Eve Smart LED Light Strip Review

Eve Smart Led Light Strip Review
Eve Smart Led Light Strip Review
  • Full-spectrum white and color arsenal
  • Reliable connectivity
  • 1800 lumens bright
  • Strong adhesive
  • Works with Siri voice command
  • Extendable by up to 32.8 ft

  • No third-party software support
  • Can produce only one color at a time


The Eve Smart LED Light Strip was first introduced back in CES 2019, and it has since garnered tremendous praise for its unique and innovative features. Eve was kind enough to send over a product sample for me to review, and I gladly took the opportunity. 

Design and Features

The Eve Light Strip may look typical, but it offers features that you won’t find with other alternatives on the market. Unlike most of its contemporaries, this light strip connects via Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth to eliminate problems with responsiveness and limited range.


In terms of build quality, the Eve Light Strip is made of the standard transparent flexible plastic that can be bent and twisted without affecting the circuitry. It is 6.6 ft long and can be cut at one-foot intervals. On one end of the device, there is a connector where extension strips can be attached.

Extension Port

A strong adhesive tape can be found on the backside of the strip to carry its weight when attached in and around corners. The controller box module has no physical buttons since its whole premise is to be controlled remotely via an iPhone or iPad that is compatible with HomeKit. The only downside to this is that it doesn’t support third-party software.

Controller Box And Power Adapter

Installation Process 

Scissior Marking

Before installing the Eve Light Strip, I made sure to carefully plan out where I wanted to place it, considering that the adhesive is really strong. Once I had everything figured out, I cut the strip to length using a pair of scissors, removed the adhesive film, and carefully fixed it in position. This part of the process wasn’t too difficult since there are markings on the strip where it should be cut and the flexible material allowed me to apply the strip gradually. I then used the included double-sided tape to attach the controller box to the wall and plugged in the power adapter to the nearest socket. 


Since the adhesive tape is quite strong, the strip can be placed virtually anywhere you can imagine, be it under a cabinet or a desk, behind a television, or even beside pathways. You just have to remember to position the strip in a way that the LED modules aren’t exposed to create light diffusion. I’ve had it set up for a few days already, and I haven’t had issues with it falling off, which is a common problem with similar products.


Brightness is one aspect where the Eve Light Strip takes a slight advantage over its closest competition. You can turn it up at the maximum if you want a whole-room ambiance or dim it to a dreamy glow for an understated elegance.


According to the specifications sheet, the Eve Light Strip is 1800 lumens bright, slightly higher than the 1600 lumens of the Philips Hue Plus. Light strips are primarily designed to be used as accent lighting, so you can’t expect it to replace your traditional lamp, but it’s a great option to have when needed.

I like to set up the strip in a way that isn’t too close nor too far from the wall to allow the spread of light. If you want less diffused accent lighting, placing them close to a wall is fine as well.

Color Accuracy

The Eve Light Strip shines when it comes to color accuracy. It uses a premium triple-diode architecture to have a full-spectrum white and color arsenal and allow you to produce every hue you can imagine on command. However, it can’t compete with options like the LIFX Light Strip in terms of versatility. LIFX allows you to use multiple colors on the same strip and even activate transitions for the movement of colors. On the other hand, the Eve light strip only lets you choose one color at a time.

User Experience

Throughout the time I spent testing the Eve Light Strip, I didn’t run into any significant issues. Setting it up was a breeze, and it allowed me to create an atmosphere precisely as I envisioned it. The Eve smartphone application was highly intuitive, and I was able to integrate voice commands seamlessly. I also found the preset colors to be convenient for beginners who want to get it set up without much customization.

One of my favorite features on the Eve Light Strip is the ability to make “scenes.” It allows multiple compatible accessories to work together on a single command to set a specific ambiance. For instance, you can create a “movie night” scene that activates predetermined color and simultaneously turn on other devices like your television and soundbar. It even allows you to set scenes to work automatically based on the time or location through your home hub.

Software Support

The Eve Light Strip is easy to pair with the Apple HomeKit software. All I did was open the Eve application on my iPhone and added the accessory. From there, I scanned the HomeKit code using my phone’s camera and configured the Wi-Fi connection. According to the instruction manual, the light strip must be connected to a 2.4 GHz network since it doesn’t work over 5.0 GHz. That means you must make sure that your iPhone or iPad is connected to the same 2.4 GHz network during the setup process.

Eve Smartphone Application

Despite the limited number of presets available in the Eve smartphone application, it works exceptionally well and allows you to choose additional colors and save your favorites. The software also facilitates firmware updates and other general functions like adding accessories to rooms, categorizing items based on type, modifying guest access, and many more. That means users can control other HomeKit accessories through the application. However, it doesn’t have advanced features syncing the lights with movies, music, and games.

Siri Voice Command

I also tested how well the Eve Light Strip works with Siri, and I was delighted with the results. It performed various functions through voice commands such as turning on and off, changing colors, dimming, and activating scenes with hardly any delay.


Overall, the Eve Light Strip is a highly responsive device that is incredibly easy to set up. While it doesn’t have the versatility that some of its competitors offer, it is much more reliable in terms of connectivity. It is an excellent buy for beginners, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re already invested in other ecosystems like the Philips Hue Plus.


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