Digital Green® Screen 9′ X 9′ Review


If you’re into photography, or if you’re an aspiring streamer looking to greatly improve your streaming quality, then a green screen is an essential arsenal you should consider getting.

Popular streaming software like OBS and XSplit support chroma key background removal, which is basically the feature that does the magic: removing your background completely and all that.

From a photographer’s perspective, this makes photo editing a lot easier. A quality green screen background lets you take out the background flawlessly without doing any damage to the edges of the subject in a photo.

Simply speaking, green screens work great, but they can be complicated. From choosing the right tone of color to setting it up to ensuring it won’t fall over, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. This is why the Digital Green® Screen 9′ x 9′ caught our attention.

Green Screen

  • Hollywood-grade quality
  • Specially formulated for optimal color density
  • Removes wrinkles instantly
  • Not intended for beginners
  • Material: Stretchable Nylon Spandex
  • Measurement: 8’ x 8’ (stretchable tot 9’ x 9’ when stretched)
  • Rigging: Has a single pipe pocket on one end (clip is sold separately)


After learning more about the product’s specifics, we already thrilled. Here’s why:

This here is the equivalent of LV products in the world of digital filmmaking. Its professional-grade quality has served productions like Life of Pi, Lucy, and The Amazing Spiderman.

Professional effects supervisors choose this product because of the precise formula of the dyes and the pigments that give out an optimal color value for the outstanding composite quality.

When CCC (Composite Components Company) manufactures 100-foot long screens for Hollywood productions, they often end up having short pieces of material left over. These are then cut out to smaller pieces, from 8’ x 8’ (stretchable to 9’ x 9’) and 9’ x 12’ screens.

Over time, these have accumulated in their warehouse. But because they are too valuable to throw out, they are sold at drastically reduced prices.

Compared to most green screen products you’d find in the market, this is made for professional use. While it does perform outstandingly, the price can still be a problem for beginners in filmmaking and streamers (even though it’s already significantly reduced).

But if you’re dedicated to your career and looking to make a long-term investment, this will be worth it. So, let’s take a deeper look at its features.

Digital Green® Screen: Features


The fabric is stretchable nylon spandex that’s more durable than a piece of polyester fabric. It may feel smooth but it’s made to last long. I’m honestly surprised to see how Digital Green® attained this optimal color as nylon fabric isn’t designed to absorb dye well.


Compared to other fabrics that get destroyed when stretched to its limits, this has a higher elastic recovery rate, which allows you to stretch the material without destroying the shape.

Professional effects supervisors from Hollywood choose Composite Components Company’s products because the dyes and pigment’s color value blocks the reflection of blue and red lights, giving off a highly luminant pure green color to create cleaner edges.


Among the major concerns that people have with green screens, is the fact that it gets wrinkled at times. But this can be fixed instantly if you smoothen it out a bit. Since it has a pipe pocket on one end, it should be easy to straighten it out with the help of some clips.


The fabric is actually cut at 8’ x 8’ but when it’s rigged, it can be stretched to 9’ x 9’ to display a wrinkle-free surface. They specifically designed the cutouts to be 1’ shorter than the actual frame so the fabric will look flat and wrinkle-free when stretched to fit the frame.

Hayk Saakian Digital Green Screen

Quite honestly, I like it that way. Not only that you won’t have to wait for the wrinkles to go away, but you can always assure the screen is as in its best shape whenever you need it.

Setting Up

The screen comes with a single pipe pocket on one end. But you’ll need to clip it on the sides to smoothen out the material.

Do note that the clips and stand are sold separately. But you can purchase the Digital Green® Screen 9′ X 9′ Kit instead to avoid the hassle. This includes everything from the green screen material to the clips and the backdrop stand.

There are three crossbars that come in three connectable pieces with an interlocking design to eliminate the sag. Each crossbar has a total of three 3’ lengths with a minimum width of 6’ and a maximum with of 10’.

If rigged completely, you can achieve a 9’ x 12’ setup with a cove at the bottom. For people shooting a whole body shot, this works wonderfully.


Despite the number of parts that make up the entire kit, it’s easily convenient. All of the parts, including the green screen, can be disassembled quickly and can fit in a small carrying case.

If you’re a traveling photographer, this will surely come in handy.

Question is… Is it Really Worth?

There’s no question about the quality of the product as it’s as excellent as advertised.

Because of this, beginners will surely make a smart investment. On the other hand, if you haven’t upgraded your green screen yet, this will be worth considering.

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