Are ? or ? more loyal?

Are Or More Loyal
Are Or More Loyal

Many people say Dogs are man’s best friend but are they really more loyal?

Is your ? loyal?

Cat lovers will argue that their cats are very loyal. However, are they really loyal or just using their owners for their own selfish needs?  Cats commonly carry the virus that causes Toxoplasmosis in humans. Wikipedia explains:

…correlation between cat ownership in childhood and later development of schizophrenia suggest that further studies are needed to determine a risk factor for children


Maybe your cat isn’t so loyal after all.

Is your ? loyal?

Dogs are traditionally considered loyal companions to humans. Historically humans domesticated dogs many years ago. Through selective breeding most living dogs are generally less wild than their ancestors or even compared to today’s wolves and hyenas.

In fact a recent article in Science magazine explains how eastern and western cultures independently domesticated canines.

Comparing ancient dogs to a modern worldwide panel of dogs shows an old, deep split between East Asian and Western Eurasian dogs. Thus, dogs were domesticated from two separate wolf populations on either side of the Old World.

via Science Magazine

Which one is more loyal, ? or ??

? are more loyal due to a long history of domestication and selfless loyalty.

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