Microsoft Surface Laptop 3: Rumors and What to Expect

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3
Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Specs and Possible Debut

The original Surface Laptop took the tech world by storm when it first hit the shelves two years ago. Since then it was stuck with Windows 10 S Mode. It did not stand out that much when compared to the rest of the Surface lineup. However, everything changed when Surface Laptop 2 arrived last year. It is evident that Microsoft polished this series and successfully redefined the Surface Laptop brand. It will then later become one of the most solid laptops on the market.

Rumored Launch

surface laptop 3 announcementNow it seems that Microsoft still has something in store for the Surface product line. There was a rumor that they are geared to launch new versions of the lineup later this year. This only means that we are months away from catching a glimpse of the third-generation Surface Laptop. With rumors of the Surface Laptop 3, we already have an inkling of its launch date and what sort of processing power it will have. 

Sadly, we don’t really have any official information about the Surface Laptop 3. However, speculations and predictions point to its debut at Microsoft’s October 2 event. But nothing is confirmed yet. Nevertheless, rumors are getting more and more fueled by a recently spotted benchmark that appears to show a Surface Pro or Surface Laptop operating on a 10th generation Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor.

Specifications Speculations

Microsoft’s event on October 2 is highly anticipated as it could be the official launch of the Surface Laptop 3. Well, this will likely be the case, so keep your fingers crossed. But then again, until Microsoft rolled out its official release about the next-generation Surface Laptop, all we can do is make a wish list of what we want to have in it.

Now based on earlier releases, here are our Surface Laptop 3 speculations, predictions, and rumors that are circulating on the web right now.

Launch Date

Unlike the popular Surface Pro 7, there have only been two Surface Laptop releases so far. Also, we must remember that this product line is still young and has only been around for about two years. So, we have limited information to work with for our guessing game.

As we all know the Surface Laptop got released in June 2017, along with the Surface Pro. However, the Surface Laptop 2 would not be released until later, October 2018. Using this data, it will be harder to predict the exact month of its release.

It is not surprising that the rumor of an October 2019 release is getting stronger, considering that Intel has now started shipping out the Ice Lake chips last August 1. So now with Microsoft prepping for its October 2 event, we could predict that the company might really announce the Surface Laptop 3 there. Though the actual product will probably be released at a later time.

Then again this is all speculation, so you should take it with a grain of salt. That is why keep a close ear to further updates so you will be the first to know!

Price Point

The original Surface Laptop’s price tag was $799 for an Intel Core m3 processor and Windows 10 S. On the other hand, the Surface Laptop 2, costs $200 more at $999 during that time. Though, to be fair, this higher price tag did come with better processors and a full Windows 10 Home OS. Using this trend, it’s highly likely that Microsoft will charge around the same price of $999 for the Surface Book 3. To keep things competitive from direct competitors, like the Dell XPS 13.

Faster Processing Speed

The Surface Laptop 2 has improved so much from the original Surface Laptop that it’s difficult to guess what else Microsoft could add to make it even better. The Surface Laptop 2 had tremendously improved from the first Surface Laptop. It has moved from dual-core Kaby Lake chips to quad-core 8th-generation Kaby Lake Refresh processors. Nevertheless, higher speed is never a bad idea, and we’d fancy seeing extra power at play behind the Surface Laptop 3. 

Technically some faster Ultrabook-class processors are available in the market. Especially those who have Intel’s Whiskey Lake chips. But those Laptop’s only offer a small upgrade in performance, so basically, it really isn’t worth upgrading. 

During the CES 2019, Intel has announced its 10nm Ice Lake processors. They promised to increase its performance output twofold in specific workloads. While Intel’s performance claims are yet to be thoroughly tested, the increase in battery life and performance are still exciting. And, we’d be thrilled to see that in the next Surface Laptop.

Thunderbolt 3

Considering that Thunderbolt 3 is becoming the new standard, it is a wise move for Microsoft to include this technology for the Surface Laptop 3. With loads of monitors, external hard drives, and other peripherals who have adapted the Thunderbolt 3, Microsoft really needs to bring its port selection to the current trend.

Fortunately, Microsoft has recently patented a new magnetic USB-C charger. We just wish that this technology is ready to go and in time for the Surface Laptop 3 launch.

Better Style and Design

The Surface Laptop 2 didn’t exactly improve the look and feel of its predecessor. Though they included a new black color option, it wasn’t that much. This is not really a grievance, more like a nudge to the team to adopt a more stylish approach.

Microsoft is indeed thinking about aesthetics and looking at thinner, designed laptops. In fact, the company has already patented a thinner Type Cover, with a touchpad that is integrated into the circuit board. 

Which means that this could lead to the Surface Pro 7 sporting a smaller footprint overall, but we’d also be eager to see if this design shift would be applied to other Surface devices as well. Thinner laptops are always in fashion, so a thinner and lighter Surface Laptop 3 is not so farfetched.

Waiting Game

With no official news on the arrival of the Surface Laptop 3, we could only speculate on what it has to offer. Luckily with how fast information travels, new bits of news will be relayed to eager fans without delay.

But as of now, what we can do is to wait for further announcements patiently. After all, good things come to those who wait, am I right?

And for those who wants to know more juicy details about the 2019 Microsoft Surface Device, watch this video:



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