Webaround The Big Shot Green Screen Review

Webaround The Big Shot Green Screen Review
Webaround The Big Shot Green Screen Review

Greenscreens have proven to be useful in achieving quality live streams and clean tutorial videos. However, with so many options to choose from, finding the right one can be challenging.

If you’re an aspiring or professional live streamer, the right green screen can make you look good in your streams since the edges will be cut neatly. On a similar note, quality green screens can make photo editing a lot easier because the background can be taken out flawlessly with only little effort.

With how things operate via video conferencing apps now, it can be challenging to do video call meetings without exposing too much of your background. That is where we decided to take a look at Webaround’s The Big Shot Green Screen, so you will see whether or not this fits your current green screen needs.

Webaround The Big Shot Green Screen

Webaround The Big Shot

Material Type: Spring steel (Polyester) | Measurement: 56 in x 56 in x 0.5 in | Rigging: Open up the unit and place it on your chair– it’s that easy.

  • Very easy to setup
  • Fit all chair types
  • Compatible with all chroma-key enabled programs (Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Skype, and more)
  • Can add a custom logo of your choice
  • Green screen material isn’t wrinkle-resistant

There are plenty of green screen types on the market designed to perform their best for specific purposes. In the case of Webaround’s The Big Shot Green Screen, it doesn’t need any form of stand or tripod to setup because your chair is all it needs.

Webaround The Big Shot 1

Setting it up is also lightning fast, taking just 3 seconds to open up the unit from its included travel bag to your chair. There aren’t any form of screws to tight the green screen in place as it’s designed to be as flexible as it can be.

Not only is it designed to work correctly for live streaming individuals, but it is also perfect for meetings and presentations. The Big Shot is built with conferences and presentations in mind, so you can rely on it to work as intended.

It’s also large enough to cover most of your background, so as long as you’re not too far away from your camera. You can almost always have a green screen setup whenever, wherever– thanks to its super compact build and design.

You don’t need to have this installed on your chair all the time since it is as easy to take down as it is setting up. And because it’s made of high-quality material, rest assured it will last and worth investing in.

Webaround Green Screen: Features


One of the best features of The Big Shot is its ultimate space saver capability. When set up, the green screen is 56 inches in diameter, but it can be as small as 21 inches when taken down.

Webaround The Big Shot 3

You can surely rely on it to fit easily in your bag or tuck away somewhere safe on your desk with this size. Since most of us would be sitting on a chair when using our computers and laptops, you can almost always count on it to work every time.

But note that even though the strap can be adjusted to varying sizes, it can only extend to a specific limit. Nevertheless, it still is flexible enough to fit just right in most chairs.


You can surely count on the green screen product to last since it’s made of spring steel. Spring steels are known to one of the premium choices for manufacturing since they can be resilient and pliable with high yield strength.

Regardless of how many times you’ll be using the green screen, it should still work as it did on its first day of purchase. Because the green screen is fitted with spring pressure, it would be safe to keep this away from children. Additionally, it’s also essential to keep this away from the face when taken out of the bag to avoid unnecessary injuries or accidents.

Webaround The Big Shot 7

The green screen material is also made of polyester. Like the spring steel material, it is also very resilient and can withstand a good deal of wear and tear. It has to be noted that polyester is capable of holding dye reasonably well to prevent fading. Moreover, they also hold shape well and doesn’t quickly shrink like most of its competitors.

However, polyester doesn’t produce colors as rich as cotton. Even so, the entire material is still made to ensure it will work 100% with all chroma-key enabled programs such as:

  • Zoom
  • GoToMeeting
  • WebEx
  • Skype
  • OBS

Webaround The Big Shot 4

You have to keep in mind that the green screen material isn’t wrinkle-resistant and may be visible on some occasions. That is why it’s crucial that you set everything right– from the lighting, angle, and that the chroma key is set just enough to eliminate the wrinkles.

Setting Up

Setting the material up is straightforward. From the 21-inch travel bag, it only takes three seconds to set up. Just take it out from the bag, carefully open the screen, and lock the straps as you fit it on top of the chair– that’s it.

Webaround The Big Shot 6

You’ll also notice how the green screen comes with an integrated stabilizer and adjustable strap to fit into most chairs. With this, you can almost always count on it to stay on your back.

Fans and mild wind may not be strong enough to tip the green screen over because it’s locked in place, but it can alter the way you look on the screen, so be mindful of that.


The real thing that sets The Big Shot apart from the competition is how compact this thing is on top of being easy-to-install.

Webaround The Big Shot 2

From 56 inches in diameter when fully set up to as small as only 21 inches inside the travel bag in just a matter of three seconds.

Webaround The Big Shot 5

Other Features

Apart from being easy-to-install and compact, you can choose to add a custom logo on the left, top, right, left and right, or even on all mentioned areas of the green screen to make your streaming quality look good and professional.

If you’re looking for other color options, it comes in three colors: green, grey, and blue. Unlike blue and green, the grey Webaround cannot be chroma-keyed.

The green screen comes with a 1-year warranty from the date they were purchased. If you noticed defects or damages upon receiving the item, you could return the item for replacement.

Conclusion: Is it Worth it?


If you live in a small space and need a green screen for online meetings, it should serve your needs perfectly– it’s compact, easy to carry around, and doesn’t require other items to keep it in tact, such as a tripod or complicated lock mechanisms.


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