Catalyst iPhone X/ Xs Impact Protection Case Review

Catalyst Iphone X Xs Impact Protection Case Review
Catalyst Iphone X Xs Impact Protection Case Review

Like A Suit of Armor

Catalyst Iphone Case Review For Xs

  • Durability exceeds MIL-STD 810G or the Military Grade Drop Test Standard
  • Stylish design that complements iPhone X/Xs aesthetics
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Non-slip grip
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty
  • A bit expensive
  • The free strap is not that great


Sure, your iPhone X/Xs can endure some abuse. After all, they are pretty durable. However, imagine this, you are absent-mindedly browsing your Instagram, then it slipped from your fingers. You watched in horror as your iPhone X/Xs came crashing down on your cold hard floor. Yikes! The damage sustained from a fall like this ain’t pretty and super expensive.

Good thing that you don’t need to suffer that much due to some accident. Rather than paying a lot to fix a cracked screen, it is better to invest in some preventive measures. That is why I came across the Catalyst iPhone X/Xs Impact Protection Case on my quest to find the perfect armor. Putting it to test, I aim to find out whether it is as good as it’s hyped to be.

Design and Ergonomics

Catalyst Iphone X Case

The iPhone X/Xs is a beautifully crafted mobile phone. So, it’s a shame to wrap it in a case that would cover its aesthetic value. But then again, a cracked iPhone is not pretty either. When choosing the perfect iPhone X/Xs case, you need to make sure that it complements its design. Good thing that the Catalyst Impact Protection case is gorgeous in its own right.

The overall design directly blends naturally to the original aesthetics of your iPhone X/Xs, it sports a clean back design, a slim profile, and unobtrusive edges. Though relatively slim, the protection it gives is no lightweight. Weighing 35g, the material used feels premium and furnished with a non-slip coating that reinforces your grip.

It also comes in seven stylish colors: Stealth Black, Blueridge Sunset, Army Green, Coral, Clear, Glacier Blue, and Sunset. Whatever your personality is, this Catalyst iPhone X/Xs case got you covered. I personally chose the Blueridge Sunset as it suits my outgoing personality. It is quirky and fun and a great running buddy. Now I can jog with my iPhone X in tow, confident that it is protected if ever I dropped in during my runs.


Catalyst Iphone X Case ReviewNow, this is where it gets serious. A case that falls short in protecting your iPhone X/Xs is just a waste of time and money. And I’m not to be cheated with time and cash. Though I’m a bit nervous, I decided to put it into the test. As advertised, it says that it can withstand a 9.9 feet (3m)meter drop and walk away unscathed. However, I’m not that brave, so I decided to just test it by climbing on my couch and dropping the phone. It is still 7 feet drop, still pretty gutsy if you ask me.

I held my breath and let go. I’m not gonna lie I was half expecting to find my screen shattered to pieces on my tiled floor, but as promised, my iPhone X walks away safely. So, how is this possible?

Apparently, its specs are not just for show. It exceeds Exceeds MIL-STD 810G or the Military Grade Drop Test Standard, which is a series of tests that the US Department of Defense devised to ascertain the “environmental worthiness and overall durability. ” of material system design” of certain types of objects. No wonder it remains unfazed on a drop (7 feet) that high.

The material used is premium as well. This case is made of polymer bumper that is designed to act as impact absorbers. The edges that touch the side of your iPhone X/Xs are fitted with impact truss cushioning. This air-gap protection zone serves as a line of defense between your phone and the outside world. To further protect your phone, the bezel itself is raised 1.2 mm from your screen’s surface.

Durability wise the Catalyst iPhone X/ Xs Impact Protection Case is the real deal. However, expect it to be a bit expensive compared to your standard cases. But for the value that you will get, it’s worth it. It also comes with a 12-months manufacturing warranty and a responsive after-sales customer service.

Added Features

The Catalyst iPhone X/ Xs Impact Protection Case also features a few extra add-ons. It comes with a free wrist lanyard that serves as a leash to your phone. A pretty neat addition, but it’s not that great per se. It is thin and not that strong.

On the side, the case will not hinder your iPhone X/Xs’ function at all. You can still reach all ports, and it even supports wireless charging. There is. Also, the Catalyst’s signature Rotating Mute Switch Toggle that allows you to mute your phone on the fly. It is a cute button on the upper left side, and that adds a bit of personality to the case.


Overall, the Catalyst iPhone X/ Xs Impact Protection Case is an excellent addition to your smartphone. It is stylish, functional, and does an outstanding job of keeping your iPhone X/ Xs safe. After all, an iPhone is not a budget phone, so expect that repairs don’t come cheap either.


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