5 Best Smartwatch for Women in 2020

5 Best Smartwatch for Women in 2020
5 Best Smartwatch for Women in 2020

Back when smartwatches were first introduced, they never really caught the attention of trendsetters and fashion mongers. The initial variations were often bulky and unattractive that only the most devoted tech junkies had the stomach to wear them. 

After a while, more and more fashion-oriented brands started getting into the latest tech craze, and smartwatches for women began appearing on the market. If you plan on getting one for your next purchase, this comprehensive buying guide goes into detail on our top picks for the best smartwatch for women. Take a look at our selections below, and you might find your next tech accessory!

Which Smartwatch Is Right for Me?

Smartwatches for women come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. With so many variations, your choice should be hinged on your preference for features and the money you are willing to spend. Here are some things you may want to consider before deciding to buy a smartwatch:

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  • Compatibility. Will the smartwatch work with your smartphone? 
  • Health and Lifestyle Features. Do you want your smartwatch to come with features like a pedometer, menstrual cycle tracker, or heart rate monitor? 
  • Battery Life. Will your smartwatch last as long as you need it without a charge?
  • Design. Are you be comfortable with the look of your smartwatch? You will be wearing it daily, after all.

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4

  • Large display
  • Customizable bands
  • Health-focused features
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters

  • Only compatible with Apple mobile devices
  • High price point
  • Short battery life


This list of the best smartwatch for women would be unreasonable if it didn’t include the renowned Apple Watch Series 4. If you’re an iPhone user, you may not need to look at other brands of smartwatches out there. This watch is made for you and your needs.


The fourth installment of the Apple Watch Series has seriously leveled up to give its users a satisfying experience. It now has a larger skin with a slimmer body, so it’s comfortable to wear daily.

Women on the go can choose from different female-friendly bands to match with their outfit or mood. You can go for the ones Apple made or browse through the bands sold by third-party companies. The bands come in two sizes: 40mm or 44mm for best fitting.


A smartwatch wouldn’t serve its purpose if it didn’t have smart features. The Apple Watch Series 4 has a bunch of attributes you can tinker with and enjoy. Foremost, it is waterproof for up to 50 meters. You can be at ease when you wear this watch on rainy days. 

You can also arrange mobile payments with the Apple Watch Series 4 using Apple Pay. It even has GPS-enabled features. All of the apps are also user-friendly, so you don’t have to push a lot of buttons to make it work.

The Apple Watch Series 4 has a plethora of sensors that help track your heart rate and other fitness features. Apple also cares about your health by configuring this watch with health-focused features like the built-in electrocardiogram (ECG) app. It can detect when you fall from a platform and alert emergency contacts if needed.

Other Perks

You can opt for an LTE version of this Apple smartwatch with a cost of around $10/month. With this option, you can use the functions of the device like calls, texts, and internet without having to bring your phone. It’s a good option if you’re out most of the time to jog.


Kate Spade Scallop 2 Smartwatch

  • Feminine design
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices
  • Health-centered features
  • GPS-enabled
  • Swim-proof

  • High price point


The Kate Spade Scallop 2 is a truly feminine smartwatch that is packed with a bunch of health-centered features. If you’re big on style, this watch should pique your interest.  


The Kate Spade Scallop 2 is easily among the best smartwatch for women when it comes to design. The round metal casing and the charming details around the watch make it appear elegant and classy.

You can even choose from a few watch faces to go with your style for the day. These include cute balloons, a cab, a daisy that loses petals, and a winking moon.

Kate Spade released three distinct models of the Scallop 2: stainless steel bracelet, black slink bracelet, and pink slink bracelet. Note that the stainless steel bracelet costs more compared to the other models.


One of the most impressive features of the Scallop 2 Smartwatch is its heart rate monitor. Just tap the spade on the top of the screen then you’ll see a cute animation of it turning into a heart. Your heart rate will then appear after the animation.

Another new feature added from its predecessor is GPS. It also has basic features like Google Pay contactless payment, checking calls, messages, and other notifications. A Google assistant will also help you out with some functions over voice control from your wrist.

Other Perks

The Kate Spade Scallop 2 comes with Bluetooth 4.2 out of the box. It is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile phones. This beautiful watch is also swim-proof with a rating of 3ATM, so you can go swimming while wearing this stylish watch.

The 300mAh battery can last up to two days with a full charge. Note that battery life depends on usage.


TOOBUR IP67 Fitness Tracker Watch

  • 7-day battery life
  • Useful basic functions (sleep monitor, step and calorie counter, vibrating alarm clock)
  • Minimalist design
  • Compatible with Android 4.4 above and IOS 7.1 above
  • Budget-friendly

  • Lack of other special features


The TOOBUR IP67 Fitness Tracker Watch is best for women who are on a budget but want an accessory that meets the demands of their active lifestyle. This smartwatch proves that you don’t have to spend a lot to get the latest tech gear. If you don’t need all the bells and whistles, why pay for them?


TOOBUR IP67 Fitness Tracker Watch doesn’t have all the fancy features, but you can’t expect much more from around this price point. It flaunts a slim build with an elongated display.

There are many high-quality band colors to choose from, including black, blue, pink, purple, and green. Some retailers even include a free band of a different color so you can have options out of the box.


The TOOBUR IP67 Fitness Tracker Watch has all the basic features you can look for in a basic smartwatch.

One of our favorite features is the pedometer and calorie counter. You can see an estimated number of calories burned with each step you make. It also has an automatic sleep monitor that tracks how well you’ve slept. 

The TOOBUR IP67 Fitness Tracker Watch can even give you information on your sleep trend via the VeryFitPro app. It also has a vibrating alarm clock function to make sure you wake up on time.

Other Perks

The TOOBUR IP67 Fitness Tracker Watch is compatible with mobile devices that have Android 4.4 and above or iOS 7.1 and above. 

This budget-friendly smartwatch for women also has an IP67 waterproof rating, which is impressive considering the price point it is at. With that rate, you can sweat all you can or run under the rain with no problem. You can even go swimming if you want! Aside from that, it can also serve as a remote control to help you capture memories from your phone.

There are no charging cables included in the package, unlike the other smartwatches on this list. All you have to do is detach the band to expose the USB port. With just two hours of charging time, you can use the smartwatch for about a week.


Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

  • Great fitness-tracking features
  • An improvement from its predecessor
  • Stylish
  • Budget-friendly
  • No built-in GPS


For women who need a fitness tracker and smartwatch as a secondary device, the Fitbit Versa Smartwatch is a great buy. Fitbit may have started rocky with the Ionic, but the Versa is sure to improve the reputation of the brand. 


Compared to its predecessor, Fitbit Versa has a better fit for women because of its design. The overall look is so much better, although some say it resembles the Apple Watch Series 3 and 4 too much. 

There is a vibrant display of 300 x 300-pixel resolution topping out at a brightness of 1,000 nits. Versa also has lite and special editions. With the lite edition, the features are limited while the special edition comes with all the features, a unique woven band, and a higher price.


Fitbit Versa allows you to store more than 300 songs on the device. You can also listen to music from your favorite Pandora stations. You just need to secure Bluetooth headphones, and you’re good to go.

One of the cool features that come with this smartwatch is its female health (period) tracking function. All information can be viewed from the screen of the watch. Other features include heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, and over 15 exercise modes. You can find all the essential functions of a smartwatch and more on this device.

Versa is also waterproof and can withstand any splash of water or sweat. You can also go as deep as 50 meters without a problem.

The only downside of this smartwatch is that it doesn’t have built-in GPS. Nonetheless, GPS tracking is still possible by pairing it with your mobile phone. All the other features that come with this watch makes working out more bearable and enjoyable.

Other Perks

You can go through four consecutive days using all of its functions with just a single full charge. You’ll never have to miss a workout day without a helpful buddy on your wrist! The Fitbit Versa is truly one of the best smartwatch for women.


Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatch

  • Compatible with either Android or iOS devices
  • Customizable watch face
  • Feminine chic design
  • Vibrant display
  • No response option for calls and messages
  • Short battery life


If you want an Apple Watch but wants something that works with your Android device, then you should consider getting the Michael Kors Access Runway. This chic and classy smartwatch will enhance your living as you ramp your way to the stage of life.


The design of the Michael Kors Access Runway is something to die for. If you’re a woman that has a lot on her plate, this smartwatch will match anything you’re up to. It can match your office or casual attire.

The bands come in stainless steel and leather set. The round screen is functional with three dials on the side. There are several ways to customize the watch. Choose from the watch faces or use another band!

It is a 41 mm watch with a 1.19-inch 390 x 390 AMOLED touchscreen display. For some, the size seems a little bit. But we guarantee you. It still looks perfect on your wrist.


One of the best features of the Michael Kors Access Runway is its heart rate monitor. With this function, you can track one of the most important aspects of your well-being at any time, anywhere.

This smartwatch also makes it easy for you to pay bills with Google Pay’s NFC technology. You can even access some of your favorite apps through this device. Want some good music to help you get through the day? Pop up Spotify and listen to your well-loved songs.

Other Perks

Michael Kors understands how busy a modern woman can be these days. So they made Access Runway come with Google Assistant. Conveniently request all your needed apps and functions without too many taps.

Considering all the features and aesthetics, it’s understandable that a full charge of this smartwatch for women can only last for a day. But with all the advantages it has to offer, you can’t ask for much more.


Final Thoughts

That concludes our list of the best smartwatch for women. Did you find your next accessory from one of our picks? Let us know what features you’re into the most in the comments section below! 

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