Macbook Air Wood Case: Quality Protection for Your Laptop 

Macbook Air Wood Case
Macbook Air Wood Case

One of the best things about owning a MacBook Air is the sense of professionalism that it can bring. It’s like having a complicated yet valuable unit that will somehow earn you the envy of your peers. But if you’re looking for another excellent reason to own a MacBook Air, simply do a quick search of available MacBook Air wood cases. There are hundreds to sink your eyes into!

MacBook Air wood cases at a glance:

LuvCase Brown Wood Hard Shell Leather Case for MacBook Air 13

LuvCase Brown Wood Hard Shell Leather Case for New MacBook Air 13
LuvCase Brown Wood Hard Shell Leather Case for New MacBook Air 13
  • Affordable and easy to install
  • Lots of customization options

  • Not as durable and ergonomic as other cases


LuvCase is known for its selection of elegant wooden cases with professional touch. However, the leather hard shell style is the most popular version. Simplicity is the first reason why this case is popular and cleanliness is the second. For a strong third, it would be LuvCase’s general usefulness.

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The LuvCase MacBook Air 13 wood case has a simple snap-on design. You can take the case on and off without hassles. It has a high quality rubberized exterior designed to protect your MacBook Air 13 from slight drops, dirt, smudges, and oils. The case is vented properly to help dissipate heat away from the unit. 

Simply put, LuvCase MacBook Air 13 leather hard shell is a must-have for any MacBook Air user. Try switching out other LuvCase designs as well!

KECC Pine Wood Laptop Case for New MacBook Air 13

KECC Pine Wood Laptop Case for New MacBook Air 13
Kecc Pine Wood Laptop Case
  • Stylish wood design
  • Highly durable for its price

  • Heat dissipation slightly lower compared to other cases at the same price range


Wood-inspired MacBook Air cases are fantastic because of numerous styles that you can pick from. There’s your average simple hardwood design, and there’s the crowd-pleasing patterned design. Rugged wooden styles are also great because they can add a dash of appeal to your MacBook Air. The KECC MacBook Air wood case, in this matter, is a great option because of its rugged black wood design – complete with fake scratches.

The KECC MacBook Air 13 case is made from premium Italian pebble leather. This means that the case is durable with a tactile, soft touch. You don’t have to be stressed over unwanted sliding, drops, fingerprints, and annoying scratches. Installing the cover is easy since it doesn’t rely on a cut-out system. KECC’s bottom case cover is also properly vented for maximum heat dissipation.

iCasso MacBook Air 13 Wood Case

Icasso Macbook Air Wood Case

  • A durable, reliable wood case
  • Lightweight

  • Too simple for many users


The iCasso MacBook Air case is your best bet when it comes to durability. It has a simple wooden style which may put off users who are looking for something extravagant. Despite this, the iCasso wood case has remained popular over the years.

Before getting this case, you have to double check the make and model of your MacBook Air. This case is only compatible with the 2018 release of the MacBook Air 13. Coming off with a 360-degree protection system, the iCasso case can shield your MacBook from scratches and dents. You don’t have to worry about bulk because the case is lightweight. Also, the ventilation system of the case is above average. 

If you don’t want the simple dark wood theme, you’re always free to pick from iCasso’s other designs. All cases come with bonus keyboard covers and a 2-year warranty.

Wonder Wild Case for MacBook Air 13

Wonder Wild Case Mandala Wooden Art Ornament
Wonder Wild Case Mandala Wooden Art Ornament
  • Great design, durability, and quality

  • Expensive for many users


If MacBook Air cases are pieces of art, then the Wonder Wild Case is a Rembrandt. Virtually one of the most expensive cases online, the Wonder Wild Case is the real deal for passionate MacBook Air users. The case is like an elixir of quality, professionalism, and total functionality.

Made of premium quality hard plastic, the Wonder Wild Case can protect your laptop from scratches, dents, and dirt accumulation. Its cutouts have topnotch precision, allowing you to access all ports without having to remove the case. The ventilation system of the case is also excellent, so you don’t have to worry about overheating. 

The Wonder Wild Case features a clear pattern of a snowy mountain and forest against a clean wooden background. Anyone who sees your MacBook Air with this case will compliment your sense of style!

TXEsign Premium MacBook Air Natural Wood Map Case

Txesign Premium Macbook Air Natural Wood Map Case
Txesign Premium Macbook Air Natural Wood Map Case
  • Unique wood case design
  • Great protection and snap-on mechanism

  • Low heat venting capability


Don’t be intimidated by its long name – the TXEsign Premium MacBook Air wood case is as easy as it can get but as reliable as it can become. This unique wood-style case fits MacBook Air 13 perfectly, but cannot be used on other models.

Featuring a ‘dirty wood’ theme with the map of the world as its embedded pattern, the TXEsign wood case is a real charmer. It can even be an excellent gift for another MacBook Air user. Aside from a unique appearance, it offers stellar protection with an easy snap-on mechanism. The case is durable enough to protect your MacBook Air from dents and accidental scratches. It also doesn’t slide off while being transported (most cases do) – a proof of its overall reliability.

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Brown Wood Grain Holilife MacBook Air Case

Holilife Macbook Air 13 Brown Wood Grain

  • Totally affordable
  • Durable and has anti-oil capability

  • Design is not too appealing


The Holilife case looks like a simple protective case at first glance. Appearances can be deceiving, however, because this MacBook Air wood-style case can offer the same level of protection that other expensive cases have.

One of the strengths of the Holilife wood case is its easy snap-on design. You don’t need to use complicated tools to install this case. When it comes to quality, the Holilife wood case doesn’t fall behind. It’s made out of eco-friendly plastic that’s durable and has an anti-oil capability. The Holilife case’s ports are also 100% accessible – no excess flaps and hinges to worry about! 

Holilife wood case is an ‘easy buy.’ While some users think that it’s too simple, the Holilife case is a great starter, a change of pace, or a brand new item to your case collection. 

Bizcustom MacBook Air Wood Grain Cherry Blossom Case

Bizcustom Macbook Air 13 Wood Grain Cherry Blossom Case

  • Unique and remarkable design
  • Excellent protection

  • Awkward keyboard cover at first use


Finding a MacBook Air case that has immense appeal can be tricky. There are hundreds of designs to choose from, and you also have to consider important factors. But despite all odds, the Bizcustom MacBook Air 13 wood case became one of the most recommended cases ever. 

Best for MacBook Air 13”, the Bizcustom exclusive wood case is enough to catch anyone’s attention. It has an old wood theme accentuated by a branch filled with cherry blossoms. If you’re a sentimental user, you will definitely fall in love with this case. In terms of functionality, the ultra-slim, lightweight Bizcustom wood case is a real winner. It gives you unstoppable access to all buttons. Bizcustom’s protective capability is also superb, guaranteeing your MacBook Air’s safety over accidental scratches and dents. 

Even though Bizcustom’s design is appealing enough, its keyboard cover needs decent improvement. For many users, Bizcustom’s keyboard cover is not tactile the first time around. Through continuous usage, you will eventually get the hang of it!

PapyHall Protective MacBook Air Wood Stump Case

Papyhall Protective Macbook Air Wood Stump Case

  • Appealing vintage style
  • Excellent protection

  • Limited compatibility


If you want a wood case that has a vintage touch, the PapyHall protective case is the answer. It has an old ‘wooden bark’ appearance that’s totally pleasing to the eyes. There are also dozens of style options to choose from.

But the PapyHall wood case is not just limited to style. It’s a real chief of comfort with a reliable snap-on design and flexible functionality. You can plug your charger or headset without the need to remove the case. There are no meddling flaps or any covers that will give you a hard time. The case is also ultra-slim but it doesn’t fall short on durability. PapyHall protective wood case can shield your MacBook Air from mild collision, scratches, and dents. The included keyboard cover also matches the overall theme of the case. 

If you’re worried about heat, don’t be – the PapyHall wood case has above average ventilation system. Before buying this case, please bear in mind that it only fits MacBook Air 12” or lower.

iLeadon MacBook Air Case

Ileadon Macbook Air Case
Ileadon Macbook Air Case
  • Comfortable, durable, and high-quality
  • Easy snap-on mechanism
  • Stylistic keyboard cover

  • Not compatible with older MacBook Air models


As one of the most recommended wood cases, the iLeadon case has a high level of standard to reach. Over the years, this isn’t much of a challenge because dozens of MacBook users were still satisfied with the iLeadon wood case.

Designed for optimum comfort, the iLeadon will bring tremendous ease as you use your MacBook for hours. It even comes with a very useful Retina Display and touch model. But you should bear in mind that iLeadon exclusive wood case is not compatible with older versions of MacBook Air. To be safe, you must use it for MacBook models of 2018 and beyond.

The iLeadon case is protected with a rubberized plastic shell. Aside from inherent durability, this shell is soft to the touch, guaranteeing mobility. The bottom shell of iLeadon is vented properly to dissipate heat. Snapping on the case is easy, and you don’t have to worry about clunky parts. The product comes with a fashionable keyboard cover as well. 

MOSISO Wood MacBook Air Case

Mosiso Wood Macbook Air Case

  • High-quality
  • User-friendly and comfortable

  • Low ‘style factor’


If you’re looking for a wood case that reflects style and quality, the MOSISO 13-inch case is a great choice. This plastic hard case is designed specifically for older MacBook models, and it has a couple of useful features that can meet the preferences of any MacBook user.

The wooden design of the MOSISO case blends nicely with your MacBook Air. It’s a ‘no cut-out design’ system, allowing the Apple logo shine when turned on. The precise cutouts also grants unhindered access to all the ports of your MacBook Air. This simply means that MOSISO prioritizes convenience and user-friendliness.

Other MacBook Air wood cases probably have excellent styles but they fall short on ventilation standards. This is not the case with MOSISO. It has superb ventilation, as well as anti-slip silicone feet for enhancing stability. In terms of durability, the MOSISO wood case doesn’t stray far from the charts. It’s definitely one of the most durable and affordable wood cases in the market today.

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It’s easy to buy a wood case for the Macbook Air, but the best product is 10x worth your time. Before you choose, simply weigh the advantages and disadvantages in this list. By doing so, you can get a topnotch MacBoook Air case without any difficulty and regrets!

Recap: Top 10 Quality Macbook Air Wood Cases in 2020

  1. LuvCase Leather Hard Shell Case for MacBook Air Brown Wood
  2. KECC Laptop Case for New MacBook Air 13 (Pine Wood 2)
  3. iCasso MacBook Air 13 Brown Wood
  4. Wonder Wild Case for MacBook Air  Mandala Art Wooden Tribal Ornament Ethnic Pink
  5. TXEsign Premium MacBook Air 13 Natural Wood Map Plastic Pattern Hard Case 
  6. Brown Wood Grain Holilife MacBook Air 13 Case
  7. Bizcustom MacBook Air Wood Grain Pink Cherry Blossom Hard Rubberized Case 
  8. MOSISO MacBook Air Wood Grain Plastic Pattern Hard Case
  9. PapyHall Wood Stump Plastic Protective Hard Case Cover for MacBook Air
  10. iLeadon MacBook Air 13 inch Protective Hard Case


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