The Best Ethernet Cable for Xbox Series X: Faster Speeds, Quicker Flicks

Best Ethernet Cable For Xbox Series X
Best Ethernet Cable For Xbox Series X

With the Xbox Series X coming soon, a lot of people are upgrading their setups, from their monitors to their headphones, while some are even buying big-screen 4K TVs for their next gen console.

But if you’re playing multiplayer games on your new console, you’d want to upgrade your internet as well to reduce lag. Yet even with the fastest internet, you won’t be able to unlock its full potential without the right ethernet cable. Check out this list and see what you’ve been missing out on!

The Best Ethernet Cables for Xbox Series X at a Glance

RiteAV Cat 6 | Overall Best Ethernet Cable for Xbox Series X

Riteav Cat 6

  • Overall great performance
  • Gold plated connectors
  • High speed
  • Not for people with slower internet

50 micron-thick gold plated connectors are what make RiteAV’s Cat 6 ethernet cables. The gold plating is more than just for show, of course: compared to regular copper, having gold plated connectors can give you better and clearer transmission, further speeding up your connection.

Download speeds have been much faster – transferring a 1 GB file from our server to a computer only took 2 minutes compared to the usual 5 minutes with a Cat 5 cable. Internet speeds experienced a significant boost as well, which is to be expected. If you’re looking for an upgrade to your internet speed for the upcoming console generation, choose a Cat 6 cable like this one.

Mediabridge RJ45 Cat 5e | Reliable and Low-Cost Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Mediabridge Rj45 Cat 5e

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Gold plated connectors
  • Decent transfer speed
  • Throttles high-speed internet

The Mediabridge RJ45 Cat 5e is a basic ethernet cable running a Cat 5e format. It comes with gold plated connectors that add a bit of jazz to its looks and help to provide a more reliable, accurate data transfer. It is capable of transmitting up to 1000Mbps (1 Gbps), more than enough for people who don’t have a full gigabit internet connection.

The cable is very heavy duty and doesn’t snag a lot. Connectors are also very solid and did not feel loose when attached to the modem and an available port. However, this toughness does mean that the cable itself can be kind of stiff. This will likely cause problems when doing cable management as they tend not to bend the way you want them to.

Tested on an Xbox One, the connection was seamless and lagless compared to just playing games through a WiFi connection. Ping was very low on Rainbow Six: Siege, and it stayed pretty consistent throughout the match. Transferring data was a breeze too, if not a bit longer compared to higher categories. If you need a low-priced but reliable ethernet cable for Xbox Series X, this could be the one for you.

Belkin Cat 5e Snagless Patch Cable | Snagless Ethernet Cable for Xbox Series X

Belkin Cat 5e Snagless Patch Cable

  • Very tough
  • Snagless
  • Reliable speeds
  • Not many features
  • Still Cat 5e

A problem many ethernet cables face is how easy it is to damage them when they snag on objects. The Belkin Cat 5e Snagless Patch Ethernet Cable is a very reliable yet sturdy cable that fits the bill of “strongest ethernet cable for gaming” very well. It comes in several lengths that you can purchase separately (or buy a long one and cut it to size if you have experience.)

This is a great piece to pick up if you live in a house where cable management is a bit tricky, and if you have kids or pets running around. They’re not a huge tripping hazard and you’ll likely be hiding this cable anyway. They’re tough, reliable, and pretty much do the job as well as you’d expect it to. Sometimes, picking up something basic is the best solution.

Importer520 RJ45 Cat 6 | Fast Cat 6 Ethernet Cable for Xbox Series X

Importer520 Rj45 Cat 6

  • Molded strain
  • Better cable management
  • Fast
  • Cable is stiff
  • Wires are not copper

For those of us who sprung for a gigabit internet connection in anticipation of the Xbox Series X, a Cat 6 cable like this one from Importer520 is a good choice. Its snagless molded strain relief function makes this cable a stable and snag-free experience, which truly helps in cable management.

The only thing we don’t like about this is how stiff the cable is and takes a while to straighten out, especially when laying them down for the first time. It’s not a dealbreaker but enough to make you scratch your head. The wires are a bit disappointing though since they’re not made of copper, which can lead to some inconsistencies for faster speeds.

GLANICS Cat 8 SSTP | Ultra Fast Ethernet Cable for Xbox Series X

Glanics Cat 8 Sstp

  • Cat 8
  • Multiple lengths
  • Great for networking
  • Too much for just gaming

This cable is amazing because of its capability to provide high speeds despite its length. GLANICS’ 10-100 foot length offers high speed Cat 8 functionality for wired networking and the like. Many people go for Cat 8 ethernet cables if they have networking needs for their computers, printers, and gaming systems.

The Glanics Cat 8 SSTP has a max speed of 40 Gbps and is a perfect fit for any gamers who opt to go for high speed gigabit internet. You will experience a bit of latency depending on how long the cable you buy will be, but for all intents and purposes this Cat 8 ethernet cord will more than get the job done for gaming.

Dacrown RJ45 Cat 8 | Backwards Compatible Ethernet Cable for Xbox Series X

Dacrown Rj45 Cat 8

  • Backwards compatible
  • Very durable
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Maybe too much for pure gaming

Another Cat 8 cable, the Dacrown ethernet cable has a 2 Ghz frequency for faster speeds, and is backward compatible with sockets that accept Cat 5 to 7. What really stuck with us with this cable is how nice it looks. Black and gold are a unique combination for what’s essentially a cable that’s tucked out of sight most of the time – but something we truly like about it.

Its durable construction comes with a UV resistant PVC jacket shielding the sensitive copper wires underneath, as well as the aluminum foil shielding; something you don’t get with a lot of cables below Cat 8. Four twisted pairs of conductors and multiple layers of shielding get you reduced interference, stronger signals, and definitely higher speeds if your bandwidth allows for it. Gold plating on its RJ45 connector makes it resistant to oxidation and rust.

With data transmission speed reaching up to 4 Gbps, the Dacrown Cat 8 ethernet cable is overkill and will give you data center-level speeds. This fast, durable, and painfully easy to install cable is one that will serve you for years.

Vandesail Cat 7 | Flat Ethernet Cable for Xbox Series X

Vandesail Cat 7

  • Higher quality wires
  • Great shielding
  • Copper plated gold contacts
  • Make sure not to get the very long ones if you don’t need it

Vandesail’s Cat 7 cables are used a lot in the networking market thanks to its cables handling speeds of up to 10 Gbps. These cables adhere to Cat 7 standards while still supporting Cat 6 and Cat 5 devices. Standing out is its flat wire design that allows its users to install cabling under carpets and rugs, or mounted against baseboards.

Four twisted pair sets of deoxygenated copper are wrapped in an aluminum housing, encased in a flexible PVC material. Its RJ45 connectors come copper plated with gold contacts and clip protectors that prevent unwanted disconnects.

Sizes range from 3 feet up to 82 feet for the Vandesail Cat 7 ethernet cables, which leaves a lot of room for versatility if your router is quite far from your gaming room. Do keep in mind that longer cables can mean more latency due to the travel time of the electrical impulses.

DBillionDa Cat 8 | Super Durable Outdoor Cable for Xbox Series X

Matein Rj45 Cat 7

  • Super fast
  • Great for people with internal servers
  • Useless for many gamers

Need Cat 8 for gaming and networking, or you just want total overkill for your LAN setup? Choose DBillionDa’s Cat 8 cables. Their ethernet cables feature gold plating, variable lengths ranging from 3 to 100 feet, and has support for up to 2,000 Mhz of bandwidth, with data transmission speeds running up to a max of 40 Gbps.

These particular cables are also waterproof and anti-corrosion, with an enhanced and extra-durable PVC casing perfect for indoor or outdoor projects. Its snagless nature also makes it so much easier for cable management. Those of you in networking must be quaking in your boots right now!

DanYee Nylon Braided Cat 7 | Braided LAN Cable for Xbox Series X

Danyee Nylon Braided Cat 7

  • Braided cables!
  • Very durable
  • Great shielding
  • Cat 7 is too much

Those of us who still use wired peripherals such as gaming keyboards will know the happiness brought by braided cables. These types of cables are preferred by many for being resistant to everyday wear and tear. And since cables tend to be pulled, stepped on, or twisted if not managed properly, having braided cables can help mitigate some of that force and protect the sensitive cabling inside.

DanYee’s braided Cat 7 cord takes this one step further by making these cables flat, which makes it even easier to route these cables anywhere, even under your carpets. Cat 7 speeds with aluminum shielding makes this cable one of the most durable Ethernet cables available right now. If you have to run multiple LAN cables through your router, they also sell their cables in different colors so you can sort your devices better.

CableGeeker Flat Black Cable + Stick Clips Cat 6 | Flat Cat 6 Ethernet Cable for Xbox Series X

Cablegeeker Flat Black Cable + Stick Clips Cat 6

  • Flat cables
  • Strain relief boots
  • Gold plated connectors
  • Unshielded wires
  • Bare copper wires

For those who want to make their cable management a breeze, CableGeeker’s flat ethernet cables are the best choice for you. Besides the flat design, its connectors feature a snagless design that prevents disconnects caused by physical movement. It has molded strain-relief boots and a 50-micron gold plated contact set.

It has a maximum speed of 1 Gbps, but is definitely an upgrade over Cat 5 and Cat 5e LAND cables. It has better crosstalk protection and can handle bandwidths 250 MHz higher than Cat 5 and Cat 5e.

The only thing that would prevent us from buying these is its unshielded nature. Bare copper wires lie underneath the flat PVC casing, which means these cables are flimsier than a dried leaf. If you end up buying these cables, make sure you hide them well and keep them away from potential sources of damage.

AmazonBasics RJ45 Cat 7 | Affordable Cat 7 Ethernet Cable for Xbox Series X

Amazonbasics Rj45 Cat 7

  • Affordable
  • Cat 7 speeds
  • Basic
  • Not much protection

If you want Cat 7 speeds without shelling out the big bucks, AmazonBasics has you covered. They feature many of the same functions as the other ones on this list, but with the benefit of being a lot more affordable. RJ45 connectors allow for compatibility with many devices, not just the Xbox Series X. They are also gold plated for better and faster data transmission.

A durable PVC jacket surrounds the bare copper wires underneath. No aluminum shielding at this price point, sadly. But if you want an affordable Cat 7 ethernet cord that can give your connection an extra boost, this is the one for you.

Best Ethernet Cable for Xbox Series X | Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for in the best ethernet cable for Xbox Series X

Comparing all these cables can be overwhelming, so here’s a quick guide on what to look for in the best ethernet cable:

Bandwidth: Make sure that the ethernet cable you choose can support the bandwidth you have. Your bandwidth is directly proportional to your internet speed. The higher your internet’s bandwidth, the more speed it can support. If you’re gaming with an Xbox Series X, cables that can transmit more than 1 Gbps is the best option.

Connectors: Does your modem and your Xbox Series X use compatible connectors? Always take a look at what connectors your ethernet cable has. All cables here use an RJ45 medium that is heavy duty and reliable. The Xbox Series X uses an RJ45 connector socket, so all of these ethernet cables qualify for use with the console.

Durability: Not all cables are created equally. Some have better durability than most, and some forego durability altogether to focus more on affordability and quickness. But durability isn’t always necessarily an issue, especially if you plan to route your cables through low-traffic areas or along a wall for better cable management. Choose the one that works for you when it comes to setting it up, and figure out if you need your cables to be tougher than others.

What is the best ethernet cable for Xbox Series X?

While it is true that Cat 8 ethernet cables are the fastest ethernet cables available, you don’t really need them for your Xbox Series X. For us, anything above Cat 6 is way too much. Therefore, we think that the best ethernet cable for Xbox Series X is the Rite AV Cat 6 LAN cable. It’s more than enough to bring out the speeds your gigabit internet is capable of and at a fraction of the cost of Cat 7 and Cat 8 cords.

But, if you do a lot of networking at home or wherever you’re gaming at, especially if you’re streaming, you might benefit a lot from a Cat 7 cord like the DanYee Nylon Braided Cord. You can achieve higher durability and better cable management from its flat, braided cable design.

Is an ethernet cable good for gaming?

It is a fact among the gaming community that high speed Ethernet cables are just as important a purchase as much as a really fast internet connection. Compared to WiFi, ethernet cables let you experience a faster, more reliable connection, with as little lag and latency as possible.

Regular ethernet cables can work well enough as long as you have the right category. Gaming ethernet cables are overkill options that can help you enjoy a consistently speedy gaming experience with as little ping as humanly possible, but they’re also some of the most expensive.

Does a better ethernet cable increase speed?

Indeed it does! Wired connections through ethernet cables are much faster, less laggy, and has lower latency compared to wireless connections. They have advanced just as much as WiFi technology and today’s ethernet cables are capable of communicating at ever faster speeds.

If you have a fast gigabit internet connection and feel yourself being throttled, picking up an ethernet cable is the best option to truly unlock your internet connection’s capabilities.

What is a Cat 8 ethernet cable?

Ethernet cables can come in many different varieties, in lengths, shapes, and types. More important than the shape and length, however, is the cable category you’re using. There’s Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A, Cat 7, and even Cat 8, each with their max speed potential. Cat 8 is the highest category you can get.

In terms of gaming, you won’t really need to go for Cat 8 cables. These cables are designed for data centers, servers, and are not what you’d ever need for gaming. Cat 7 cables are as fast as Cat 6a cables and are also used in more professional scenarios, and are still overkill as far as gaming is concerned.

For gaming, Cat 5e or Cat 6 is more than enough. If you also do a lot of data transfer, such as streaming, Cat 6A is an excellent choice to serve your needs.

What is an RJ45 connector?

RJ stands for “registered jack,” which points to it as the standardized networking interface used by many ethernet-connected devices around the world. “45” refers to the number of the interface standard. RJ45 connectors have eight pins, which means there are eight different wires inside your cable. You can see them if you look a bit closer into your RJ45 connector. There are eight wires, each with a different color: four solid colors and four striped ones.

RJ45 cables are wired in two different schemes, namely T-568A and T-568B. Majority of devices use the more common T-568B wiring scheme and support ethernet cables that use it, but many devices, such as the Xbox Series x, will support an ethernet cable wired in T-568A as long as it uses an RJ45 connector.

Which ethernet cable do I need for Xbox Series X?

As a rule of thumb, anything over Cat 6A is too much for gaming, even if you had gigabit internet. Cat 7 and Cat 8 cables are used for networking and data center functions, Cat 6 and below are usually preferred for general home use and gaming. Anything above Cat 6 is way too much, but some people need higher internet speeds not just for gaming, but for other functions as well. If that’s the case for you, consider a Cat 7 cable.

Where do I connect the ethernet cable?

Connecting an ethernet cable to your Xbox Series X is actually pretty darned simple. Take one end of the ethernet cable and plug it into the rear ethernet port of your console. Then, with the other end of the cable, connect it to an available ethernet port on your router. The modem and console will automatically have a connection, taking your Xbox Series X online. Enjoy high-speed gaming!

Which ethernet cable is the fastest?

Cat 8 ethernet cables like the Zosion RJ45 Cat 8 are the fastest ethernet cables you can buy, followed by Cat 7. However, these are used mostly for networking and enterprise and are too much for gaming (but no one’s stopping you, stud.) If you’re only doing gaming, we recommend any Cat 6 cable in this list, or even upgrade to 6A if you handle higher bandwidth tasks such as remote access, internal networking, or streaming. These cables are more than enough to give you the speed you need, especially for gaming on your Xbox Series X.

Are ethernet cables fiber optic?

They are not! Ethernet cables are strings of copper wire all strung together. In the past, ethernet cables could only handle a speed of 10 Mbps, but are now capable of up to 10 Gigabit. Data transfer through ethernet cables take place through electric impulses.

Fiber optic cables, on the other hand, are ultra thin strands of glass or plastic. They transmit data through light, which basically means lightspeed data transfer. They have a relatively higher speed compared to ethernet cables and are used to send information over long distances.

Huge bundles of fiber optic cables are being used right now to transmit data between continents. Most gigabit connections also employ the use of fiber optics to deliver internet speeds much faster than traditional phone lines.

Are ethernet cables waterproof?

The short answer is, no, they are not waterproof. Standard RJ45 connectors are not waterproof at all. If water flows into the cable through the connector, it will short and fry whatever’s plugged into it. The cables themselves repel water well enough but if the casing is damaged, it exposes the wires underneath and makes them vulnerable to water damage.

Ethernet cables are not usually rated for wet environments, but there are ethernet cables that are rated for outdoor use and harsh environments, and even connectors that have water resistant shrouds. These can be used if you’re routing your cable into an outside area, such as a guest house, shed, or an underground gaming bunker.

Will ethernet cable lower ping?

Indeed it will! WiFi connections are known to increase latency, packet loss, and jitter. Since it’s transmitting signals over the air, it is prone to interference from cellular connections, physical barriers, and the like. Therefore, using an ethernet cable is the best way to make sure that you have the lowest possible ping, consistently.

Will ethernet cable stop buffering?

WiFi may be nice and convenient, but for desktops and the Xbox Series X, using solely WiFi will lead to latency issues, lag, and buffering. While generally the solution here is to get a faster connection, WiFi will still be inconsistent with maintaining a steady rate of data transfer. If you plan to do a lot of multiplayer gaming on the Xbox Series X, connecting it to your router through ethernet is the more practical, faster solution, from gaming to streaming media.

Wrap Up: Top 10 Best Ethernet Cables for Xbox Series X

  1. RiteAV Ethernet Ethernet Cable Cat 6
  2. Mediabridge RJ45 Cat 5e Ethernet Cable
  3. Belkin Cat 5e Snagless Patch Ethernet Cable
  4. Importer520 RJ45 Cat 6 Ethernet Cable
  5. GLANICS Cat 8 SSTP Ethernet Cable
  6. Dacrown RJ45 Cat 8 Ethernet Cable
  7. Vandesail Cat 7
  8. DBillionDa Cat 8
  9. DanYee Nylon Braided Cat 7
  10. AmazonBasics RJ45 Cat 7

To wrap this all up, the best ethernet cables for Xbox Series X are cables with categories of 6 and above. However, keep in mind that anything above Cat 6 will be overkill for most home connections. Only consider Cat 7 and Cat 8 if you’re looking to make a lot of heavy data transfers, such as streaming (because that 1080p streaming camera needs a lot of bandwidth!) Let us know in the comments if you found the right ethernet cable for your Xbox Series X!


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