Top 3 Editors for a CMS

Top 3 Editors for a CMS

I recently added page management capabilities to this site (cms on sails), making it a fledgeling CMS. I used the same editor that is used by the Ghost blogging platform. You can find the source code on github. Part of my quest to write a Sails.js based CMS was to...

Blog is Live!

I’ve just published my first sails.js production app — this blog! It has the very basics: markdown editor static pages comments admin account There are still a few things I need to implement in order to make it a real CMS content management system: RSS...

Sails’ Local Disk has Issues

I recently ran in circles trying to figure out why my .sort call wasn’t behaving correctly. Remember, “Sails.js is still in beta”, so it’s expected to have problems The specific issue that bit me has to do with how the local disk database...

UI design can become distracting

I’ve been tweaking the buttons, shapes and styles of these static pages. However at that point you’re following the trail down a rabbit hole. Set small, concrete, specific goals for your UI changes.