Eve Flare Review: The Only Portable Smart Lamp iOS Users Need

Eve Flare
Eve Flare

  • Portable
  • Bright (if you want it)
  • Wireless
  • Syncs with Apple HomeKit
  • Can set specific moods for specific times
  • IP6 water-resistant
  • Up to 6 hours of battery life
  • Can be bulky to take camping
  • Won’t survive a swim in the pool
  • Doesn’t support Android


The Eve Flare is a spherical smart lamp that hooks up to your Apple HomeKit. It’s got unlimited color combinations, is IP6 water-resistant, and wireless, with up to 6 hours of battery life at full brightness. It’s one of the coolest and most uniquely-designed smart lamps available today.

Lighting is one of the most important things in a workstation that people tend to forget about. It’s important to have ample lighting in your workstation so your eyes don’t hate you. Another thing people tend to forget about is mood lighting. Personally, that’s important to me. I like setting the mood in my rooms – I have specific lights for my workstation, my gaming battlestation, my bed, etc.

So imagine my happiness when the Eve Flare got dropped onto my home desk. It’s a portable smart lamp that hooks up to your Apple HomeKit app, charges wirelessly or through USB, and has every color combination in the known color wheel. It’s IP6 water-resistant, easy to carry around, and looks fly as all heck.

The Eve Flare | A Smart, Spherical Delight



Off the bat, the Eve Flare is a uniquely designed smart light. It comes from the same company that gave us Eve Aqua, Eve Light Strips (which I proudly use for my PC battlestation), the Eve Energy line of smart plugs, and the Eve Switch. Given that, the Eve Flare is wonderfully designed with the same modern minimalist look as its siblings. If you want a light that looks like it came straight out of a utopian sci-fi movie, Eve Flare is the lamp for you.

Peculiar its shape may be, I still found the Eve Flare one of the most versatile lighting devices on the market today. This little round (let’s just call it a “lamp” at this point) lamp comes with bunches of features that rival even the ubiquitous Philips HUE bulb, and it’s been a great addition to my home office. It’s an amazing little device that’s sure to be a conversation piece.

Its matted exterior allows the light to be diffused as it comes out. This makes it so the light comes out diffused, making it shine yet not enough to burn my corneas out. It’s a cool design that really sets it apart from other lighting fixtures. I’ve gotten quite a few comments on it, and they’ve all been pretty positive so far. I mean, come on, how often do you see a spherical lamp looking so fly?

The bottom of the lamp is home to a charging port and just two buttons: a power button (duh) and a mode button to set the lights according to how you set them up on the app. It’s great to use when you’re too lazy to use your app, or if you’re in the shower and your hands are too wet to use your phone. It also features a wire handle that you can use to bring the Eve Flare everywhere, or just hang it up on a hook for great patio lighting. The lamp goes for at least 6 hours on full brightness, thanks to its plentiful battery life.

Two buttons, one hook. Neat!

And speaking of wet, the Eve Flare is IP6 water-resistant. It can withstand splashes, the rain, and even a bucket of water poured onto it. But it’s definitely no underwater light, so try not to submerge it. I tried hanging it below the shower head’s nozzle, just for funsies. Happy to report that yes, it still worked perfectly.

The Eve Flare also comes with its own docking station, a round thing in the same matte white color of the smart lamp. This makes it easy to charge the smart lamp, or just keep it in place as a permanent lighting fixture on your bedside table. It’s a great design choice to keep the Eve Flare as wireless as possible, and still able to work even while it’s plugged in.

All in all, the unique design of the Eve Flare makes it a great portable light that you can bring practically anywhere to set the mood. Personally, I like taking it inside the bathroom so I can relax in my bathtub, in my bedroom as a bedside lamp, and in my home office to – you guessed it – set the mood from work mode to game mode. Beats any ol’ RGB setup any day.


Setting up was a breeze. Right off the box, I just switched it on and cycled through its default modes, which gave me the full range of the rainbow. Of course, I still had to hook up the Eve Flare to my Apple HomeKit, which was great. As much as I can, I hook everything up to my Apple HomeKit to make everything seamless and controllable through my iPhone 11, which made Eve Flare a joy to use. I programmed it to light up the moment I enter the house, so when I walk into my office, it’s there, setting the mood for me. Kind of fun, to be honest.


It’s different from the Eve Light Strips in the way that those use WiFi to connect to your HomeKit, while the Eve Flare uses Bluetooth. I imagine they did this to keep power usage at a minimum, which we’ll get into why later. However, while it’s connected by just Bluetooth, you can still control your smart lamp with Siri. Being the lazy gamer that I am, I usually just call out – “Hey Siri, turn on the light” and poof, suddenly my room is illuminated in a warm glow.

It takes a literal minute to set up with the HomeKit and soon enough, I was playing around with the color combinations, brightness adjustment, and setting specific lighting modes, which you can set directly from the HomeKit. I made modes for reading, gaming, working, and something I like to call “woohoo.” You can easily call out these modes to Siri as well, which I’m sure lazy people like me will appreciate. All in all, I’m very pleased with how easy it is to use.

This is the “woohoo” mode.

If you don’t want to use the HomeKit, you can also download the Eve App from the App Store. It does pretty much everything the HomeKit does, but only a bit better. It’s got a really clean, intuitive UI that makes it easy to control any Eve products that you have hooked up to it. It’s got an “At a Glance” feature that shows you everything connected to it, so you can easily turn them off and on.

The Eve App allows for plenty of customization for the Eve Flare, such as brightness, color, setting pre-sets and favorites, and fine-tuning the color wheel. You can even use the app to create automation such as setting it to turn on at a certain time, or swapping to certain colors at a predetermined time. For example, I have it set to work mode from 8am to 5pm, game mode by 5pm to 9pm, and bedtime from 10pm onwards until it turns off by itself by midnight. Nifty!


As I’ve said, the Eve Flare is wonderfully compatible with the HomeKit. This allows me to set scenes, automation, and moods depending on my… well, mood. I have the Eve Flare set to turn on when I enter the home, off when I’m 100 meters away from it. I’ve also set a few things to go with it, such as turning on my Mac (through the Eve Energy smart plug) that’s connected to my TENKER soundbar, and my AC (also through Eve’s smart plugs.)

That’s a smart (heh) move from Eve, as it lets people have almost unlimited ways to customize their Eve Flare to work with whatever they have on their HomeKit. It’s a feature no one really asked for, but which I truly appreciate. I do love automation.

However, Android users are noticeably excluded from experiencing the wonders of Eve. They’ve exclusively designed their products to work only with Apple devices, which I suspect is a move made to give their products a more “premium” feel – which is understandable, given how well-thought-out their design ethos is. It might as well be a true Apple product as the design aesthetic falls in nicely with Apples, what with their sleekness and minimalism.

That said, as of the time of writing there is no way to control the Eve Flare (or any Eve products) through your Android. Fingers crossed this changes over time, but not likely. I’ll just thank my lucky stars that I have an iPhone, otherwise, I wouldn’t experience the simple yet evocative beauty of this smart lamp. You might find it funny that I’m getting emotional over a stupid lamp, but trust me: you’ll feel it when you try it.


You might be asking yourself – do I really need this smart lamp? I’d answer with “probably not” — if I didn’t try this first myself. First off, the Eve Flare is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made, for the sole reason that it’s a portable smart lamp. I love the idea of being able to take it anywhere with me, as it saves me a lot more money compared to buying several sets of smart bulbs.

The fact that it’s portable also lets me bring it to outdoor activities, such as camping, the beach, or just chilling by the pool. You might even want to bring it to house parties, so you can play with the mood lighting a little bit. Use it to liven up the party, or take things down a notch for a more relaxing feel. It’s a versatile lighting appliance that’s got tons of customizability, very portable, and wireless.

Here are just some ideas that you might want to check out for when you get your own Eve Flare:
  • Use it for mood lighting in any room
  • Portable patio lighting
  • Lighting for moonlit pool dives
  • Outdoor lighting for camping
  • Bedside lamp
  • Reading lamp
  • Backlighting for your stream
  • Shower lighting
  • Romance (wink wink)
  • A gift for your mom

Wrap Up

TL;DR: Buy this lamp because it’s really, really cool.

Honestly, I can’t recommend the Eve Flare enough. How often do you find a portable smart lamp that’s so well-designed, Bluetooth enabled, syncs seamlessly with your HomeKit, carry-able anywhere, looks great in any room, has almost unlimited customization, and works with devices to set up any mood you want? Probably not often. This is a great addition to any workstation, room, patio, shower, anything. If you have never tried a smart lamp before, the Eve Flare is a great first choice – but only if you own an iPhone.



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