What is the Best Gaming Headset Under 100?

Best Gaming Headset Under $100
Best Gaming Headset Under $100

Gaming Need Not To be Expensive

Contrary to popular belief, gamers like yourself don’t need to pay an arm and a leg to own a solid gaming headset. After all, even budget picks are well equipped to answer your gaming needs, provided that you know where to look.

If you are constantly on the hunt for a high-grade gaming experience, total comfort, not to mention wallet-friendly, then you are on the right track. Whether you play multiplayer games that need a decent microphone or epic RPG games with incredible music scores, I’ve got you covered. Here I’ve listed our top picks for the Best Gaming Headset Under $100!

The 15 best gaming headsets under $100 at a glance:

HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset

  • Excellent audio drivers
  • Robust build
  • Convenient controls

  • Doesn’t have surround sound
  • Ears tend to sweat from extensive use


The HyperX Cloud Alpha is a gemstone sitting below the $100 price threshold. Its features are enough for gamers’ needs, thus making this an irresistible pick. Thanks to its substantial set of dual-chamber audio drivers, it is more than capable of creating a booming bass and crisp notes. My only grievances on the sound department is that it lacks surround sound capability. Because as we all know, surround sound is essential to immerse yourself in a game.

The build is impressive on the other hand, they opted to use an aluminum band for the headband. If you are worried about the fit, then fret not as the headband itself is expandable and can fit most head sizes. It is also easy to use as the volume controls are conveniently located on an inline control board that is installed on the headset’s power cable.

The ear cups did not disappoint, too, which is all too common on this price range. After all, most of the budget headset’s sports circular ear cups that are lacking in the comfort department. Thankfully, Cloud Alpha uses memory foam, so they snug around your ears naturally. However, they tend to heat up after hours of usage so, basically that is the downside of these comfy foams. A pretty common problem that can be fixed by airing them out for a few minutes.

Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset

Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset

  • Well-padded earcups
  • Supports Logitech G Hub
  • Exceptional surround sound

  • Needs a longer time to charge fully
  • A bit bulky


The Logitech G533 is another fabulous pick for those gamers who are looking for a headset below the $100. At a glance, the G533 screams gaming peripheral due to it’s large, comfortable, and well-padded ear cups. Though they are soft, they are still very durable, which is a bit surprising. The thing is, it is made of plastic, not a material I would have preferred, but there it is. Despite being plasticky, it is solidly built, though a bit bulky.

Audio performance-wise, they are well-balanced and comes with excellent imaging. You can quickly pinpoint enemy positions and will inevitably boost your tactical advantages over your opponents. Though the default sound profile is enough for most gamers, some are more particular with audio but you have the option to tweak the EQ by using the G Hub. The G533 also offers additional features such as an auto-off timer, surround sound (PC exclusive), and adjustable mic levels.

The controls are also very nicely designed, it has mappable buttons that you can customize by using the Logitech G Hub software. It is user-friendly, so no problem here. This headset is wireless, but thankfully it packs a 17-hour battery life. On the downside, when you ran out of juice, you need to charge it for over 4 hours before you can use it again. It is longer than I would have liked.

CORSAIR Void PRO RGB Wireless Gaming Headset

Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless Gaming Headset

  • Great seal around the ears
  • Aesthetic design
  • Exceptional microphone

  • Battery life is not that long
  • Huge earcups


CORSAIR‘s headsets usually don’t break the bank yet uncompromising to quality, so it’s no surprise that they made it to this list. One of the best headsets in CORSAIR‘s lineup is The Void Pro. This headset is pretty reliable that it is on par with more expensive picks. The Void is also pretty aesthetic. The shape is rather unique and sports a design that is friendly to users who wear glasses. To be honest, I find the ear cups extremely huge, but on the bright side, they do seal your ears, so it really adds to the immersion factor. Though it did not have any ANC feature, the large cups do provide some isolation.

Unlike other gaming headsets which are known for having bad microphones, the one on The Void is pretty reliable. It also has a neat feature where you just need to flip the mic arm, and it will be muted automatically. Not the first one I know, but nevertheless a handy feature. The CORSAIR Void is also wireless. It utilizes a Bluetooth dongle to connect to whatever system that you are using. The connection range is pretty far away, as it can stay connected even at 40 feet away.

Sadly, it does suffer some battery issues. Though it technically has a 16-hour battery life, some users say that it degrades over time. Though a common problem in wireless gadgets, some gamers might get turned off. On the bright side, it will not degrade super-fast and will probably take a few months to a year. So, it is plenty enough to get value for your money, besides considering its price tag, it is still a better deal.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset for Xbox

  • Good audio profile
  • Fast charging
  • Lightweight design

  • Sound not customizable
  • Plastic body


Are you a gamer who absolutely despise wires, but doesn’t have enough dough to blow on expensive picks? Is this you? Then the Turtle Beach Stealth 600, might be the one for you. Aside from being priced attractively, this headset can be used on your Xbox One and Ps4, so you can utilize it in both systems. Sadly, the plastic body made the headset looks cheaply made. Though it seems pretty solid, I’m not a fan of the material used. But on the bright side, because it is plastic, the Stealth 600 is super lightweight, perfect for gaming marathons.

Though not customizable, the default sound of the Stealth 600 is more than enough to satisfy your gaming needs. The audio is consistent, and it sports a solid bass and crisp highs. Games that have epic music scores will benefit significantly from its game-centric sound profile.

It also sports a fairly good microphone, not the best one out there but pretty decent for your Discord needs. The battery life is also great at 16-hours. To help you save juice, it also features an auto-off timer, which is awfully convenient. Charging time is also fantastic at just below 2 hours.

SADES SA819 Gaming Headset

SADES SA819 for PC/XboxOne/PS4

  • Super budget-friendly
  • Noise cancellation earcups
  • Can be used in multiple platforms

  • The microphone is a bit sub-par
  • Plastic body


SADES is one of those gaming companies that offer excellent selection at a small price. Though not a famous brand, not to mention its suspiciously low price is a worthy contender. It sports a surround sound feature and will endure a few hits before going out of commission. 

Though the SA819 is wired, its cord is reinforced with a braided nylon sleeve to help deter any damage. The controls are positioned on the headset’s wire itself so you can conveniently reach for it anytime. The comfort factor is also good. The ear cups are large and a bit similar to the CORSAIR Void. But, SADES has one-upped the Void on this one as the SA819 is meant to cancel out noise totally. 

Audio-wise, it is surprising that it is such a budget-friendly headset. Thanks to its 50 MM drivers, the SA819 can reproduce sound with astonishing clarity, and heavy bass for its price. Of course, the quality is still not close to those premium-priced headsets. But for this price, this headset has already passed its pricing expectations.

Sadly, the microphone is sub-par, but it is enough for standard voice comms. You can also use the SA819 on any platform, making it a cost-effective pick. Thanks to its 3.5-mm audio jack, it is compatible with Xbox, PC, PS4, and of course, Mobile.

Razer Kraken Chroma V2

  • Good audio quality
  • RGB lighting
  • Decent microphone

  • Earcups tend to heat up
  • A bit bulky and tight around the head


Razer is an institution when it comes to gaming gears. Show any gamers black and a glowing green logo, and they will automatically think of Razer. That is why it comes to no surprise that a well-loved and timeless headset will come from their brand. The Kraken series has been a staple in the gaming industry for years, this headset has seen a lot of variations and spin-offs and remained vastly popular. It is also highly affordable, thus making it a favorite gamer’s pick.

The Razer Kraken Chroma V2 has a virtual 7.1 surround sound, thus making it perfect for in-game immersion. The bass is excellent but not skull-crushing. The mids and highs are not muddled together and are pretty balanced. Overall, the Kraken Chroma produces high-quality sound for almost any gaming genre. It also sports a good microphone and simple inline controls.

Since this is from Razer’s Chroma line, it is furnished with a fully customizable LED lighting. You can choose from over 16.8-million colors so you can definitely achieve the fancy light show of your dreams. For the build, it is a bit bulky and tight around the ears. Not a significant issue, but some gamers might find it a bit uncomfortable.

SteelSeries Arctis 5 2019 Edition

SteelSeries Arctis 5 - RGB Illuminated Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone

  • Comfortable build
  • Highly customizable
  • Can be used in all platforms
  • Plastic build
  • Subpar microphone


If you are looking for something stable and reliable that you can customize, then you sounded like a person who will find the SteelSeries Arctis 5 2019 Edition an exceptional pick. The Arctis 5 2019 Edition looks sleek and chic. It doesn’t scream gaming gear right off the bat but still exudes that edgy gamer look. The earcups and headband are comfortable enough for long gaming sessions, which is excellent.

This is not a wireless gaming headset, but aside from its standard audio cable, it is also bundled with a USB adapter that you can use in all of your gaming systems. Now that is value for money! The controls are user-friendly, but unfortunately, the channel mixing dial is not compatible with the Xbox One, shame. The material used for the headset is plastic, not the stuff that I will use, but it does make the Arctis 5 2019 Edition lightweight. Fortunately, the build does seem durable, so no worries.

The microphone is another one of its weak spots but pretty minor as you can still use it for voice chats, it is not just that clear as I would have liked. Luckily, this pair of cans are highly customizable. Just head over to the SteelSeries Engine software, and you can tweak to your heart’s content.

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Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset

Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset with Pro Grade Mic

  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Good audio reproduction
  • Lightweight design

  • The mic is a bit fuzzy
  • Headband tight around the head


Logitech is known for making both budget and premium-priced headsets. After all, they are a reputable brand in the gaming industry, so it is natural for them to cater to all gamers and budgets. The G Pro, like its predecessors, is a legacy of Logitech’s commitment. This headset is priced so competitively, yet the quality is the real deal.

You can also use it on all major gaming platforms as it is compatible with PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. So whatever gaming system that you use, the G Pro got you covered. The headset is also minimalistic in design. It is not super stylish but still exudes a gamer vibe. You can also wear it for hours as it is incredibly lightweight, it merely doesn’t burden your head, plus you always get to enjoy maximum comfort even with glasses on. Sadly, it hugs tightly on your head, not much but still worth mentioning.

Audio-wise the G Pro has a remarkable audio precision that is brought to us by its reliable G Pro drivers. These drivers are capable of reproducing in-game audio that is commonly seen on high-end cans. The G Pro has also done a fabulous job at segregating bass from treble sounds. The result? A precise and accurate sound profile.

Aside from its excellent audio and lightweight build, the Logitech G Pro sports a microphone. Unfortunately, the receiver did not quite live up to the hype. It sounds a bit nasally and fuzzy.

Sennheiser GSP 302

Sennheiser GSP 302 Closed Back Gaming Headset

  • High-grade microphone
  • High-quality audio
  • Sturdy build
  • A bit bulky
  • Tight around the ears


Sennheiser is a known brand for audiophiles that are looking to satisfy their music needs. However, in the past few years, they decided to dip their toes on the gaming niche. Good thing that their magic is not limited to the regular headset as they also excel in this area, which is evident on the Sennheiser GSP 302

This pair of cans is an impressive closed-back gaming headset that is ideal for gaming on a budget. It also sports an equally formidable microphone, thus making the GSP 302 a remarkable package. Though the design is robust and sturdy, the price we have to pay is it became bulky. It is also tight around the ears, but that might be a personal preference. 

Audio-wise, Sennheiser has been in the industry for years, and they know how to please audiophiles. The GSP 302 sounds superb, the bass is boomy yet not muddy that it overpowers the highs and mids. There is a particular tonal balance that is perfect for gaming. The microphone is also high-grade, an ideal partner for Discord sessions, and in-game voice chats. 

Logitech G433 Gaming Headset

Logitech G433 7.1 Wired Gaming Headset with DTS

  • Stylish design
  • Compatible to different devices
  • Great microphone

  • Needs tweaking to get the optimal sound
  • Feels a bit fragile


Most gaming headset looks like a gaming gear from the get-go, and if you want something that you can use even in your everyday commute, then the Logitech G433 is the best one there is. It looks sophisticated and stylish, perfect for gaming indoors, and doing activities outdoors.

It is also bundled with different cables and adapters, so you can definitely hook it up with any devices or gaming platforms. You can also use it with your smartphone, and with the way that it is designed, you won’t stand out in the wrong way.

The Logitech G433 sounds good, but it is not that great when fresh out of the box. Fortunately, it can be easily remedied by customizing the default sound profile using the Logitech G Hub software. It is a bit of work, but once you nailed it, you are good to go. The boom mic is also impressive and probably the best one on this list.

On the build quality, I have reservations about it. Though it looks like it can endure small accidents, I don’t think it can survive if you accidentally sat on it. On the other hand, it is lightweight, so I guess that is the price to pay to eliminate the weight.

ASTRO Gaming A10 Gaming Headset

ASTRO Gaming A10 Headset for Xbox One/Nintendo Switch / PS4 / PC and Mac

  • Great sound quality
  • Memory foam padding
  • Decent microphone

  • Needs adapter for the mic to work on PC
  • Thick padding is prone to heating up


When you hear the brand ASTRO, one might easily associate it with an expensive pair. That is why it is a pleasant surprise that the ASTRO A10 is so affordable. But make no mistake, sure it is cheaper than its brothers, but the quality stays.

The A10 is powered by 50MM drivers to ensure dependable performance. These drivers are custom tuned to make sure that they satisfy ASTRO‘s audio standards. They did not fail as the A10 successfully delivers sound with fantastic clarity. It also easy to connect this headset to any system. Just plug in its 3.5-mm audio jack, and you are good to go. Unfortunately, it needs an adapter to use the mic on a PC. Sure, the adapter is not that expensive, but some headset has managed to incorporate everything on a single wire, I don’t see why ASTRO failed to do this on the A10.

For the microphone, it may not be the best one out there but is more than enough for voice chats. The build is also good, it is made out of anodized aluminum, thus making the A10 super lightweight and durable. Both ear cups fit nicely to the curves of your ear, plus they are reinforced with memory foam cushions. However, they are a bit thick and prone to heating up. 

Corsair HS60

Corsair HS60 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound PC Gaming Headset

  • Comfortable build
  • Lightweight
  • Balanced audio
  • Subpar microphone
  • Bulky around the ears


If low profiled gaming headsets appeal to you, then the Corsair HS60 is your man. Looking like they are built to last. This pair of cans a trusty gaming partner for years to come. You will also have no problems wearing it for hours as it is comfortable and well-padded enough for long gaming sessions. Though I find the earcups a bit bulky, it is a personal preference and may vary from user to user. It also sports a conveniently detachable boom mic, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

The Corsair HS60 also sounds excellent and can be further enhanced by using Corsair’s iCUE software. The audio profile is relatively balanced and has decent bass. If you love games with tons of explosions, firefights, and loud noises, then the Corsair HS60 is sure to give your games the justice it deserves.

The microphone is not that good. However, it is not super bad but not good enough. You can use it for regular in-game comms, but for more advanced stuff like streaming or podcasts? It is better if you look for a separate microphone.

SteelSeries Arctis 3 2019 Edition Wireless

SteelSeries Arctis 3 Bluetooth - Wired Gaming Headset + Bluetooth

  • 42 hours of battery life
  • Good microphone quality
  • Excellent audio quality

  • Bulky build
  • Lacks customization options


If you’re on the hunt for a wireless gaming headset that is gentle on the budget, then the SteelSeries Arctis 3 2019 Edition might pique your interest. They have a ridiculous battery life of over 42 hours, such a great deal that its 4 hours charging time is reasonable.

Audio-wise the SteelSeries Arctis 3 2019 Edition is a perfect fit for gaming. The sound quality is heavily inclined in gaming sound signatures. Bass heads will also find this headset satisfying as it has a deep and boomy bass. The microphone is also fantastic and boasts an excellent recording performance. It is clear enough that you can easily communicate with your online squad. 

The build is also satisfying, they are comfortable even after extended gaming sessions. They remain comfily snugged around your ears and gentle on your head. However, it is bulky, not the heavy kind of bulk, but looks big on the head. Sadly, this pair of cans are not compatible with the SteelSeries Engine. You can’t really tweak it to sound the way you want it.

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas

 Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Pro Performance PC Gaming Headset

  • High-quality audio
  • Solid and robust build
  • Decent microphone

  • Plastic body
  • Not compatible with the Turtle Beach Audio Hub 


The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas will appeal to gamers who love well-designed peripherals. Sadly, they are made out of plastic, but thankfully it is dense and thick and doesn’t look cheap. As a matter of fact, they feel firm and able to withstand abuse. Both ear cups and headband are well padded. The pads are switchable too, so and if you feel like changing them, you are free to do so. Unlike the earcups which are made of plastic, the headband is made out of metal. Sure, it made the headset sturdy but is also contributed a lot to its bulkiness.

Overall the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas is a wired gaming headset with a fabulous audio reproduction. The bass is rumbling while mids and highs are well balanced. Even audiophiles will appreciate the work done by Turtle Beach on the Elite Atlas. The microphone is also fairly decent, it was able to pick up sound quite splendidly.

One of the most significant downsides of the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas is that they are not compatible with the Turtle Beach Audio Hub app. So, there will be no customization options for you. But aside from that, this headset will deliver.

CORSAIR HS70 SE 7.1 Gaming Headset

CORSAIR HS70 Wireless - 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

  • Sports 50 mm neodymium drivers
  • Solid and robust build
  • Detachable microphone

  • Ear cups prone to heating up
  • A bit bulky


The CORSAIR HS70 SE 7.1 Gaming Headset is one of those audio devices that looks premium but is not priced as one. This high-performance headset is powered by a pair of 50 mm neodymium drivers. These drivers are prevalent on expensive headsets but rare on budget picks like this one. The ear cups are padded with memory foam, sure they are comfy, but they are prone to heating up. Due to the metal components of this headset, it is also a bit bulky

This is a wireless headset and one of the most important things to know is if it can withstand long gaming sessions. Though not astronomically high, it has an average battery life of 16 hours. Not super impressive but considering the price point that it is sitting on; this is a superb deal.

The CORSAIR HS70 also sports a detachable microphone. It is perfect for storing the headset with no fuss. Also, those who play solo and have no need for mic can simply remove it. Another good thing about the mic being detachable is that it is not the best one out there, sure it is decent enough, but it could be better. Now, since it is removable, you can simply upgrade to a better one quite easily.

Wrap-Up: Top Options for the Best Headsets for Gaming Under $100

  1. HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset – Dual Chamber Drivers Works with PC, PS4, PS4 PRO, Xbox One
  2. Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset – DTS 7.1 Surround Sound – Pro-G Audio Drivers
  3. Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless Gaming Headset – Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound
  4. Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset
  5. SADES SA819 Gaming Headset Wired 3.5mm with Mic Volume Control for PC/XboxOne/PS4
  6. Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma V2 USB Gaming Headset with Retractable Digital Microphone and Chroma Lighting
  7. SteelSeries Arctis 5 – RGB Illuminated Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone For PC and PlayStation 4 
  8. Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset with Pro Grade Mic for Pc, PC VR, Mac, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch
  9. Sennheiser GSP 302 Gaming Headset for PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One 
  10. Logitech G433 7.1 Wired Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone

A gaming headset can be expensive when you don’t know where you look. However, if you a working on a budget and scoured the market well enough, you will surely find the one that you are looking for. But not everybody has the time, that is why this listing will surely give you a solid recommendation as to what to choose.

After all, when it comes to selecting the perfect gaming headset, you really have to sift through your needs. Do you want an excellent microphone for in-game voice chats? How about surround sound for better immersion? Do you prefer a lightweight headset or sturdy yet bulky ones? 

Whatever your needs might be, I believe that this article got you covered. Now what is left is to think about the headset that will fit your gaming needs like a glove.

Janzel Magpayo is a gamer and tech guru rolled into one. She also loves binging tv series and anime shows during her free time. Chef by profession and writer by passion, she currently lives up in the mountains with her seven cats.


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