How to track Facebook Conversions on Wufoo

How To Track Facebook Conversions On Wufoo
How To Track Facebook Conversions On Wufoo

Wufoo is a great tool for easily building forms, but in many cases it’s more restrictive than managing your own websites and forms.

On Wufoo, you can’t embed any of your own javascript.

Why is this important?

  • No google analytics
  • No visual web optimizer or optimizely
  • No anything that depends on javascript

You need to know which dollars are multiplying fastest; which ad campaigns are driving the most results.

If you use paid advertising, you know that conversion tracking is very important.

Why is this a problem on wufoo (and many sites like it)? Well most advertising systems give you a bunch of javascript to add to your site as a “conversion tracking pixel”

If you want the full simplicity of Wufoo, now you’re faced with a challenge.

What’s the solution? Noscript and img tags!

If you look closely at the tracking pixel code that Facebook provides, you’ll notice a noscript tag at the very end. Inside of that noscript tag is an img tag.

They include it for browsers that block or forbid all javascript, so that your conversions can still be counted.

If you’re thinking that you can simply copy and paste their code to your thank you page on wufoo, you’re actually partially wrong and partially right.

How To make Facebook Conversion Tracking work on

Remove all the other code in their snippet except for that one img tag.


  • Copy ONLY that code into your Wufoo form’s text description.
  • Navigate to your thank you page (to trigger the pixel)
  • Verify your pixel on

Why does this work?

Wufoo forbids script tags, but they DO allow img tags. Facebook’s “backup” to their normal javascript system is literally a pixel that tracks conversions. If you look at the src attribute, you can see that it includes all the normal information that’s also represented in the javascript code.

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  1. Do you know if this is still correct/accurate? I’ve followed the instructions but the pixel is not returning “hits” to Facebook according to what I can see in Ads Manager 🙁


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