Oneodio Fusion A71D Headphones Review

oneodio fusion a71d headphones review
oneodio fusion a71d headphones review

There are a handful of things today that matter when playing games, and having a solid pair of headphones is a key factor to winning or losing a competitive match. Due to the amount of information you can get just by hearing the right audio queues, getting a good pair of headphones can be a challenge.

In this review, we are going to take a look at OneOdio’s Fusion Headphones so you can evaluate and tell whether or not the headphones are worth considering.

What’s in the Box?

OneOdio Fusion Headphones Review

The box doesn’t look anything special at all but it does have the Specifications indicated on one side of the box along with the package contents.

Package Contents:
1x Oneodio Fusion A71D Headphones
1x Dual 3.5mm Y Extension Cable
1x 3.5mm Audio Cable With Volume Control
1x Detachable Boom Mic
1x User Guide

Opening the box reveals all the abovementioned items. Note that the box inside lacks any type of bubble wrap to keep the device protected, which explains why the wrapper has some damages as seen in the picture although no harm is ever done on the device.


Looking at the design of the Fusion Headphones, you can tell that the ear pads are large enough to actually fit on top of your ears.

Each ear pad is equipped with 40 mm neodymium drivers, aiming to output high-resolution sound quality with decent bass feedback.

Apart from the drivers, you will also find a remote along the cable that doesn’t just control the playback and volume level but can also be used to answer phone calls. In terms of responsiveness, the controls respond almost instantaneously and don’t show any delay at all.

The overall design of the Fusion Headphones is fairly simple and works great as an on-ear headphone, great at blocking a handful of ambient noise and keeping your music to yourself.


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The Fusion is designed and featured as a gaming headphone but the looks tell us otherwise. You see, the design of the headphone is very similar to that of Strauss and Wagner BT501, active noise-canceling headphones.

The faceplates on the ear cups are a nice touch and give off a nice shine like other high-end audiophile headphones than a gaming headphone.

It has to be noted as well that the ear cups or the headband isn’t something special at all, but it does a great job at keeping the wearer comfortable for hours. Moreover, the large ear pads don’t really offer a lot of noise isolation as you’d expect it to, but it does offer a decent amount of comfort when worn.


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The Fusion Headphone has a 3.5 mm jack, which should connect easily to your PC, laptop, or even your console controller.

If you are thinking about using these headphones to play on a console controller, you should have a decent amount of headroom to adjust the level and the gain to appropriate levels.


Microphones are essential hardware components nowadays when playing online. But they aren’t always needed in all scenarios, especially if you just want to sit back and play a single-player game.

OneOdio’s Fusion Headphones is packed with a detachable boom mic that connects to the right earcup. Apart from using the microphone to communicate in a video game, they can also be used as a means to communicate during calls or conferences at work.

They may not pick up the best sound quality but at least the voices sound clear and well-articulated. Note that there might be some buzzing sounds when you record using the microphone but it isn’t something that could irritate you or the listener.

Sound Quality

Now let’s talk about the most important thing about gaming headphones– the soundstage.

All of the music and effects through the headphones sound clear for the most part. Because games can have so many sound assets, you can’t expect the Fusion headphones to give you a great amount of width and audio separation.

However, the Fusion headphone is still decent enough to give you the general information you need to at least identify the source of the audio, specifically, gunshots and footsteps. Overall, the soundstage is great and is suitable for casual gaming.

On the other hand, you might want to consider looking at high-end gaming headphones if you are looking for a pair that will give you hardpoint audio position and accuracy because the Fusion headphones aren’t known to layer sounds as accurately.


The lows of a gaming headphone help add weight to certain game effects like explosions and gunshots. In the case of the Fusion headphone, it does give off a deep rumble enough to give an immersive experience.

However, the quality and rumble are still noticeably lesser when compared to high-end gaming headphones in this category.


The low-mids of the Fusion headphones are decent enough when looking at the spectrum. However, the upper-mids is where we think needs some improvement, especially in terms of resonance. But for casual users, the difference is barely noticeable at all and should still sound great.


The highs of the Fusion headphones are surprisingly accurate and it does have spacious feedback in the highs and adds a considerable amount of height.


Overall, the OneOdio Fusion Headphones are decent headphones aimed towards entry- and mid-level gamers who are looking for an affordable option in the market.

Because the sound quality offers an ample amount of bass and a high-accuracy treble, the soundstage should feel great and immersive. Even so, the overall sound quality still is not high enough to give you the highest advantage when playing competitive games as it doesn’t give you hardpoint accuracy when it comes to layering the origin of gunshots and footsteps.


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