Sony WF-1000XM3 | Best Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Earbuds with Bass

Sony Wf 1000xm3

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Excellent battery life
  • Active noise canceling
  • No water resistance
  • Cannot connect to multiple devices at once

Sony’s back, as you all knew they would be in this list. It’s impossible to do an extensive list of the top bass earbuds available today without at least mentioning this brand twice. The Sony WF-1000XM3 is a great pair of Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds that are really heavy with the bass. They are so fun to use, that the “WF” in its name might as well stand for “wireless fun.”

When it comes to its design, they’re built just like any other true wireless earbuds out there. The buds themselves are made of a type of hard plastic that keeps things lightweight, while a couple of 12mm neodymium drivers pump out bass into your ears. The charging case feels hefty in its plastic shell. The buds themselves don’t really have any built in controls like other earbuds, meaning you’re going to have to control everything through your phone or laptop.

So these guys are a pair of true wireless headphones that has active noise canceling, a rare thing to see in many true wireless earbuds with bass. That alone makes it a “buy” in our book. There are other features, though, that might convince you to buy it a bit more. It comes with a companion app for iOS and Android. Sony saw it fit to put the noise canceling features inside the app itself, as well as the option to boost the bass in-app. There’s also a built in equalizer in there for extra fiddling.

And speaking of the bass, boy is it good. It’s got a very punchy vibe to the bass, surprising from a pair of buds this small. It rivals some of the best headphones for audiophiles out there today in terms of bass. The soundstage is nice and wide, allowing for better distinction between mids and highs. However, you will notice a clear bias towards the bass, as electronic tracks just kind of sound like there’s only bass at times.

Overall these true wireless earbuds for bass are a great choice, especially if you’re using these on your commute. Take care to not use these for working out or during a downpour, as the zero water resistance will bite you in the butt.

JVC HA-FX1X | Best Budget Bass Earbuds

Jvc Ha Fx1x

  • Stylish
  • Good build quality
  • Deep bass
  • Quiet highs

JVC is one of those Japanese brands that come up with good products at decent price points. They’re no stranger to the audio business, and has come up with some of the best audio devices at affordable price points. The JVC HA-FX1X is a clear example of that. These budget bass earbuds have wowed critics with its unexpected bang for buck performance, which earns it its spot in this list.

The HA-FX1X “Extreme Explosives” is part of JVC’s FX line, and is the one standout in that lineup when it comes to bass. It’s got a sporty design, with the “XX” designation printed on a plastic clamp on the ends of the earbuds – a nice style choice for an otherwise unassuming pair of buds.

The build quality is excellent, with a blend of hard plastic and aluminum reinforcements protecting the excellent neodymium drivers inside. Sadly, the wires aren’t braided or flat, but that’s to be expected.

In terms of sound performance, these buds are pretty great. It’s got an expansive soundstage that leans heavily on the bassy side (as it should.) Mids are well-represented, but the highs can get pretty muddled at higher frequencies. Cymbals and high notes don’t sound as clear as the mids and lows, but it’s a trade off bass heads are always willing to make.

If you’re a bass head on a budget, or are looking for gaming earbuds that are great for games like Valorant where the lows are very much important, the JVC HA-FX1X is the perfect pair of wired bass earbuds for you.

Westone W60 | Best Bass Earbuds for Versatility

Westone W60

  • Both wired and wireless
  • Six drivers, gosh!
  • Premium af
  • Premium af

Westone is a premium brand that many audiophiles love, and with good reason. They’ve always thought two steps ahead of their customers, presenting features that no one knew they wanted. The Westone W60 is one of the best examples of that. It’s a unique pair of bass earbuds that can be wired OR wireless if you want them to be. Let’s talk a bit more about that, shall we?

The most interesting thing about the W60 is quite possibly its design. Westone decided that versatility in how you wear your earbuds. With the W60, they give you the option of a good ol’ 3.5mm cable, which is perfect if you want zero lag on your audio, or if you’re just more comfortable with a wired pair. If you’re a more on the go person who likes to be mobile, you can plug the buds onto Westone’s very own Bluetooth cable. While it’s not true wireless, the option of making your W60 Bluetooth capable is amazing in itself.

The brand has always been on the high-end side, and it shows. There are six drivers that provide excellent power and clarity to the sound it reproduces. In layman’s terms, six drivers allow the lows, mids, and highs to play separately, so you clearly hear every single sound in the spectrum in perfect clarity. In simpler words: Ooga booga six driver do all sound good.

They provide a soundstage unlike any other bass earbuds you’ve ever heard. The six drivers make the soundstage a lot bigger, like concert grounds level, providing an experience that’s unexpected from such small earbuds. Westone really pulled out all the stops on this one. The W60s are hard to sell as a “pure” bass pair of earbuds because every frequency is represented pretty well. Therefore, we’ll call it a jack of all trades because it kinda is.

If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds that work wired as well as Bluetooth, but with excellent sound quality and a premium build, then the W60s are the best bet for you.

Aurisonics Rockets Solo Precision | Best In-Ear Monitors for Bass

Aurisonics Rockets Solo

  • Massive soundstage
  • Good build quality
  • Tuneable bass ports
  • Pretty premium

The Aurisonics from IMR is a breakout brand that took the audiophile world by storm. These in-ear earbuds work as studio monitors, which mean they have the same capacity as studio monitor headphones do in terms of sound reproduction. You will never get as close to studio quality in your FLAC files or games than with the Rockets Solo.

Quickly though, design notes: these things look basic yet sleek. It features an ear loop design that isn’t as annoying as others, with a twisted cable design supposedly helping reduce tangling when in storage. They’ve got very comfortable tips, replaceable with the included tips according to your ear size. If you’ve got small ears, IMR dropped in a couple of good sizes for you here. It’s encased in a nickel housing that just feels so, so sexy.

They’re some of the best bass earbuds out there. As studio monitors, they’re engineered to accurately reproduce every single sound source, but where it really shines is in the bass. Mids and highs are clearly represented, but a bit muddled when it’s being overpowered by the lows. Thankfully, however, the Rockets Solos include adjustable bass ports that allow you to fine-tune the bass output to your liking. This is a great feature for people who like to play around with their sounds.

As for usage, this pair is amazing to use when you’re listening to lossless FLAC files, Blu-Ray movies, and video gaming. We’d even go so far as to say this is one of the best earbuds for gaming out there right now.

If you’re looking for a premium pair of earbuds with good bass, and great all-around sound, whether it’s for casual listening or hardcore gaming, you can’t go wrong with the Aurisonics Rockets Solo. It’s got great value for what it’s worth, and is definitely a pair you’ll be using for the long run.

Audiophile Elite Earbuds | Best High Frequency Range Bass Earbuds

Audiophile Elite Earbuds

  • 5hz to 31,000hz frequency range
  • As loud as you can handle
  • Extra bass-y
  • No inline mic
  • Highs can be tinny

The Audiophile Elite Earbuds seems to be one of those products where the engineers all sat around and said, “what if we build a pair of earbuds that can go beyond the hearing range of the human ear?” The result is one of the bassiest of bass earbuds, as you’ll see here.

First off, the design is nice and simple. Two bullet-type buds with the Audiophile brand logo etched in gold at the sides. The wires aren’t anything special – no braids, flat shapes, or telephone cords – yet they feel strong enough as long as there’s no immediate pressure on them. There’s no inline mic, so there’s not a lot of functionality with smartphones.

What’s really interesting is the frequency range to this thing. It has a frequency range of 5hz to 31,000hz, which is a full 11,000hz beyond what the human ear can pick up. We imagine the extremely low and extremely high range work together to create a super huge soundstage, which is where the fun stuff happens.

Lows are especially loud on the Audiophile Elite Earbuds, owing to it being able to achieve very low frequencies. The lows have more weight to them, every bass thump sonorous, without garbling. The mids are pretty well-represented too, but the highs are where things get a bid muddled.

This pair of bass earbuds are great if you’re into ambient music, as many of the tracks encompass a wide range of sound frequencies. We’d use this pair mostly for casual listening because the soundstage is just perfect for it. If you’re looking for just one of the bassiest earbuds ever, this might be it.

Betron YSM1000 | Most Stylish Wired Bass Earbuds for iPhone

Betron Ysm1000

  • Beautiful design
  • Excellent lows
  • Memory foam ear tips
  • Meh microphone

If you’re an Apple user and were in the market for a pair of uniquely stylish, very bass heavy earbuds, the Betron YSM1000 is the best bet for you. With a unique microphone motif for its design and a heavy bass thump, these bass earbuds are sure to put a smile on your face every time you put them on.

Its 9.2mm neodymium drivers are encased in a machined aluminum casing, supported by a copper band. The ear tips are memory foam encased in silicone. This particular design choice makes these earbuds achieve both maximum comfort and native noise cancelation. The memory foam helps keep a snug seal in your ear holes not just for comfort, but for blocking outside noise as well.

It’s got an inline remote control containing volume buttons and a single contextual button in the middle. It can pause/play your tracks, skip them, answer and drop calls, as well as summon Siri. The whole cake is topped with a gold-plated 3.5mm connector, which looks premium indeed.

Betron was very clear that they designed the YSM1000 to be bass-driven, and it’s very apparent. Its massive soundstage helps make the lows sound so much bigger and imposing, which is a joy to have when listening to electro and dubstep. The wubs were much thumpier. The mids and highs are pretty okay, with the latter starting to crackle when hitting high notes.

Apart from a few nitpicks such as the choice of cable and the weight, there’s not a lot to hate about the YSM1000. It’s a very stylish, bass-driven pair of buds that work really well with a gold iPhone case. If you’re in the market for wired headphones for iPhone and iOS devices, give these ones a try.

Yamaha EPH-M200 | Best Bass Earbuds for Minimalists

Yamaha Eph M200

  • Minimalist style
  • Tight bass
  • Expansive soundstage
  • Treble could be better

When it comes to audio, Yamaha has always been a reliable brand. Their tradition of audio excellence continues with the EPH-M200, a sexy pair of earbuds that have a tough build, a premium look, and an awesome bass experience. Leave it to Yamaha to produce a pair of earbuds with a clear focus on the low end of the sound spectrum.

The EPH-M200 looks really, really good. The buds adopt a bullet shape that’s thin at the ends and gets progressively larger coming up to the eartips. The neodymium drivers are encased in a brushed metal housing, while the eartips themselves are made with a smooth type of rubber.

The cable is basic enough, not braided or twisted or coiled, but is sturdy enough to withstand daily use. This pair of earbuds is one of the best bass earbuds for commuting – if you’re mindful of the road. The jack is a fancy gold-plated 3.5mm jack with a 90 degree angle,

This pair sounds great. We’re not gonna lie – it’s one of the best bass earbuds we’ve ever used. Yamaha did something magical with its neodymium drivers. It’s hard to believe there’s only two drivers on this thing as the soundstage is MASSIVE. Yamaha clearly tuned it to have really explosive lows as EDM and hip-hop sounded really good on this pair.

We’re not gonna beat around the bush to tell you that these bass buds are a definite buy. There’s a lot to love about Yamaha’s products, and the EPH-M200 is one of those reasons. Check them out the next time you’re looking for a pair of buds that bring the bass.

Skullcandy Sesh | Best True Wireless Earbuds for Loud Bass

Skullcandy Sesh

  • VERY loud
  • Punchy lows
  • Minimalist design
  • Low battery life

Skullcandy is a brand that was never afraid to be flashy with its design. It’s a brand geared towards younger people, so it’s not surprising. Yet they chose to go with a rather low-key look with the Skullcandy Sesh, a true wireless pair of earbuds for bass heads on the go.

Out of the box you’ll find a matte black plastic charging case, six pairs of ear tips, a charging cable, and the Skullcandy Sesh themselves. They’re very simple, encased in a matte black plastic shell with the Skullcandy logo laser etched onto the sides. The choice of plastic makes it very lightweight, and we barely felt them as we put them on .

The ergonomic design allows you to just put in the buds without any hitches, no need for adjustment at all. The only thing you’ll need to change are the ear tips, which come in three sizes to help you find the perfect fit for your ears. Once you’ve got that sorted out, you’ll find that there’s pretty good noise isolation for the Skullcandy Sesh. We didn’t have to worry too much about background noise when using these as long as the eartips fit the ear holes well enough.

The Skullcandy Sesh has a clear bias towards the low end, and they made it sound LOUD. Like, really loud. The Skullcandy Sesh goes up to 121db, which is something we expected – other earbuds in the Skullcandy lineup have been at least this loud. It’s just wireless this time.

Earbuds such as this, with a clear bias towards the low end of the sound spectrum, are best used when working out. While they’re not rated waterproof, the housing for the buds are watertight enough to withstand sweating and the occasional drizzle of rain.

If you’re in the market for true wireless Bluetooth earbuds but with extra bass, you can’t go wrong with the Skullcandy Sesh – especially if you want your bass drops loud.

ActionPie VJJB-V1S | Most Versatile Earbuds for Bass

Actionpie Vjjb V1s

  • Comfortable buds
  • Cool, steampunk design
  • Meh mic

The VJJB V1s from ActionPie are a pair of IEM (in ear monitors) designed for audio mixing, studio monitoring, and the like. This means that these buds are designed to isolate the highs, mids, and lows from one another, and giving a soundstage that isn’t quite as big as other music or gaming headphones, but allows for better distinction between frequencies.

You’d be forgiven to think that these earbuds don’t have the practical function mentioned above, because they’re a bit flashy when it comes to design. Encased in a tough, clear plastic shell exposing the gold-plated circuitry underneath, the VJJB V1s are one of the coolest-looking earbuds in this list. But it’s not all about looks – they perform pretty well too.

ActionPie definitely did not sacrifice function for form as the VJJB V1s are one of the best IEMs we’ve ever tested. There’s a decent mix of highs and mids here. Highs are clear and soaring, while the mids are prominent and defined. They did pretty well when listening to classical music, where every part of the orchestra was highlighted pretty well.

The lows are what truly make this pair of earbuds one of the best earbuds with bass focus in this list. The bass sounds punchy, with just the right amount of oomph as to not overwhelm the mids and highs. Tested on EDM and hip-hop, lyrics and synths weren’t overwhelmed by the bass, providing just the right amount of thump to groove to.

They’re pretty, they’re punchy, and they work with your budget. There’s a lot to love about the VJJB V1s, and the guys at ActionPie have done a great job engineering a product that close to no one will hate.

KZ ATE | Most Unexpected Hi-Fi Headphones with Bass

Kz Ate

  • Hi-Fi!
  • Decent build quality
  • Surprisingly thumpy bass
  • Suffers from low comfort

KZ ATE comes from a Chinese company that wowed critics with its supremely good earphones that didn’t break their wallets. It’s surprising how much good can come out of a pair of earphones that focused on its engineering rather than it’s marketing. The KZ ATE, despite coming from a relatively no-name audio company, is a breakout hit that even Wired couldn’t resist reviewing. And this is why.60

This is an overengineered pair from top to bottom. Let’s talk about the cord – the KZ ATE features a 32-strand LC-OFC cable, which helps deliver audio from the jack to the cans with lossless quality. The cables are also twisted in a way that reduces strain and stress exerted on the cable, making them great for on the go bass heads. The jack is also angled at 90 degrees, further reducing strain as you use them with the device in your pocket.

The drivers these guys use may be run of the mill neodymium but KZ’s engineering made the ATE’s sound feel so supreme. There’s a certain airyness to the ATE’s mids, while the highs are smooth like butter. Both the mids and the highs serve to highlight a thumpy, tight, clear bass, making these IEMs a joy to listen to.

The KZ ATE is a supremely good – nay, excellent – pair of earbuds from a no-name manufacturer from China, and we’re here for it. Despite all the flak China-made products get, there occasionally pops out a pair of well engineered and thought out buds that manage to blow its competition away in performance, affordability, and style.

If you’re in the market for really good headphones at a criminally low entry point, the KZ ATE calls to you.

Future Sonics G10 | Best Earbuds with Bass Overall

Future Sonics G10

  • Premium look and feel
  • Well-tuned bass
  • Balanced treble
  • Premium af

Future Sonics is a company well-regarded by hardcore audiophiles. They’re not one to skimp on engineering some of the best audio peripherals to ever hit the market. So, expect them to take you on a ride with the Future Sonics G10, part of its high-end Spectrum Series. The G10 is a universal fit stage monitor that’s fit for some of the hard core bass heads that wish to distance themselves from the usual headphones.

The design for the G10 is minimalist. The drivers are housed within a solid metallic housing, with double ear tips to provide deeper penetration into the ear hole, and to further seal in the sound for better noise isolation. Inside is a 10mm dynamic neodymium driver that blew us away with some of the best sound money can buy – but more on that in a bit.

The cables are braided as to relieve strain especially during active use and storage. The jack is pretty simple. Not plated by anything, it’s angled to 90 degrees to further preserve the lifespan of these earbuds. You even have the option to get custom made silicon ear sleeves, for those who really want to call their G10 theirs. They also help with noise isolation as these earbuds were made to block out a lot of background noise during live events.

The G10 is a great piece of equipment that does so much better the longer you use it. As a stage monitor, it is well equipped to work great with a wide variety of music genres. It shines particularly well with live music, because the G10 was designed to be used by audio engineers monitoring live performances. But that doesn’t mean it won’t hold its own against some of the best gaming earbuds, if you’re into that.

It’s got a pretty good and expansive soundstage, which makes sense as these are monitors. The mids and highs are tuned to be clear and responsive; they have to be as stage monitors. What it really excels in is how it uses bass: it’s amazing. Each thump sounds like it is filling a music festival’s venue, which is great for people who listen to a lot of live recordings. And even if you’re not doing live recordings, the G10 still manages to wow with its tuning.

Whether you want to use this for its intended purpose (stage monitors), casual listening, or gaming, the G10 is a versatile piece of equipment that works well with whatever you throw at it. If you are looking for a flexible, high build quality, and great sound design pair of earbuds for bass, you’re in for a treat with the Future Sonics G10.

How do I make my bass earbuds sound better?

Earbuds are great for people who don’t like how uncomfortable headphones are. However, out of the box, they might sound a bit hollow for discerning ears. Thankfully, there are ways to make your earbuds sound so much better, and you don’t even have to do much to achieve it.

Put them in your ears the right way. Sure, makes sense, but a lot of people manage to not put on their earbuds correctly. You have to make sure that your earbuds create a perfect seal into your ear canal. Make sure they’re fitted tight by tugging your earlobe before inserting your earbud, then releasing the earlobe once they’re in. They should work better than just jamming your earbuds in there.

Clean them regularly. A lot of people neglect to clean their earbuds after a while, but they totally should! Earwax and the ear’s natural oils constantly accumulate over hours of use. While that’s disgusting in its own right and warrants a cleaning by that virtue alone, it also hampers the performance of your earbuds as earwax blocks sound from completely coming through from the drivers. Clean them with a toothbrush, some cotton buds, or a microfibre cloth.

Burn them in. Drivers take a while to really shine as out of the factory, they’re still pretty stiff. Loosen up its wires by using the earbuds. After playing music over them for at least 100 hours, the drivers should have relaxed and opened up from the vibrations, allowing them to truly pump out the sound they’re capable of. You’ll notice the change after the first few days of using your earbuds.

Play with the equalizer. If you’re a true audiophile nerd who knows how to work their audio mixers and such, the equalizer is your best friend when it comes to making your earbuds sound better. It helps you adjust the frequencies to your liking, highlighting certain parts of music (such as the lows, which is what you’re here for) that helps you find your Goldilocks spot for audio. If your earbuds start sounding better for you, then you’ll know you’ve done it well.

Wrap Up

We hope you found something to your liking with our list of the best earbuds with bass available in the market today! A clear favorite for us is, of course, the Beats PowerBeats Pro. We’re big into the future of true wireless earbuds. While there’s definitely no beating the crystal-clear quality of wired earbuds, the Beats PowerBeats get as close to wired quality as possible while maintaining its wirelessness. And with so many mobile devices choosing to let go of the 3.5mm jack (like the iPhone 11), it’s clear that the future is wireless.

Let us know what you think of this list! Did you find your favorites here? If not, what are some of the bass earbuds that captured your heart? Put your thoughts down in the comments section.

Recap: The Best Bass Earbuds 2020

  1. Beats PowerBeats Pro
  2. Sony MDRXB5OAP Extra Bass
  3. RHA T10i with bass and treble tuning filters 
  4. Moxil Original 3.5mm In-Ear
  5. Sony WF-1000XM3
  6. JVC HA-FX1X Extreme Deep Bass Ports
  7. Westone W60
  8. Aurisonics Rockets
  9. Audiophile Elite Earbuds with Powerful Massive Bass Driver
  10. Betron YSM1000 Strong Bass
  11. Yamaha EPH-M200
  12. Skullcandy Sesh
  13. ActionPie VJJB-V1S
  14. KZ ATE
  15. Future Sonics G10
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