What is the Cheapest TLD you can buy? It’s not as simple as you would think

Cheapest Tld You Can Buy
Cheapest Tld You Can Buy

There are many new TOP level domain names being released to the public every month.

I have compiled a spreadsheet of TLD prices on google docs.

Cheapest Prices on November 28 2018

I sampled the most inexpensive domain extensions available on 11/28/18 and organized them into a table below:

TLD Price Yearly Renewal Rate
.icu $0.98 $7.88
.us $1.88 $8.48
.name $8.88 $8.88


4/4/2020 Update: NameSilo is another registrar that offers cheap domains. Currently an .XYZ domain goes for $0.99. See detailed pricing here: https://www.namesilo.com/pricing


Lowest cost registrars to buy from:

  1. NameCheap.com
  2. PorkBun.com
  3. RegTons.com
  4. Alldomains.hosting
  5. crazydomains.com
Table of Contents for TLD information
  1. Tips for Picking a Cheaper TLD
  2. 2005 Domain Prices vs Cheaper 2015 TLD Prices
  3. Cheapest Deals on TLDs

Why should you care about the new TLDs?
For example, let’s say you have a new business idea and you want to buy the domain name for your company. Instead of using reallyverboseandlongname.com you might use a clearer, and shorter shorter.website or shorter.club among hundreds of generic top level domains.

How do you pick the Best TLD for you?

Conveniently, enom.com has categorized the new names based on your company’s industry.

Imagine you’re a limousine company, among thousands in a given city. What domain name would you choose for you website?

Many limo companies use something like CITY_NAME + “towncarservice.com” because when they registered their website in the mid 2000s that’s all that was left of the most obvious dot com names.

In 2015, you might still find the lucky CITY_NAME.limo or AIRPORT_NAME.limo as available options on namecheap.com or various other registrars.

Compared to 2005, you have many more options in 2015.

ICAAN is the organization responsible for permitting new .names — technically known as generic top level domains. In the past few years they have released an increasing number of new names like .limo, .club, and .website among others.

There are so many new names, that if you try and search for a new TLD domain name on namecheap.com your browser window will slow down after loading all of them. If you just want a cheap tld, then sorting through the list is even harder.

How do you sort through it all? Beyond topic or category, price is also very important when you chose a new domain.

Some top level domains like .inc cost around $2100 per year from most registrars ($2,098.00/yr on namecheap when I checked). Others like .best might cost $90 per year — quite far from the cheaper tlds.

Here are a few more expensive TLDs, with some of the highest prices I’ve seen for non-premium domains.

name — cost on namecheap

  • .realty – 298.00
  • .creditcard – 118.88
  • .ceo – 88.88
  • .credit – 78.88

For reference, the average .com name is 10 dollars per year from most domain name registrars — and that’s before using any coupon codes.

Under $10 – Cheapest new gTLDs (generic top level domains)

The cheapest domain available on any given day will vary, but these extensions should generally be very good deals:

  • .work 4.88
  • .website 4.88
  • .uk 7.58
  • .rocks 7.88
  • .club 7.88
  • .click 8.88
  • .link 8.88
  • .fr 9.05
  • .audio 9.88
  • .juegos 9.88
  • .pictures 9.88

If you want to see the full list of the best deals, I made a list of cheapest TLDs along with their prices on google docs.

Now that you’re informed, I wish you good luck with your next domain purchase.

Useful lists of top level extensions
TLDs under $1.00
  • .host
  • .icu
  • .pw
  • .website
  • .xyz
TLDs $1.00 to under $2.00
  1. .club $1.28
  2. .site $1.49
  3. .space $1.49
  4. .fun $1.49
  5. .info $1.99
  6. .press $1.49
  7. .us $1.88
  8. .agency $1.88
  9. .pro $1.88
  10. .world $1.88
  11. .services $1.88
  12. .rocks $1.88
  13. .live $1.88
  14. .life $1.88
  15. .today $1.88
  16. .online $1.99
Lowest renewal prices
  1. .icu renews for 7.68 per year
  2. .pw renews for 9.88 per year
  3. .space renews for 9.88 per year
  4. .us renews for 8.48 per year

TLDs that get really expensive after the first year (avoid these)

  1. .host renews for 84.88
  2. .press renews for 63.88
  3. .site renews for 25.88
TLDs with meaningful names (Useful for SEO)
  • .club
  • .host
  • .site
  • .space
  • .us
  • .website
  • .fun
  • .info
  • .agency
  • .pro
  • .world
  • .services
  • .rocks
  • .press
  • .online
  • .live
  • .life
  • .today

Frequently Discounted Extensions
The most popular tlds are often discounted on namecheap. Look for their coupon codes before paying for any of the following names:

  • .COM = $9.95 + $0.18 ICANN Fee
  • .NET = $12.09 + $0.18 ICANN Fee
  • .ORG = $11.51 + $0.18 ICANN Fee
  • .INFO = $12.21 + $0.18 ICANN Fee
  • .BIZ = $13.12 + $0.18 ICANN Fee
Question for the Audience on TLD Prices

Finally, Let me leave you with a parting question: have you recently bought a domain name with one of these new gTLDs? If you have, you can share the domain in the comments. If you haven’t, then I’d like to know why not. If you found a sale that’s even cheaper than my cheapest TLDs list then please share it below so that I could improve my list.

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  1. Be very careful with cheap new .TLD’s

    The business model of most of these names is to get you in for the first year cheaply, and then screw you on the second year with a major renewal price. They know you’ll pay it because you’ve already built your site.

    Be warned

  2. […] I made my original list of the cheapest top level domains, I only counted about 250 different extensions that you could purchase on Namecheap.com. Today […]

  3. you can get .work and .top for under $5 *renewal price* if you know where to look (google “tld-list” for a pretty good price comparison website (not sponsored))

    .feedback is also really really cheap but that’s because nobody ever uses it

    you could theoretically also get .pp.ua for under a dollar but it’s gonna look unprofessional, not only because it’s a two-part domain but also because you can actually also get one for “free” (which i wouldn’t recommend) which hurts the appearance of those who actually paid for the thing

  4. Always pay more attention to the renewal price than the price for first year.

    Don’t build a business on a TLD because of the initial low price and pay a huge premium on 2nd year!

    • 100% you got it @San.

      Some registrars will offer a really appealing 1st year rate, but their renewals are off the charts.

      Namecheap typically has good renewal rates on the major TLDs, but for all the newer ones I suggest shopping around.

  5. How can you leave out NameSilo from this list? They have a solid mgmt panel, super competitive prices and great support. I switched from GoDaddy years ago and haven’t looked back.

    NameSilo is definitely my pick. They have some of the best prices in the industry and offer a bunch of free things with every domain. Check them out https://www.namesilo.com/pricing

    I bought a .xyz from namesilo recently for a personal website, was $0.99 flat price without hidden fees, cheapest I found. Even the renewals are pretty cheap. Love Namesilo <3

  6. I got stung by the low initial fee and subsequent high renewal, however, the first renewal was not that much higher. The initial price was $0.99 for a “.shoes” domain, and then the renewal was supposed to be only around $20, but some years later, it now is $40. I am considering changing to another TLD, but a lot of the novelty TLDs have the same pricing structure. (p.s. your comment system doesn’t accept .shoes domains as a valid email).

    • Hey Dave thanks for the comment. Good point — I think this wordpress system needs to be updated to support all the new TLDs. There’s a lot less competition on renewal rates for all of these TLDs so they tend to be higher and stay higher.


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