The Best PSVR Games To Play!

Best Psvr Games
Best Psvr Games

Get excited! We’ve got the best PSVR games for you. As much as we’d like to make a long introduction, we just can’t. We want you to start reading to begin your gaming journey into the fantastic virtual world. From horror titles to platforms, these games will have you going crazy over excitement. Let’s start diving into these amazing, fictitious, and seemingly-realistic virtual experiences now!

The Top PSVR Games You Can Grab Today

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

  • Great storyline.
  • Amazing detailed visuals.
  • Not the best game for players who suffer from motion sickness.

Initial Release Date: January 2017
Genre: Survival Horror
Age Rating: 18+

In Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, you are the protagonist named Ethan Winters who’s caught up in mystery after his missing wife sent him a note. You will find yourself in a Louisiana plantation that is inhabited by the Bakers.

Players will notice that the environment is a design masterpiece taking the most amazing elements of old games. It is very detailed and adds a breath of story making it really scary especially in PSVR.

When you initially play Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, you only have a few weapons to defend yourself. This means, you get to run around just to avoid seemingly endless amounts of danger — truly a survival horror game.

The gameplay is amazing with a balance of both fighting and solving puzzles. There are simple tasks to solve while others require persistence and logic. Most of these are done while making sure you constantly check our back as there might be something (or someone) after you.

PSVR takes the game to a whole new level. You’ll pant while running terrified of what’s coming to get you. Horrors that leap out of nowhere will surely have your tiny hairs up. You’ll definitely have your hearts pumping with the terrors you encounter.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is entirely handled through the DualShock 4 controller. Thus, your only way of moving is through full locomotion. It’s not the best game for players who suffer from motion sickness. But if you don’t, then you will truly have an immersive and frightening experience right at your fingertips.

The atmosphere exudes a frightening nature with its gloomy, dark, and rotting ambience. Visuals are amazing, although there are a few minor graphical faults that aren’t enough to ruin the excellence of the entire game. The title holds true to the nature of the Resident Evil series and is an absolutely must-grab for survival horror fans.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

  • Fun gameplay.
  • Delivers exceptional capabilities of the PSVR.
  • Thin story.

Initial Release Date: October 2018
Genre: Platform Game
Age Rating: 10+

Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a fun galaxy adventure game on PSVR. You start with a Big Bad Alien that suddenly arrives at your spaceship sending the robots scattered far across the universe.The initial cutscene sends a message that VR is important.

You will be guiding a character across various platforms and battle against deadly enemies. It might take quite a bit of a learning curve to master the camera perspective. But once you have mastered it, you’re on your way to conquering the game.

The combat rhythm feels amazing and the game requires a bit of dexterity to succeed. Platforming gradually builds up in difficulty giving a bit of a challenge to surmountable obstacles. Each level is made unique by the camera controls. At one point you may be forced to turn 180 degrees on your seat. Sometimes, you may even smash your face on walls to break them down.

For every stage, you have to rescue eight different crew members. You can opt to look for the hidden chameleons and collect coins. The tiny robots are hidden in tricky spaces. However, you can listen to their cries with the help of PSVR’s 3D audio.

The quest to find the scattered cute little robots brings a charming twist to Astro Bot Rescue Mission. Plus, you can also look for the camouflaged chameleon across your environment. And once you find these hidden lizards, you will unlock challenge levels which are tougher yet provide a great twist to the entire game.

At the end of each world are bosses that range from spiders to gorillas. These boss battles have an amazing VR presentation and allows you to showcase impressive skills. Like other levels, bosses ramp up in difficulty.

As a platform genre, Astro Bot Rescue MIssion is incredibly exciting and unique. You will definitely be filled with delight when you play every level of the game. It surely delivers the true potential of the PSVR in many ways.

Firewall Zero Hour

Firewall Zero Hour

  • Amazing gun mechanics.
  • Excellent map variations.
  • A lot of unlock-ables.
  • You may experience a lot of downtime.

Initial Release Date: August 2018
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Age Rating: Teen

Firewall Zero Hour hit the PlayStation VR as a first-person military shooter genre. It supports both the DualShock 4 and the PS Aim Controller allowing multiple choices for players. The game has two modes, VR training mode and Contract mode.

The former is similar to a wave shooter wherein difficult gradually increases. Robots charge towards you allowing you to master the weapons and controls. The latter is a four-versus-four PvP. It is important that you learn how to communicate with your teammates to win the battle. Fortunately, PSVR comes with a mic so you can easily send and receive messages to your team members by giving orders, making plans, etc.

Firewall Zero Hour has an online community that is very active and robust. When it comes to combat, this game really outshines a lot of titles. Everything feels realistic and you are immersed in real action. The animations are fantastic and the graphics are well-directed.

When you play this title, you earn in-game currency that you can use for upgrades including skins, weapons, and abilities. This is a gradual process that doesn’t make you immediately overpowered. Once you get killed in-game, you actually get to go through the surroundings and talk to your teammates, which may be an advantage.

Overall, Firewall Zero Hour is a great first-person shooter that provides its own twist to the said genre. There are some minor drawbacks such as experiencing downtime during the game. Otherwise, the title is excellently-designed and will surely WOW fans of FPS.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Vr

  • Immersive, magical world.
  • Gives a whole new experience in a great setting.
  • Graphical sacrifices made for VR.
  • Controls can be a bit awkward.

Initial Release Date: November 2017
Genre: Role-Playing Video Game
Age Rating: 18+

You will appreciate the world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR once you stand in front of the dragons and discover the amazing environment of the title. It’s an absolute delight to play Skyrim from this perspective as you get to actually feel what it’s like to be in a magical world.

You will be awed by the majestic appeal of the game once you’re in PSVR. However, it did sacrifice a significant degree of graphical quality when compared to playing it on a traditional PS4 setting.

You will be challenged with the controls as it may feel awkward at first. Some players become nauseated during free movement. But it’s a great option if you don’t experience motion sickness. Teleporting around different locations is very immersive and awe-inspiring.

Combat is not as good as playing it using the traditional controllers. But once you get used to it, you will feel empowered to defeat any enemy you face. Plus, you’ll notice that blasting spells from your hand makes you feel different — you’ll perceive a sense of strength. You can directly interact with the surroundings by picking items and throwing them at anything (or anyone) you may see.

Although VR is not the best option out there for playing the game, you can tweak the settings to its lowest levels to experience the legendary title in a whole new way. Roaming the entire world as you combat enemies is a new experience you may want to try out. This legendary RPG is surely a treat for those who love the previous titles in the series.

The Persistence

The Persistence

  • Amazing roster of gadgetry.
  • Great, chilling gameplay.
  • Excellent atmosphere.
  • Scares diminish as you become familiar with its mechanics.

Initial Release Date:July 2018
Genre: Survival Horror
Age Rating: 17+

The Persistence goes off with you as the only survivor in a space station and is really about “persistence.” Every time you’re victimized by a serious physical injury, you have the ability to reprint a new body. This isn’t an indie game, but is surely one of the best mainstream titles out there.

As you progress within the game, your clones can be built up to have new abilities. For instance, they can have stronger attacks or improved stealth capabilities. Each floor in the space station have different goals and the game also has a survival mode you can unlock for hardcore players.

You have to track a lot of “currencies” including what they call Stem Cells. These are gathered as you discover different locations in the space station. And, they can be extracted from your opponents after you defeat them. Sneaking up on your enemies is possible, giving you the opportunity to kill them in stealth mode.

The highlight of the game would be its combat weapons which range from handguns to invisibility cloaks. To unlock cool items, you have to pay using tokens. The same thing goes if you want to upgrade them.

Once you gather an increasing number of Stem Cells, abilities can be beefed up making you more formidable. But as you go deeper into the depths of the space station, threats become stronger as well.

The Persistence is a great blend of outer space plus sci-fi scare making it one of the best PSVR game. The challenges won’t take a thousand years to finish, however, you can go for the hradcore mode that will be a longer, more grueling gameplay. All in all, the title has an amazing storyline coupled with a great roster of gadgetry making the survival mission enjoyable.

Superhot VR

Superhot Vr

  • Witty concept of time manipulation.
  • Amazing, top-notch design.
  • Quite ahead of its time.
  • Somewhat relies on repetition.

Initial Release Date: December 2016
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Age Rating: 12+

One of the best releases for PSVR, Superhot VR is a first-person shooter whose objective is to eliminate a group of villains. These enemies go bent over backwards to end your life once and for all.

The coolest thing about Superhot VR is you can bend your body similar to a contortionist to dodge bullets. The game is physical enough to make you sweat and this is only possible with the PS Move controllers.

This is one of the most exhilarating and fun games you can play on PSVR as you disarm enemies and use the weapons against them. Plus, you get to dodge bullets and feel them swift past your face.

There are a multitude of environments in Superhot VR. These range from recording rooms to restaurants and you’ll need to think on your feet to escape. Your tactics will differ from scenario to scenario where imagination is your best ally.

Artificial intelligence will modify its approach depending on what you do. This means you have to improvise the best tactics you can make to succeed. One drawback we can find is the technical shortcomings of PSVR when the game demands speed and precision. However, this shouldn’t be a big problem as the game has its excellent moments pushing you away from your comfort zone when playing VR.

Superhot VR is one of the most amazing first-person shooting games you can grab for PSVR. Although it relies “quote” on repetition, the unique gameplay you experience with the title will surely impress any player. It’s the very definition of a killer gameplay and we totally mean it when we say that.



  • Pros
  • Excellent VR storytelling.
  • Satisfying combats and puzzles.
  • Great controller interactions.
  • Feels like the entire game is too short.

Initial Release Date: February 2018
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Age Rating: 10+

Moss is a PSVR game set in an enchanting storybook-ish world where bravery and friendship are highly regarded. It might sound like your average fantasy title, but this game is unique. It’s very charming especially when you get to meet the main character Quill.

In Moss, you are more of a bystander called “The Reader” where you get to play with Quill as a team. As you progress gradually through the game, you and the protagonist will develop a bond that’s different from other games traditional in nature.

You will control the movements of Quill as she jumps, walks, runs, fights, and interacts with the scenery. Your power — the power of The Reader — is represented by a glowing ball which reacts with the environments’ moveable objects.

The world of Moss is one of the most beautiful surroundings you’ll ever see in VR. It’s similar to seeing magical villages brought to real life by the platform. Details were paid attention to and using VR to interact with the surroundings takes the gameplay to a whole ‘nother level.

The game is very approachable but you can still face challenges, especially in the initial phases of Moss. Once you learn how to evade, fight, and control Quill precisely, you’ll find that everything will become second nature to you.

The puzzles are not that mind-boggling but they’re good enough to keep you thinking madly. Once you solve these puzzles, you’ll have a sense of achievement. Plus, you get to see Quill squeak and give a thumbs up — which we think are adorable. The world is breathtaking as it’s filled with lovely characters and creatures.

The downside to playing this game is you can finish it in three to five hours. This can be a bummer as we want more of the game and it feels like it ended too soon.

Overall, Polyarc has formulated a perfect title for the PSVR. It can be enjoyed by both kids and adults and gives a new perspective on playing virtual reality. The cuteness of Quill, the surroundings, and the gameplay will surely melt your heart and put a smile on your face.

Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect

  • Amazing inventive modes.
  • Augments and modernizes the classic game.
  • Beautiful visuals.
  • Tiny playfield.

Initial Release Date: November 2018
Genre: Puzzle
Age Rating: 6+

Who’s in for a classic title? You may have played different Tetris versions and say that this is just another one of those games. Surprisingly, Tetris Effect in VR is different. It combines sound, music, visuals, and vibration into an almost transcendental experience for players. You will definitely benefit by playing these with your headphones on.

At the latter part of the game, you will experience a challenge but still presents the game as a masterpiece. The main mode in this title is “Journey,” a series of boards with their own unique music, style, and rules. Each board is different from the rest and will seemingly surprise the players with their ingenuity. For instance, one board might be a desert while another would be underwater.

You shouldn’t be fooled by all these effects though as Tetris Effect can be quite difficult. Clear-cut rules aren’t present when it comes to each stage. There are boards that start really slow and begin to ramp up in speed immediately. Other stages will begin fast and then slow down to help you gain composure. There’s a constant fluctuation in difficulty and speed making it more of a challenge to players.

There’s what we call the “Zone” in this game where you can suspend time and help you win for a brief moment of time. You can use this mechanic to succeed in a stage without being too frantic about the time left.

PSVR is the best way you can use if you want to play this game. The effects are really amazing in 3D. We found out that playing in VR as opposed to non-VR is better in Tetris Effect as you’ll experience a tantalizing mode you’ve never encountered before.

Who would think that a simple game would be a great thing on PSVR? Tetris Effect surely delivers an immersive experience to players. This time-tested game was coupled with great sounds and visuals giving you a beautiful presentation in a classic title.

Blood & Truth

Blood & Truth

  • Amusing crime drama.
  • A lot of bonus content.
  • Intense shooting action.
  • Sony’s motion controllers can’t match the game’s intentions.
  • Story can be quite predictable.

Initial Release Date: May 2019
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Age Rating: 17+

Blood & Truth is a really cool game that provides enthralling experiences to players of the PSVR. It comes with a great storyline where you are a former soldier entangled in an underworld crime war.

The highlight of the game would be the cast (main and supporting) who performed amazingly. The characters elevate a well-scripted story that will surely capture your hearts. Although the story is quite predictable, the cast acts very well. They will catch your attention as they joke, plead, talk to, or interrogate you.

With all the action in this game, the developer has made sure there’s a lot of fun interactivity into the environment. Scene-setting conversation isn’t lacking with Blood & Truth’s campaign filled with satisfying gunfights.

Weaponry is very realistics and you can experiment with whichever suits your preferences and style best. The different stages supply you with enough roster of weapons which depends on the varying scenarios created.

The enemies are fairly easy to overcome and are predictable. But that’s not where the fun comes from — it oozes from the methodology you used to eliminate them. Playing this game will make you feel “cool” or even “hip” as you go through various ways to sneak past your enemy or charge your way to them.

One of the highlights of the game is the design per level. The environment looks excellently-crafted pulling you into a blockbuster-like territory not seen in other titles. Plus, you can experiment with your weapons.

The immersion you experience with the gameplay constantly delivers. Your movement will vary and will give you the satisfaction and excitement you need in an intense action title that will make you feel snazzy.

No Man’s Sky: Beyond

No Man's Sky Beyond

  • One of the most feature-complete VR games available.
  • Strong multiplayer component.
  • Lacking comfort options.
  • Quite buggy.

Initial Release Date: August 2016
Genre: Science Fiction Adventure
Age Rating: 7+

No Man’s Sky: Beyond starts with you awakening on a strange planet with nothing but a displaced spaceship and wearing a spacesuit. You will be given instructions on how to fix your flying vehicle to make sure it gets up and running. This title is very ambitious and has evolved over the past few years. You get an improved multiplayer experience, new mechanics, and enhanced base building.

It’s almost too good to be true in VR where you can discover and explore a massive planet that is filled with unique living things both animals and plants. You can mine, dig caves, go underwater, build bases, and even uncover ancient stuff in one environment. Then, you can hop onto your spaceship and fly to another solar system to do it all over again.

The scenes are amazing in VR with a storyline about aliens, mysteries, and ancient civilizations. As cliche as it may seem, it’s not about the end point in this game, it’s about the journey. Although the graphics look amazing, there’s not much depth to the surroundings. For instance, the oceans are not as vast as you may seem.

Even though there’s a downside to this game, the entire universe is persistent and other players can see what you’re doing with your bases. You can even see other players on the same planet as yours. This makes it a solid multiplayer component to No Man’s Sky.

In terms of VR ports, the game is way ahead of its time with the developer seemingly working hard to get everything “right.” Shooting guns, flying ships, interacting with inventory, and building bases were transformed to work properly on VR.

Another drawback we have noticed is the lengthy loading times, though overall, the game will take you through an exploration and journey that will make your heart leap. And, it’s a great game for kids too. So, it’s definitely a two thumbs up for No Man’s Sky: Beyond.

PlayStation VR Worlds

Playstation Vr Worlds

  • Amazing presentation.
  • London Heist is seriously fun.
  • Ocean Descent is really terrifying.
  • Has three short, less interesting games.

Initial Release Date: October 2016
Genre: Product Bundling
Age Rating: 17+

PlayStation VR Worlds is a collection of different mini games which include impressive experiences. London Heist is the best out of all these games where the adventure allows you to encounter the best of virtual reality. Whether you’re puffing a cigar on one corner or shooting motorcyclists from a car, this is a sure masterpiece you won’t want to stop.

The second part of the entire package is known as Ocean Descent. Initially, controlling our characters can be difficult in this mini game. But, practice will make you better. The only thing is, we weren’t enthusiastic enough to repeat it over and over again just to complete it.

The next mini game would be Danger Ball which is an adaptation of Curveball. In this part, you use your head to handle the paddle in an arena. Each enemy has a unique ability from someone who clones objects on the field to a fan that pushes the ball quickly towards you.

The last one would be Scavenger’s Odyssey which will seriously make you feel sick. You are an alien inside a mech suit and you have to look at your surroundings when aiming. As a creature from outer space, you will leap through space and dive your way upside down.

We don’t like the lack of consistency and focus of the game. It never comes off as a cohesive package. However, PlayStation VR Worlds still offers excellent presentation and display of technology.

Ghost Giant

Ghost Giant

  • Extraordinary series of scenes.
  • Great narrative.
  • Outstanding presentation.
  • Lacking in world interaction.

Initial Release Date: April 2019
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Age Rating: 3+

Ghost Giant is an adventure slash puzzle PSVR that will provide warmth to your hearts. It offers cute characters, a panoramic world, and subversive themes. You will seriously fall for its undying charm that goes the extra mile.

This is a very thoughtful title that tackles difficult subjects in unique ways. It starts with introducing you to Louis, a kid from Sancourt town. You will be his companion in solving problems as you dig deep into his troubles.

You will appreciate the scenarios and find it ridiculous at the same time (in a good way). For instance, there are three cats that complain about the insufficiency of art in Sancourt. There’s a pelican that is in constant argument with a walrus. All of these characters make the entire world cute and amusing.

The presentation of Ghost Giant is spectacular where 14 scenes are produced to bring awe to its players. Plus, the soundtrack is melancholic allowing you to reminisce about the good old days. Although the world itself is endearing, Ghost Giant is a subtle take on neglect and depression. It’s about the impact we have on our loved ones and how we cope with it.

With all of the narratives, this game is also filled with puzzles that are interwoven with its story. This can be a great way to think on your feet and love the way you solve the puzzles.

If anything, Ghost Giant is a significant game that navigates around a heavy topic. At times, it can be delightful, while other moments will touch your hearts. Moments revolving around the game will break the barrier between you and Louis. The title surely shows the true power of PSVR.

WipEout Omega Collection

Wipeout Omega Collection

  • Well-polished presentation.
  • Excellent comfort options.
  • A lot of content compared to most PSVR games.
  • Difficult to handle and master in VR.

Initial Release Date: June 2017
Genre: Racing
Age Rating: 12+

WipEout Omega Collection coupled with VR is a match made in heaven. The Sony PSVR upgrade delivers more than expected with upgrades to visuals. The quality of the original title was kept, thus giving a beautiful experience to players. Genuine effort was used to enhance the gameplay specifically in the realm of VR.

Motion blur was removed which was an excellent decision giving a presentable experience in VR. Reduced bloom and subdued lighting were also implemented. Beyond all of these, the level of detail and model quality made the entire game better in virtual reality.

With VR, you are now “located on the race circuit” and “on your vehicle” making it a truly immense and immersive experience. WipEout gives you tracks, event structures, modes, and a smooth performance.

WipEout Omega Collection is jam-packed with speed, bumps, and jumps. The deeper you get into the game, the more fast-paced action you can get. The relentless action will make you craving for more.

There’s one big takeaway here, the PSVR remaster of WipEout Omega Collection is surely worth investing in. If you’re a racing fan that would love to experience fast-paced adrenaline at its best, you should get this title.

Robinson: The Journey

Robinson The Jouney

  • Spectacular world to explore.
  • Uses a few tricks for a great VR experience.
  • Poor direction and progress.
  • Over too soon.

Initial Release Date: November 2016
Genre: Adventure
Age Rating: 12+

Robinson: The Journey is similar to Jurassic Park because of dinosaurs roaming around an adventure-filled world. The environment including its wildlife is utterly amazing and beautifully-designed.

The game is filled with puzzles and when they go wrong, you’re bombarded with different solutions you’ll want to try out. Typically, the most obvious solutions aren’t the right ones and you’ll go bonkers over a tricky answer that’s seriously mind-boggling.

The story begins a year after your spaceship crash which landed on another planet filled with prehistoric creatures. The main character is Robin, the only survivor whose company is a T-Rex called Laika and an AI ball named HIGS.

Although, there are A LOT of places to explore in Robinson: The Journey, these can give you major headaches. Some of the puzzles can be solved with ease while other will leave you wondering what to actually do.

Robinson: The Journey has a very beautiful world you can discover which makes the experience awe-inspiring. But, slow progress can lead you to quit the game early. Still, it has its best moments worth trying out where you can save Robin from total extinction.

Recap: The Best PSVR Games

1. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
2. Astro Bot Rescue Mission
3. Firewall Zero Hour
4. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR
5. The Persistence
6. Superhot VR
7. Moss
8. Tetris Effect
9. Blood & Truth
10. No Man’s Sky: Beyond
11. PlayStation VR Worlds
12. Ghost Giant
13. WipEout Omega Collection
14. Robinson: The Journey

Now that we’ve given you the best PSVR games to enjoy, you can start digging into these masterpieces (and even bring your friends along). Surely, virtual reality has come a long way and you don’t want to miss all of its upgrades.

These 14 titles will surely have your hearts pumping, your minds crazy, and your adrenaline rushing. As a matter of fact, they’ll even give you motion sickness if your stomach can’t handle it. But even so, you’ll definitely be addicted to some of these titles and play for days (or even months).

So grab your PSVR packages and go for these insane games!

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