Tranya B530 Review

Tranya B530 Review
Tranya B530 Review

Tranya’s B530 wireless Bluetooth earbuds are the perfect solution for those to listen to musical beats or podcasts on the go. I was glad to have taken the chance to review this marvel while listening to my playlists.

Tranya B530

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  • Long battery life
  • Strong bass tones in the mids, lows, and highs
  • Water-resistant
  • Extremely durable
  • Fingerprints are easily visible on the casing


Each of the individual earbuds is made of solid black plastic that is glossy. Both of them have a T-shape engraved on their sides. They are relatively small and have a pebble-like appearance. The earbuds are also touch-sensitive, where you can adjust the volume until you can listen through them comfortably.

The earbuds are nested inside a plastic clamshell container that has grooves within the casing to place them in. Its dimensions are about 2 x 3 inches, making it an excellent portable travel case that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Both the earbuds and the casing carry on the tradition of the company’s metal gray color scheme, making it both a modern and fashionable accessory.

Tranya B530 Case

When looking farther into the case, it gives off a more flat appearance compared to its cousins. Keep in mind that the case itself not waterproof, and needs to be put away whenever you’re doing a workout or any other activity.


When I donned the B530s, they rested tautly within my ear canals and doesn’t fall out easily. Both buds are marked with L and R to indicate which ears they need to go to. If you feel that the buds will fall out, you can continuously calibrate them until they rest comfortably.

There are three pairs of silicone tips included in the box. The large tips can be used if the buds are wiggling too much, or you can use the small tips if they don’t stay seated within the ear canals. The B530s must be fitted properly so that you will get the full sound stage experience these earbuds offer.


Tranya B530 Unboxing
These earbuds are synced to your phone via Bluetooth and are very easy to set up. The earbuds’ Bluetooth capability allows them to interface with modern Bluetooth-enabled devices, including consoles, smartphones, laptop computers, and tablets. Your devices will retain the connection with your earbuds in memory any time you re-use them.

The B530s are built to be tough and are oriented towards workouts and other physical activity. I held them between the tips of my fingers and didn’t see any movable parts. Controls are touch-sensitive and don’t have to be pressed hard to adjust your settings. Single touches are more than enough to pause or play your playlists. The volume is calibrated by pressing twice on the right bud to up the volume, or twice on the left to lower it. Volume adjustments require steady adjustments until they are changed to your satisfaction. Navigating through individual tracks are done with long touches on either side.

Another plus is that there is a voice assistant to help you navigate the earbuds’ functionality (accessed by tapping either side three times), which puts it ahead of other competitive models on the market.


I tried out several different tracks on my playlist and they all sounded great, from the bass drops to the heavy guitars. The sound that emanated from these earbuds screamed of raw power where it felt very surreal. Even after hours of listening, I didn’t notice any degradation in sound quality. This is mainly due to the sound driver integrated into the earbuds where the frequency ranges between 20Hz to 80Hz.

Power-wise, the B530’s battery life is better than previous models and can run between six to eight hours before they need to recharge. Unfortunately, the package comes with a USB micro cable vice a USB C, making it somewhat dated. This is not a huge detriment to the earbuds’ performance. The carrying case has an LED indicator on its surface, where four lights show the status of the case’s battery level. The case is a portable battery and will need to be recharged after the B530s are recharged 6-7 times. There is a micro USB that’s included in the package where you can interface it with a wall charger.

You can modify your earbuds via your smartphone to change between Mono and Stereo modes. I usually keep my setting in the Stereo mode for superior sound performance.

Even when I’m not using them to listen to music, they’re great to use when receiving phone calls, and the other half of your conversations can be kept private.

Bottom Line

Tranya’s B530 earbuds offer great value for what they’re worth. The touch controls are solid, and the battery life lasts a good part of the day. The audio quality (especially when it comes to the bass) is superb, making them highly recommended for use in the gym, at home or the outdoors.


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