X-Drop Chroma-Key Green Screen Kit Review

X Drop Chroma Key Green Screen Kit Review
X Drop Chroma Key Green Screen Kit Review

Hates Wrinkles, Love Streamers

Xdrop Chroma Key Green Screen Kit

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  • Wrinkle-resistant fabric
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Comes with free 25 green screen extractions using CloudKO Lite®

  • The legs are not foldable which makes it a bit hard to put away
  • Build and Durability


Before, the green screen technology is for movie makers only. But now almost everybody joins in the fun. If you are streamer who is on the lookout for a great brand, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve recently come across the X-Drop Wrinkle-Resistant Backdrop – Chroma-Key Green Screen Kit, and I’m impressed.

Because as you may have guessed, wrinkles are one of the major problems of a green screen, so its a must to snag something that does not have this issue. After all, a wrinkled screen will significantly affect the quality of your background, which in turn degrades your content. Now, let’s see whether the X-Drop is as good as it claimed to be.

Chroma Key Green Screen KitBuild-wise, the X-Drop Green Screen Kit feels premium, despite its reasonable price. I was pretty impressed considering that it is a budget pick, yet it does not look like one. The backdrop is held together and supported with five metal grommets and a tightly fitted pole pocket. They also don’t wobble at all, and pretty sturdy. This is important for streamers; after all, you don’t want your screen collapsing at a mere nudge. Stability is super important. Untoward accidents like your screen falling off during a live stream is a big no-no.

The stand itself is made of aluminum, so it is pretty lightweight. This is important, especially if you are always on the go or have limited space in your streaming area. I mean, if you are streaming in a small room, you need to put it away after each streaming session. So a green screen that is super bulky will not serve you well.

Good thing that the X-Drop Green Screen Kit is collapsible for secure and compact storage. Unfortunately, it still takes a bit of space, as the legs don’t fold any smaller. Sure, you could stash it away under your bed, but it would be great if it collapses to a smaller size. Small enough to fit in a small cupboard or under the computer table without taking up space. However, please make no mistake; it is still compact enough to take on trips.

Did I already say lightweight? As a matter of fact, it just weighs at 5lbs, so bringing it along is no problem at all. If you are visiting a friend or wanted a change of pace, bring the X-Drop Green Screen Kit along is easy. The kit also comes with a carrying bag, so packing it up is a breeze. I like the fact that they included this small extra; it neatly stores the green screen kit and makes it effortless to carry around.

For the screen fabric, it lives up to its promise. The material itself is super wrinkle resistant. That is why the X-Drop Green Screen Kit stood out from its competitors, it is absolutely wrinkle-resistant. This is very important as the flatness of the screen significantly affects its performance. Also, when your screen needs cleaning, you can easily wash it, and after drying, it is good as new. I had a small accident during one of my streams, a drop of ketchup found its way on my screen. I freaked out at first, but good thing it is washable, so removing that small stain is super easy.

The size makes this green screen perfect for streaming. At 5×7 inches, it will completely cover your background. Now you won’t have to about your room or any clutter showing up during your live streams. Plus, it will make your content look more professional and will seamlessly integrate your camera into the game.


X Drop Wrinkle Resistant BackdropIf you hate complications, you will love the X-Drop Green Screen Kit. It is easy to set up and stays flat for a very long time. The instructions are easy to follow. Once you have assembled its telescopic legs, hanging the screen is super simple. It snaps and stretches flat into place thanks to its ring grommets. It stays that way and is pretty sturdy. Aside from being wrinkle-resistant, the fabric also stretches slightly to where it hangs so you can get that perfect flat screen with a little bit of tension on the side. A great design on the manufacturer’s part as it adds to the flatness of the screen.


This screen is great for start-ups and veteran streamers. As a freebie, the package includes 25 free green screen extractions using CloudKO Lite®. For those of you who are not familiar with this app, the CloudKo Lite can remove the green screen from your videos. It is a pretty handy app for streamers like you.


Over-all the X-Drop Green Screen Kit is one of the best picks for aspiring streamers. This 5 x7 inches green screen is easy to set up, reasonably priced, and wrinkle-resistant. A great pick for start-up streamers on the budget, yet keen on quality.

If you are someone who needs a quick solution for your green screen need, then give the X-Drop Green Screen Kit a chance. It is known to resist pesky wrinkles, after all.


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