Onforu 20M RGB LED Light Strip Kit Review

Onforu 20m Rgb Light Strip Kit
Onforu 20m Rgb Light Strip Kit
  • User-friendly
  • Portable and ergonomic design
  • Features bright SMD 2835 LED chips
  • Energy efficient
  • Non-waterproof
  • Weak adhesive


Onforu is a brand you’ve probably never heard of before, but it produces some of the best-selling light strips online. The company recently sent over a sample of one of their latest light strip kits, which is the subject of this comprehensive review.  

Package Contents

Package Contents

  • RGB LED Light Strip
  • 24V Power Supply
  • Remote Control
  • Cable Screw Clips
  • Adhesive Tape

The overall packaging is decent, but the small pieces like the remote control and cable screw clips weren’t secured and moved freely around the box. Nevertheless, the light strip itself was firmly rolled in wheel racks and placed in a separate section to prevent scratches and scrapes during shipping.  

Design and Features


Generally, light strips can be operated in one of two ways: through a remote control or via a mobile software application. Onforu took the traditional route with this product and paired it with a convenient remote control.

Although software-operated light strips have their fair share of benefits, they are undeniably complicated, especially for households that aren’t particularly familiar with the latest technologies. A remote control-operated light strip eliminates this learning curve by being as easy to handle as an old-school television.

Taking a closer look at the specifications of the Onforu RGB LED Light Strip, it features a total of 600 SMD 2835 LED chips. These chips are known to be significantly brighter and more efficient than the older SMD 3528 modules. It is capable of getting bright enough for outdoor use, but I would recommend against it since the strip isn’t water-resistant. Instead, it is best suited as accent lighting in various locations indoors (i.e., behind headboards, underneath cupboards, beside staircases, etc.). 

If you’re keen on using it outdoors, make sure to place it under a roof or canopy to prevent damaging the strip. The portable and ergonomic wheel rack design also makes it easy to set up outdoors. 

For instance, if you coordinate parties, you can bring the strip with you as decoration, set it up in an appropriate area, and conveniently roll it up after the party. However, you must keep in mind that using it in this manner will wear out the adhesive rather quickly, so it is best to get an extra roll of double-sided or mounting tape. 

On the other hand, if you want to place it in a permanent location within your home, you can cut the strip to the length along the scissor marks to avoid damaging the circuitry. Accent background RGB lighting is becoming a popular trend among streamers and video content creators on Twitch and YouTube, and this light strip would fit right into their setup. 

Remote Control

Remote Control

The included remote for the Onforu RGB LED Light Strip has a simple layout that is easy to learn. Aside from the on and off buttons, it gives you the option to increase and decrease brightness, change colors, and enable effects. Moreover, the buttons are colored accordingly to correspond to what color they activate. Enabling the various effects like flash, strobe, fade, and smooth can also be done with a press of a button.

User Experience

I liked how Onforu went with a remote control design since it greatly simplified the setup process. I didn’t have to download an application on my smartphone to get the light strip up and running. It is also especially beneficial for people who live with elderly parents or grandparents who have a minimal grasp of smartphone technology. 

On the flip side, if you’re someone who understands smart home devices and want full integration and complete control of your gadgets, it might be best to go with other alternatives on the market. The Onforu RGB LED Light Strip won’t give you advanced features like voice command or automation since it doesn’t have the connectivity options that other options have. You might want to check out our review of the Top 10 Best LED Light Strips if you’re interested in the features mentioned.

Setup Process

The Onforu RGB LED Light Strip has a straightforward setup as all I had to do was replace the batteries on the remote, remove the adhesive film, position the strip to my desired location, and plug in the power adapter. In a matter of minutes, everything was ready, and I was able to test out the different colors and modes available via the remote control. The included wheel racks also add to the portability of the light strip. It securely holds the light strip to prevent a mess when you bring it along for parties and events. 

Final Words

Overall, the Onforu RGB LED Light Strip is one of the most user-friendly and color-accurate lighting devices out there. It is bright, versatile, and portable enough to use in outdoor settings, albeit without water-proofing. The only other downside to this light strip is the weak adhesive, but this issue can quickly be resolved with an extra double-sided or mounting tape.


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