Look & Play Like A Pro – The Best Gaming Glasses of 2021

best gaming glasses of 2021
best gaming glasses of 2021

Imagine that you’re playing your most favorite competitive game. All of a sudden, you had a terrible eye strain and you decided to call off the night. To make it worse, the visual exposure triggered your migraine. That’s not a pleasant experience, right?

It’s time to step up against eye fatigue – we’ll help you get started with our concise reviews of the best gaming glasses.

Benicci Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Men & Women – Sight Protection With Style

benicci blue light blocking glasses for men & women

  • Modern, stylish look
  • Excellent blue-light blocking feature
  • Best for men & women
  • Slightly flimsy frame


A stylish pair of gaming glasses is a great investment. Aside from persistent glare protection, such glasses can also complement your fashion. The Benicci blue light blocking eyewear is a nice example.

Built to combat eye strain and headaches, the Benicci glasses will ensure that your long gaming sessions are more bearable. The twin glasses are made of high-quality materials that can block most sources of blue light. Even if you play your favorite game for five hours or more, your eyes won’t hurt or throb. Additionally, the Benicci gaming glasses will also help you sleep smoothly after a game all-nighter or overtime. 

Benicci eyewear’s quality doesn’t stop at blue-light blocking. The eyewear comes with a useful UV protection capability – great for travel or outdoor digital time! 

Despite the Benicci eyewear’s strong features, you need to be careful with its frame. The build is not as thick as other brands, so you need to store the glasses with extra care. The Benicci eyewear case is durable enough to protect the glasses.

HORUS X Gaming Glasses With Glare Protection – Looks And Feels Premium

horus x blue light blocking glasses

  • Strong yet lightweight frame
  • High-quality glare protection
  • Exquisite case with microfiber cloth

  • Unimpressive yellow tint
  • Weak arm joints


If you’re a hardcore gamer who crunches tournaments every week, you definitely need to protect your eyes. Getting adequate sleep is a nice start but you can always do better by purchasing a reliable pair of gaming glasses – just like the Horus X anti-glare eyewear.

The major advantage of Horus X gaming eyewear is advanced anti-glare capability. The glasses are also thick, protecting your eyes from digital strain without hindering your vision. This feature makes the Horus X glasses great for long gaming sessions, work overtime, and movie marathons. 

Are you tired of wearing loose glasses? In that case, you won’t be disappointed with Horus X eyewear. The glasses have accurate rounded frames meant to snug fitly around your temples. 

While the Horus X eyewear’s durable frame is a big bonus, you need to be careful with the arm joints. The joints are flimsy, and they’re prone to bending or dislocation. Also, the yellow tint looks ‘strangely uncool’ compared to brands with regular transparent tints. If the yellow tint doesn’t bother you that much, then you have nothing to worry about. 

ANYLUV Metal-Framed Lightweight Gaming Glasses – A Minimalistic Touch

anyluv metal framed lightweight gaming glasses

  • Minimalistic and stylish
  • Advanced low color distortion
  • Special frame coating technology
  • Affordable

  • Semi-fragile arm screws


Durable yet lightweight gaming glasses are exceptional choices. Well, don’t have to dig too much if you’re looking for a reliable, lightweight gaming eyewear. The ANYLUV lightweight gaming eyewear is already a winning option!

Even if the ANYLUV eyewear has a strong metal frame, it’s not heavy. The glasses won’t droop because of weight, and you can reposition the arms easily. One thing that separates the ANYLUV glasses from other eyewear brands is an advanced lens coating technology. This technology protects the glasses from minor scratches and also provides strong smudge resistance. 

In terms of glare reduction, the minimalistic ANYLUV eyewear is a clear contender. The glasses can eliminate distracting daily glare and even offers persistent UV protection. If you’re having problems with eye strain while playing, just wear the ANYLUV glasses to relax your eyes. 

Some users have reported that the connecting screws of ANYLUV eyewear’s arms are a bit loose. To prevent the screws from loosening, you should always store the glasses inside the custom case. Don’t bend the arms too much if you need to adjust the glasses.

KLIM Optics Gaming Glasses With UV Protection – Coolness Guaranteed

klim optics gaming glasses with uv protection

  • Reinforced, high-quality lens
  • Ergonomic build
  • Excellent UV protection

  • Sharp arm tips
  • Slightly weak frame


The KLIM Optics gaming eyewear combines the rule of cool and importance of eyesight protection. If you’re fond of traveling and consistent gaming, you definitely need KLIM Optics glasses in your carry case!

While other glasses have thick, noticeable builds, KLIM Optics eyewear is the exact opposite. This KLIM eyewear is all about ergonomics, allowing greater flexibility for the wearer. You can adjust the eyewear easily, and it also feels light. 

KLIM Optics glasses have a high level of glare protection and blue-light blocking capability. Keep in mind that the tinted KLIM eyewear has a better protection level compared to the transparent variant. However, the transparent eyewear has slightly larger glasses – perfect for reading huge blocks of text.

Be careful in wearing these KLIM Optics glasses. The arm tips are sharp and can scratch your cheek if you’re hasty. You should also bear in mind that this pair of KLIM glasses are not that durable. The frame can break easily, so always store the glasses in a tough case.  

Element LUX Amber-tinted Gaming Glasses – A Unique Type of Aviator

element lux amber tinted gaming glasses

  • Professional style – just like Aviator glasses
  • Amber tint for ultimate blue-light blocking
  • Migraine relief & sleep improvement benefit

  • Clunky nose piece
  • Thin frame 


Do you want to own a cool pair of Aviator glasses in Top Gun style? How about Aviator glasses designed to protect your eyes while gaming? If you answered YES to both questions, the Element LUX gaming eyewear is your best shot!

Since the Element LUX eyewear has an amber tint, it can block blue light at a better rate. Based on LUX specifications, the rate can reach 99% blocking. Such a high level of light blocking is essential for playing games and watching movies consistently. Also, if you’re having a hard time sleeping, the LUX glasses can help you. Just wear the glasses a few hours before you sleep.

 Loose nose piece is a drawback of this Element LUX eyewear. Do not bend the nose pieces too much or you might detach them from the frame accidentally. Another problem with the LUX glasses is its thin frame. Unlike Aviator glasses, the LUX frame is not totally durable. It’s better to store the glasses in a special shock-absorbing case.

Anima Premium Lightweight Gaming Glasses – Lightweight & Always Reliable

anima premium lightweight gaming glasses

  • Well-rounded professional eyewear
  • Long arms for easy wearing
  • Strong case included

  • Low-quality arm screws
  • Thin plastic frame


Eye strain is annoying – it can throw off your game, ruin a great movie, and even trigger your migraine. While you can deal with eye strain by taking a few minutes away from the screen, nothing beats a semi-permanent solution. This solution is Anima lightweight gaming glasses!

The Anima eyewear is lighter than most computer glasses you’d encounter. This lightweight nature makes the glasses easy to adjust and reposition. Additionally, the glasses can block extreme sources of blue light and eye fatigue. 

Anima eyewear’s case is also exceptional because of its size and stable flap. The build of the Anima case is enough to protect the glasses from hard bumps and fall damage. 

Even though the Anima gaming eyewear can solve your eye strain issues, it still has minor problems regarding durability. The glasses’ frame is made from ergonomic yet simple plastic that might break easily. Also, the arm screws are not strong, so be careful not to bend the arms sideways. 

AHT E-Sports Gaming Eyewear With Blue Tint – Best For Professional Gaming

aht e sports gaming eyewear with blue tint

  • High-quality lenses with multiple layers
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Ergonomic

  • No bigger sizes available
  • Looks dull at first glance


Professional gaming is fun but it can be bad for your eyes. In order to get good, you have to spend long hours playing your chosen game every day. To protect your eyes without reducing your play sessions, you should wear the AHT E-sports gaming glasses.

Built with exclusive patented lens, the AHT E-sports eyewear will help you enjoy games for long hours. Since the lens have multiple layers, they can filter harmful blue light with cutting-edge precision. Aside from that, the AHT glasses offer UVA & UVB protection to guarantee seamless outdoor usage. The AHT eyewear is also one of the lightest glasses in the market today.   

The AHT gaming eyewear is not as fancy as other glasses. There are no extra colors or designs, but it does the job well. Also, the default sizes available range from small to medium. If you have no problems with simple aesthetics and a smaller frame, then AHT glasses will fit your needs. 

TosGad High-Definition Gaming Glasses – The Ultimate Vision Enhancer

tosgad high definition gaming glasses

  • High-definition lens
  • Strong & flexible frame
  • Modern look

  • Too reflective

Some people wear gaming glasses for obvious benefits, while others do it for style. But have you considered wearing an eyewear for style, functionality, and a sprinkle of visual enhancement? Turn your eyes to the official TosGad High-Definition gaming glasses.

Built with a visually appealing frame, the TosGad eyewear is a great option for the modern gamer. It has a ‘metropolitan vibe’ that doesn’t go overboard or weird. Aside from its excellent sense of style, the Tosgad gaming glasses can enhance your vision and reduce eye fatigue. This makes the eyewear highly reliable for all-nighters. The TosGad eyewear’s yellow tint is also helpful during morning travels. 

Ergonomically-wise, the TosGad high-definition eyewear leads the game. The arms are not rigid, and the joint screws are not exposed. The frame is also thick enough to resist minor damage or bumps. 

The payoff for TosGad eyewear’s high-definition capability is its reflective nature. You will notice this downside while playing at day or if you’re exposed to background lights. Just play at low-light environments to counter this TosGad eyewear’s disadvantage.

Gunnar Optiks Anti-Reflective Gaming Eyewear – A Serious Professional Vibe

gunnar optiks anti reflective gaming eyewear

  • Lightweight
  • Anti-reflective capability

  • Low durability
  • Some post-sale issues


Gunnar is one of the titans of the gaming eyewear industry. The company stepped up the game by launching the official Gunnar Optiks Anti-reflective glasses. This eyewear looks simple but it packs a great punch with many essential features.

Gunnar Optiks gaming glasses are designed for maximum eye fatigue reduction. With this eyewear, you can play for a long time and even watch a movie or two. Plus, the Gunnar eyewear is also great for reading.

Since the Gunnar Optiks eyewear has a strong anti-reflective feature, you won’t be distracted by annoying background images. Whether you play indoors and outdoors, Gunnar Optiks will ensure that your experience remains the same. The eyewear is also lighter than the average sunglasses – you won’t feel the tremendous pressure bearing down on your eyelids!

The Gunnar Optiks eyewear can’t have it all. Even though the Gunnar eyewear is lightweight and useful, it has low durability because of a thin frame. As much as possible, avoid putting pressure on the glasses because they might crack. You also need to watch out for Gunnar’s post-sale problems (company issues usually). The company’s warranty process is stringent, and you might have a hard time filing a claim. 

TrueDark Twilights Ultimate Eye Protection Glasses – Your Ultra-Grade Option

truedark twilights ultimate eye protection glasses

  • Special sleep hacking feature
  • Well-rounded gaming lens
  • Extremely durable frame
  • Cool red tint

  • Expensive
  • Feels rigid & awkward


If you’re looking for a gaming eyewear that has multiple exceptional features, you should check out the TrueDark Twilights gaming glasses. These glasses can block junk lights and improve your overall sleep quality. 

The TrueDarks Twilights glasses look intimidating because of a thick black frame and fierce red tints.  These quirks serve specific purposes – the large frame protects the glasses while the red tints excel at blocking artificial light sources. With the TrueDark sleep hacking technology, you can say goodbye to eye fatigue, headaches, and disturbed sleep.   

The TrueDark Twilights eyewear is one of the most expensive glasses that you’ll encounter. This downside is the price you have to pay for TrueDark’s ultra-grade features. Another downside is the rigidity of the eyewear. The glasses feel awkward the first time around but you’ll soon adjust. 

Swanwick Classic Anti-Glare Glasses With Orange Tint – A Real Classic

swanwick classic anti glare glasses with orange tint

  • Sleep enhancing glasses
  • Excellent glare reduction
  • High-quality yellow tints
  • Unique style

  • Low durability
  • Arms bend easily


Cool and competitive, the Swanwick Night Swannies eyewear will improve your digital experience. Aside from that advantage, the Night Swannies is essential for long-term sight protection.

Built with high-quality orange lens, the Swanwick glasses can repel unnecessary background lights – especially harmful blue light. Over time, this classy orange eyewear will improve your sleep quality. If you’re an avid smartphone user, the Night Swannies is also a greater option than other cheap glasses.

Swanwick Night Swannies also looks cool. The frame has a dark orange color with aesthetic cloudy patches. Additionally, the lenses have the right size and shape.  

For all its class, the Swanwick orange-tinted eyewear falls short on durability. The frame is thin, especially the arms. Don’t put too much pressure on this Swanwick Night Swannies or the arms might bend. 

The Best Gaming Glasses – A Simple Yet Useful Buying Guide

Are you tired of buying the wrong pair of gaming glasses over and over? Or perhaps you want to know the real factors that separate the best glasses from the rest? Well, reading about product reviews is a great start but you can always dig deeper.

Check out our simple buying guide for gaming glasses:

Is Blue-Light Blocking Important?

While blue light is not totally bad, continuous exposure can affect your eyesight by causing strain and irritation. You might even develop migraine over time, especially if you’re a busy gamer or office worker. 

One major function shared by gaming glasses is blue-light blocking. These glasses have built-in filters that can reduce direct exposure to blue light waves. Aside from blue light, the best gaming glasses can block harmful UV rays. So, if you’re playing a game from morning until afternoon, wearing a special pair of glasses is a wise move. 

During your first instance of using a gaming eyewear, you won’t feel instant effects – at least in the first few hours. However, you will notice the positive effects after playing for more than three hours. 

Once you’ve started shopping for gaming glasses, you won’t miss any hints of blue-light blocking. This feature is a major selling point – eyewear brands will often claim that they have better blue light reduction capabilities. To single out the contenders, just look for blue light blockers with direct UV light reduction.

Also, observe the color of your chosen glasses. The lens must have a darker color because it signifies a stronger anti-glare capability.

And the discussion of color will bring you to our next point…

All About Glass Tints

Many buyers choose between glasses with fancy tints or plain transparent variants. If you’re looking for significant glare reduction, you should always pick an eyewear with a colored tint. The most common colored choices are copper, yellow, blue, orange, and amber.

Copper-tinted glasses are basic options. They are the most affordable tints commonly fitted on normal-sized glasses. The blue-blocking effectiveness of a copper eyewear is above average. One noticeable advantage of copper glasses is high-quality contrast. Through copper glasses, you can enjoy outdoor views with minimal chances of glare.

Yellow-tinted glasses, on the other hand, are better for outdoor usage because of enhanced visibility. You can use such glasses for spotting important details, comprehending small lines of text, and enjoying a 4K movie. Yellow tints can also reduce eye fatigue in less than two hours.

Now, let’s go to the well-desired blue lenses. Blue-tinted glasses are popular among professional gamers and dedicated office workers. Some of the key reasons are fashion sense, calming effect, and top-notch glare reduction. However, blue tints are well-known because of their advanced resistance against UVA and UVB lights. 

If your budget for a new pair of glasses is tight, you can settle for an orange-tinted eyewear. There’s almost no difference between yellow tints and orange tints since they’re both excellent outdoors. Some buyers consider orange glasses as ‘specialty choices’ meant for events, parties, and – basically – showing off.

And last but not the least – we have the amber-tinted glasses. Amber tints offer the maximum protection against blue light with an additional measure of UVA/UVB protection. You should get a pair of amber glasses if you’re into E-sports.

Essential Ergonomics – Why Does It Matter?

A pair of glasses is smaller than most things that you’d encounter every day. However, a gaming eyewear’s impact can affect your life in many ways. Try to imagine what would happen if you used ill-fitting glasses for more than a week. You might develop serious eye strains and annoying neck pains. 

The visual aspect of eyewear is important but you shouldn’t neglect ergonomics. To know if a pair of glasses is ergonomic, you have to examine its build – particularly the frame. Is the frame made of flexible material? Are the arms long enough or adjustable? Is the midsection durable or shock-resistant? Such questions are important in figuring out an eyewear’s ergonomics. 

Custom-fitted glasses are still the best options because they will match your preferences. If you need a specific size or lens grade, you can always work with an eyewear professional. But if you’re only capable of ordering gaming glasses online, try to look for video reviews. These reviews often show buyers trying out the glasses. You’ll know firsthand if the glasses are ergonomic, durable, and stylish.

Material is another important concern. Pure metal glasses are durable and resistant to scratches or minor damage. The potential downsides are increased weight, rigidity, and weakness to rust. Alternately, you can look for glasses with a combination of strong plastics, rubber (for arms), and lightweight metals. Keep in mind that eyewear with combined materials have variable prices – most are affordable while a handful few are expensive. 

Warranty and Post-Sale Processes

Excited buyers often forget about one important thing: warranty on gaming glasses. To become a smart buyer, you need to take advantage of warranty. Each manufacturer has a different warranty policy though it typically lasts one year. Always choose a brand that offers warranty on frames and lens. After all, multiple parts coverage is better than one or none!

Aside from warranty, snoop around for a gaming eyewear’s post-sale process. This process involves shipping fees and customer support. An eyewear’s review page will provide insights regarding the company’s response time and respect for customers.

Quick Tips – Taking Care of Your New Gaming Glasses

By now, you probably have a new pair of gaming glasses. In that case, congratulations! You can now move on to the next important thing: cleaning and maintaining your gaming eyewear. 

It’s not actually difficult to clean eyeglasses. All you need is a damp cloth for the glasses, frame, and arms. You can also use Q -tips to remove excess dust from screw sections and nose tips.

However, you need to be mindful of a simple mistake. Some users tend to smudge the glasses with their oily fingers during the cleaning process. While this mistake isn’t harmful, it’s counterproductive. To solve this issue, you can try using a microfiber towel. This towel is better than regular cloth, and it costs less than $10.

A better alternative is an eyeglass cleaning solution. This solution comes in a small spray bottle, and you can tuck it away in your travel bag.

If you’re careful, you don’t have to buy a new pair of eyeglasses after two or three years. But sometimes, damage is unavoidable. Instead of replacing the whole unit, you can order extra parts and accessories. Aside from eyeglass parts, affordable cases and special cleaning cloths are also available online. 

Recap: Best Gaming Glasses of 2021

While most gaming glasses look the same, they have distinct features that cater to specific groups of users. Some glasses are thicker, while others have thin frames. You’ll also find glasses with different tints while others are just plain transparent. Before picking the best gaming eyewear, always analyze the features and your preferences as well.

What do you think is the best gaming glasses? Feel free to share in the comments!

  1. Benicci Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Men & Women
  2. HORUS X Gaming Glasses With Glare Protection
  3. ANYLUV Metal-Framed Lightweight Gaming Glasses
  4. KLIM Optics Gaming Glasses With UV Protection
  5. Element LUX Amber-tinted Gaming Glasses
  6. Anima Premium Lightweight Gaming Glasses
  7. AHT E-Sports Gaming Eyewear With Blue Tint
  8. TosGad High-Definition Gaming Glasses
  9. Gunnar Optiks Anti-Reflective Gaming Eyewear
  10. TrueDark Twilights Ultimate Eye Protection Glasses
  11. Swanwick Classic Anti-Glare Glasses With Orange Tint



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