Ergodriven The Standing Desk Mat Review

Ergodriven The Standing Desk Mat
Ergodriven The Standing Desk Mat

Standing up when doing work is gradually growing more popular as ergonomics continue to evolve within the office and home spaces. ErgoDriven released the Topo standing desk mat to accompany its standing desk that came around in mid-2016.

The mat is the first of its kind, sporting a unique shape that proves to be beneficial for gamers tired of sitting on chairs all day. I wanted to test it out if it stood to its promises.


Ergodriven The Standing Desk Mat

  • Comes in different sizes
  • Not too hard on the balls of the feet
  • Improves and maintains movement efficiency

  • May not be wide enough for some who want a larger pad size
  • Can potentially pose as a trip hazard


The Topo mat is measured 29 inches long, 26.25 inches wide, and a 2.7 in depth. This one size makes it easy to accommodate individuals regardless of how tall they are. It weighs eight pounds, making it a fairly heavy platform to stand on while behind a standing desk.

It’s made to force people or at least gradually break away from the habit of sitting down for prolonged periods of time. Essentially this pad can be treated as a casual exercise station that helps keep you productive during long work hours. Overall, it will make you feel better and make you healthier.

The unique design of the pad allows it to blend seamlessly in a corporate office environment, no matter what color you choose. I did not know until looking farther into the product details that the topography of the mat is based on jungle terrain, which is why the Topo mat is also referred to as a topographical mat. ErgoDriven conducted research comparing differences between the Topo mat and a standard flat anti-fatigue mat. After sixteen hours of compiling data, researchers concluded based on the tests involving different participants that there is a greater range of motion for those that used the Topo mat.

By keeping your muscles active, you can fidget at your desk freely and minimize the strain placed on your lower back, your legs and your feet. It’s durable, but not meant to take a lot of punishment if you’re overexerting on certain parts of the pad. The Topo mat improves your balance in a more natural way vice flat surfaces or décor like a carpet.


The features of the Topo standing desk mat is simple and comes in four different colors: denim blue, altostratus gray, obsidian black, and mulberry purple. The idea behind the standing desk mat is to be able to shift around on the surface of the mat comfortably without tiring yourself. The rails lining the surface is shaped in a rhombus configuration with rounded edges, along with a hook at the top rear portion of the pad and a teardrop that protrudes on the center of the pad. This design gives dynamism and freedom in how you can adjust your posture when you’re standing.

There is no state-of-the-art electronic component tied to this pad. It consists of a solid polyurethane construction that keeps it grounded and provides stability. The weight of the mat prevents it from shifting around regardless of how you move. At its core, it is meant to be ergonomically efficient. You can adjust your feet posture to be parallel, front-to-band, or heels-raised.


Topo Mat

I’ve had very little problems using this mat. It’s comfortable and not too stiff-feeling at all. I have a standing desk that I use with this mat to help keep me up and productive whenever I work. In all honesty, I’m not a big fan of desks at the office in general, simply because a lot of corporate offices tend to be dull-looking and have people sit in chairs for too long instead of encouraging them to stretch out their muscles.

The mat is packed in a simple package and can be easily taken out of the box. My biggest gripe with the pad is that it is limited to its baseline size, which means that although you can move freely, it is within the confines of the rails on the surface. If I wanted to use other movements, I would need a slightly bigger pad. I was also unsure about the thinner portions of the pad, as I was concerned that putting too much weight on it for too long would make the mat collapse inwardly. Ergodriven would need to improve those portions to be a little thicker so that the support for the person’s weight is more reliable.

I found it pleasing to be able to stand out of the chair since the Topo mat supports my movement based on the topography of its surface is laid out.

A word of caution: if you’re not paying attention to your surroundings, these mats can pose as trip hazards within the workplace, so be mindful of where you place them when you’re near your desk.

The Bottom Line

ErgoDriven’s standing desk mat helps to eliminate fatigue from sitting or standing around all day. Gamers stand to benefit from the mat on the basis that it prolongs their health, which in turn improves their performance. I can attest based on how long I had the pad that it made me a little more nimble during my workdays and whenever I’m off.


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