Best Tablet for Reading PDF: 5 Reviews to Enhance Your Reading Experience

Best Tablets For Reading Pdf
Best Tablets For Reading Pdf

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Who doesn’t love reading books? However, you cannot take all your paperback books with you everywhere you go. You either need a tablet with a USB port or internet access to get connected to all your digital notes.

With the advancements in modern technology, you can now take all your books anywhere you want with your PDF reader. Smartphones and tablets can literally help you do anything in this era, and this is where PDF readers jump in and save the day by allowing you to carry hundreds and thousands of books in your pocket without any issues.

PDF is one of the most common and widely used formats for printing books and other documents. It is also a lightweight format that allows you to carry thousands of books in your PDF reader without any issues. One of the elemental benefits and features of using Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF) is that you can read these PDF files on literally any device you want. However, there are customized and tailored PDF readers that offer an enhanced reading experience at your fingertips when it comes to reading PDF books.

What Are the Top 5 Tablets for Reading PDF?

There are thousands of PDF readers in the market. Therefore, you cannot randomly choose the first one you see. You have to make up your mind by weighing the pros and cons of some of the most notable tablets for reading and decide the best one for yourself. Here are the top 5 best PDF readers in the market. Let’s explore these in detail and see what they bring to the table.

1. Kindle Waterproof Paperwhite with 2X Storage – Best One-Hand PDF Reader

Kindle Paperwhite

  • Waterproof IPX8 Rating
  • Can Be Paired with Bluetooth of Headphones
  • Battery Can Last for Weeks
  • Lack of Physical Buttons
  • Lack of microSD Card Slot


When you think of PDF readers, you quickly think of Amazon Kindle devices. These were among the pioneer devices to revolutionize reading and offer the power of PDF readers at your fingertips. Therefore, it makes sense that Amazon Kindle devices are among the leading PDF readers in the market right now.

One of the best devices from Amazon is the Kindle Paperwhite. What’s amazing about this device is that you can quickly move on to the next page with one hand and enjoy a quick and amazing reading experience. It is also lightweight, and you can carry it around in your stuffed backpack without any problems.

Kindle Paperwhite comes with a waterproof rating of IPX8, and it can easily stand up to two meters of water for 60 minutes. Moreover, it can last for weeks without requiring a recharge, and you can keep on reading your favorite books without any distractions or storage issues.

This device now comes with twice the storage of its predecessors, and you can literally carry thousands of comics, magazines, and PDF books in your Kindle Paperwhite Waterproof Edition. You can get this device in four amazing colors; Black, Plum, Sage, and Twilight blue.

You can also enjoy up to 3 months of free access to all the Kindle Books and get your favorite ones in PDF format. This format is among the easiest and widely accepted formats for readings digital books. PDF books take lesser storage than other formats and are also compatible with a wider array of devices.

2. Kindle Oasis with Adjustable Warm Light – Best Ergonomic Tablet for Reading PDF

Kindle Oasis Reading Tablet

  • Adjustable Warm Light
  • Waterproof IPX8 Rating
  • Page Turn Physical Buttons
  • No Option for Additional Storage or a microSD Slot


If you are currently searching for the best ergonomic design in PDF readers, Kindle Oasis is the best bet for you. This PDF reader comes with an ergonomic design and page turn buttons to offer you an amazing reading experience at the click of your fingers. You can hold it in a natural style and keep your finger on the page turn buttons to quickly sift through pages and get to your favorite part.

Another amazing thing about the Kindle Oasis PDF reader is that it comes with an adjustable warm light to offer less strain on your eyes by allowing you to shift from white to amber screen shade quickly. This way, you can enjoy your favorite book without placing any strain on your eyes. This 300-PPI Paperwhite flush-front display device offers instant access to millions of books, comics, and audiobooks.

You can get this PDF reader in two brilliant color schemes; graphite and champagne gold. It comes with a long battery life that does not require a recharge for weeks and the revolutionary display reads like real ink. With this PDF reader, you can enjoy the true prowess of PDF books and take your reading experience to the next level.

PDF books are lightweight and do not take up as much memory as other formats. Therefore, you can carry thousands of PDF books in your PDF reader as compared to other formats, which will take up a lot of space for only a handful of books.

3. Kobo Forma – Best Largest PDF Reader


Kobo Forma Reading Tablet

  • Compatible with More Formats than Other PDF Readers
  • Compatible with in-book Images
  • No Annoying Advertisements
  • Big 8.0-inch Display
  • No Bluetooth Option


If you are not a fan of small PDF readers and you want something big for your reading experience, Kobo Forma is the best option for you. Kobo is yet another company that offers one of the best tablets for reading at your fingertips. Therefore, if you want to enhance your reading experience on a big screen, Kobo Forma offers an 8-inch display with 300 PPI resolution and 32GB of storage. This will allow you to carry all your favorite books in one place and let you enjoy everything on a big screen.

If you are wondering why people would prefer Kobo devices over Amazon devices, there are several reasons behind it. The first reason is that Kobo devices can offer compatibility for a wider array of file types. Moreover, you are not limited to downloading your favorite books from a singular platform, and you can quickly drag and drop your favorite eBooks and PDF files into this device from your computer.

In addition to these features, Kobo devices also come with a built-in rental service for library books. It is named “OverDrive,” and it comes pre-built into Kobo devices. This PDF reader also comes with a warm backlight option for those who love reading at night, and it offers 11 different fonts without any annoying advertisement.

4. Kobo Clara HD 6″ Carta E Ink Touchscreen E-Reader – Best Lightweight PDF Reader

Kobo Clara Hd 6

  • Lightweight Design Weighing only 166 Grams
  • 6.0-inch HD Carta E-Ink Touchscreen Display
  • Built-in OverDrive Library

  • Only offers 8GB of Storage
  • Lack of Adjustable Backlight


Kobo devices are considered to be among the best PDF readers in the market right now. These devices offer compatibility with hundreds of different file formats. Therefore, if you want to read something else other than PDF formats, Kobo Clara HD is your best bet. If you want to read your beloved novel or your favorite graphic novel, Kobo Clara HD is here for you with compatibility for in-book images and a wide array of file formats, ranging from PDF files to ePubs.

If you love spending your time reading books, you need a lightweight PDF reader that can quickly fit into your hand without placing any strain on your wrist. Kobo Clara HD only weighs 166 grams and is the lightest PDF reader in the market right now.

It comes with a 6-inch Carta e-ink touchscreen display that offers 300 PPI resolution and high contrast ratio to give you the feel of reading a real book. Kobo Clara HD also supports PDF files. PDF files are among the best formats for reading books as they can easily display images, sections, and different fonts without issues.

5. Kobo Libra H2O White – Best Hand-Sized PDF Reader

Kobo Libra H2o White

  • Pocket and Dropbox Integration
  • Waterproof Rating of IPX8
  • Compact and Robust Design
  • No Bluetooth Option
  • Plastic Frame


If you are currently searching for the best lightweight and hand-sized tablet for reading PDF books in your free time, Kobo Libra H2O is ideal for you. This PDF reader comes with a high-resolution display and a responsive touchscreen that can help you quickly sift through different pages to get to your favorite section.

The interface is also quite user-friendly and is designed to be intuitive for beginners and advanced users alike. Moreover, if you like having physical page-turn buttons rather than touch screen options, this is the best option for you. The page-turn buttons are ergonomic in design and press easily for maximum comfort. This PDF reader also comes with Pocket and Dropbox integration facilities to offer you quick access to all your favorite PDF books in one place.

This is also a waterproof PDF reader with a rating of IPX8. Therefore, you can read your PDF files anywhere you want. PDF files are better than other formats for reading books as you can quickly read and store these on a wide variety of tablets and e-readers.

What to Look for in A PDF Reader? The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Since there are thousands of different PDF readers in the market, you have to be careful when choosing one for your reading experience. This PDF reader will stay with you for a while, and this is why you need to get the best PDF reader that suits your requirements and fulfill all your preferences. Here are some topmost elements and factors to consider before buying a reader for yourself.

Dimensions of the Reader

If you think you can easily handle a heavyweight PDF reader all the time, you are wrong. People often go for lightweight and compact designs because you will be carrying this reader in your hand throughout the day or night, depending upon your reading activities. This is why you have to pay special attention to the dimensions of your chosen tablet for reading and make sure that it comes with an ergonomic design that is easy to grip and take anywhere with you.

Durability and Shock Resistance

When people go for lightweight designs, they often end up sacrificing the durability of their tablets and PDF readers. Therefore, you will have to ensure that you get a lightweight and compact reader that is also made from durable material so that it can sustain any fall and environment.

You will be keeping this reader in your backpack throughout the day, and you need to make sure that it can sustain shocks and resistance against other materials in your bag. In addition to this, you will also be using your reader for long hours, and you need to make sure that it doesn’t heat up upon extended and frequent usage.

Other than this, you will also have to make sure that you get a modern-day reader that is waterproof and can easily be used in the bath or by the poolside. Some of the old readers are not waterproof and quickly get damaged when they come in contact with different amounts of water exposure. Therefore, you will have to pay extra attention to getting a tablet that is waterproof and offers resistance against shocks and scratches.

HD Display

If you have already used PDF readers for your reading experience, you must know that the only interface of these readers is the display. This is why you need to go for high-resolution displays with touch screen facilities and adjustable brightness levels. This will allow you to customize your reading experience any way you want and get the best out of your PDF files without any issues.

If you decide to go for PDF readers with larger screens, you will be able to enjoy more words on a single page than smaller PDF readers. Moreover, you also need to make sure that your chosen PDF reader offers high contrast and color accuracy to adjust in a different environment.

Some of the modern era tablets come with built-in settings for automatic brightness and color accuracy controls and can automatically detect ambient light to adjust the brightness on the screen. Also, you need to go for PDF readers that are compatible with in-book images so that you can read your favorite comics and graphic novels with ease.

Software and Connectivity

Software and connectivity are elemental factors when buying a PDF reader for yourself. Other than the main display, these are the core components that will enhance your reading experience by offering maximum compatibility and connectivity at your fingertips.

It is widely accepted at iOS software is the best in the market when it comes to security and flawless multitasking. However, one of the main drawbacks of iOS software is that it is not compatible with the third-party device. iOS is also quite expensive as compared to other options on the market. Therefore, if you’re trying to save up on money, you can go for Windows or Android options and enjoy more compatibility without having to pay a fortune.

The only thing you will have to ensure that these software options are to keep your PDF reader up-to-date and away from any malware or viruses. Therefore, you should only download from verified sources and run a virus scan on your tablets every other week.

When it comes to connectivity, you should always go for modern era PDF readers that are compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options aswell as tablets with usb ports. It doesn’t matter if you are ever going to read an audiobook or not; you need a compatible PDF reader that offers you the option for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. These tablets come with built-in libraries and can quickly be connected to internet libraries to download all your favorite books instantly.

Long Lasting Battery Life

If you are spending a lot of time on your PDF reader, you need to get a compatible tablet that can offer a long-lasting battery life without the need for a recharge every other hour. Most of the modern era book reading devices offer long-lasting battery life that can last a few weeks on a single charge.

So, it doesn’t make sense to get a tablet that only lasts a few hours. This is why you should get a PDF reader that offers at least a few weeks at your disposal without the need for a recharge.

Maximum Storage Space

Another element you should look for before buying a PDF reader is the storage space. If you want to take thousands of different books, comics, mangas, and graphic novels in your backpack, you will need more storage from your PDF reader. The entire point of getting a PDF reader for yourself is to carry hundreds and thousands of books in your backpack in a single device.

So, if you get a device with limited storage, you will be forced to delete your older books and replace them with new ones. Therefore, you should look for readers that come with maximum storage space and also offer you the ability to extend your internal storage with the help of a microSD slot. Expandable memory will let you carry as many books as you want by simply replacing the memory card with a better one.

What Are the Best Book Reading Apps?

Now that you have chosen a fitting PDF reader for an excellent reading experience, it is time also to understand the best book reading apps to take your reading to the next level. Everyone is trying to read as many eBooks as they can, and this is why there are hundreds of different applications that allow you instant access to millions of novels and authors.

However, just like PDF readers, you cannot select the first book reading app that you see online. Here are some of the top picks for getting access to the best books available in PDF format.

Amazon Kindle

Since Amazon Kindle devices are among the best PDF readers in the market, it also makes sense that Amazon Kindle is also among the best book reading applications right now. If you want quick access to millions of your favorite novels and authors, Kindle is your best bet.

All you have to do is sign up and download the application to your PDF reader, and you can quickly get access to hundreds of different categories containing millions of different books in PDF format. There are some books on Kindle that are available for free, but you will have to pay a small fee to read best-selling books or masterpieces from famous authors.


NOOK is considered among the best applications for reading free PDF books in the market right now. You can even get access to amazing books by Barnes and Noble without having to pay a fortune for your favorite novel.

Among the best features of using NOOK for your reading experience is the intuitive user interface. The user interface is designed to be interactive, and it also allows you to import your favorite PDF files into your reader without any issues.

Another amazing thing about this free application for reading books is that you can get access to books, magazines, newspapers, graphic novels, mangas, and comics without any issues. It is compatible with iOS and Android software platforms, and you can download it for free.


If you’re into reading fanfiction and amazing stories from small-time writers, WATTPAD is the best option for you. You can quickly create a free account and get access to millions of different stories from Aspiring writers.

You can also share your stories and encourage other readers to read your writing and promote your work in front of other readers. This way, you can get access to a platform where you can read millions of books from other writers, and you can also share your own writing experience with other writers. It is available for download for both iOS and Android platforms.

What Is The Bottom Line Here?

Reading a book prepares you for anything life may throw at you, and it allows you to enhance your intellectual capabilities without any issues. All successful people develop the habit of reading at least one book every month, and reading takes your personality and professional life to the next level. It can help you understand the world around you and also allows you to maximize your creativity and imagination prowess.

Back in the day, people had to carry one book at a time in their backpacks. However, modern technological advancements allow you to carry thousands of books in your PDF reader. We have mentioned the top 5 PDF readers with their respective benefits and drawbacks for you.

You can choose the best one depending upon your personal preferences and make it your reading companion. You can also choose from the best book reading applications mentioned above and enhance your reading experience.

Recap: Best Tablet for Reading PDF Top 5 Options in 2020

  1. Kindle Waterproof PaperwhiteBest One-Hand PDF Reader
  2. Kindle Oasis with Adjustable Warm LightBest Ergonomic Tablet for Reading PDF
  3. Kobo FormaBest Largest PDF Reader
  4. Kobo Clara HD 6″ Carta E Ink Touchscreen E-ReaderBest Lightweight PDF Reader
  5. Kobo Libra H2O WhiteBest Hand-Sized PDF Reader


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