Explorer 90 Professional Green Screen + Valera Background Gallery Bundle Review

Explorer 90 Review
Explorer 90 Review

When it comes to looking for a green screen that you can use for your streams, professional video, and photo content production, it can be overwhelming.

For professional photographers and videographers, the right green screen can make photo and video editing a lot easier. Quality professional green screens allow content creators to take out the background flawlessly without having to push more effort and damage the edges of the subject in a photo.

From a streamer’s perspective, this makes them look professional as a quality green screen background makes you look better together with the game or the content you’re showing to your audiences.

That’s why we came up with detailed roundups like our Best Green Screen for Streaming and product-specific reviews like this so you will have a better understanding of picking which green screen is perfect for your needs.

Explorer 90 Professional Green Screen

Material Type: Proprietary ChromaBoost wrinkle-resistant fabric | Measurement: 90″ diagonal (80 “W x 46 “H) | Rigging: Comes with tripod stand, stabilizer, wall mount bracket, and 2x mounting hub

  • Wrinkle-resistant screen
  • Great for low lighting conditions
  • Easy to setup
  • Versatile
  • Compact


    Different green screens are ideal for different needs. If you’re looking for something big that can be transported with ease, you’ll surely want to consider Valera Green Screen’s Explorer 90 Professional Green.

    Apart from being flexible, versatile, and compact, the green screen material also uses a professional-grade screen to ensure high-quality output when streaming or doing professional content creation.

    Setting this up is also easy and doesn’t take as long as most green screen products on the market. But what really makes this great is the included wall mount if you don’t have enough space for the tripod behind the subject.

    You also won’t have problems with wrinkles on the screen since the fabric is wrinkle-resistant, making sure your professional work and live streams will appear as straightforward as possible. Furthermore, you can adjust the screen to either landscape or portrait view to get the best angles.

    Explorer 90 Professional Green Screen: Features


    Among the two most notable features about the Explorer 90 Professional Green Screen is it’s ultra big size screen in an ultra-portable travel size carrying bag.

    Explorer 90 Professional Green Screen 4

    The green screen has a size of 80″ x 46″ or 90″ diagonally. Since it only weighs 8.5 lbs, carrying it around won’t be a problem. Even though it’s 46″ long, it’s still easy to carry around since it only weighs 8.5 lbs– even considered the lightest in its class.

    Explorer 90 Professional Green Screen 2


    The screen uses a proprietary ChromaBoost wrinkle-resistant fabric with high vibrancy, ensuring you high-quality video and photo production. If you’re going to use this for gaming, you will be able to remove your background and use layouts professionally completely.

    Explorer 90 Professional Green Screen 3

    Note that what is good about this fabric is that it still works well, even in low lighting. If you’re planning to take pictures or record videos in low-lighting conditions, it should always look good.

    Setting Up

    Setting the green screen is very simple and should only take you 2 minutes to set it up.

    It is important to note that this is intended to be used indoors. Although it is possible to use this outdoors, it won’t be as effective as indoors. Slight wind and uneven surfaces are among the factors that could easily tip the green screen over– even with the stabilizer bar setup.

    Explorer 90 Professional Green Screen 5

    To start, make sure you find an even surface and set the tripod first. The tripod’s two legs should be facing the camera while the remaining leg is facing away, supported by the stabilizer. If you have weights, it would be better to reinforce the stability of the tripod.

    When the tripod is set, get the mounting hub and attach it to the pole using the two thumbscrews included in the package. Make sure you insert both thumbscrews into the holes next to the indicated red arrows. Use your thumb to fit the screws clockwise until they are finger tight.

    Unlike most green screens on the market, the four support arms go diagonally from the mounting hub sockets. It is also best to make sure you push them in. Once they are fit nicely, rotate the four support arms until the hooks on the edges face the shooting area.

    Next, carefully unroll the green screen fabric on a clean surface. To make it easier, ask someone to help you attach the four corners of the material to the four support arms hooks. For a more comfortable setup, always start with the top left and corner hooks before you attach the fabric to the bottom corner hooks.

    Explorer 90 Professional Green Screen 1

    Once everything is set up, adjust the mounting hub with one hand and pull out the height adjustment lever. Raise the mounting hub according to your intended height and push the height adjustment lever to lock the green screen fabric in place.


    Because it’s light and small, they are perfect for content creators and on-the-go gaming streamers. But don’t let the weight put you off. One might think it’s too light even to withstand the weight when set up, but it actually comes with a stabilizer bar to ensure maximum stability.

    No matter what you’re going to use this for, it should be able to hold its ground efficiently.


    Lastly, this bundle also includes a #WorkingFromHome BONUS!

    This gives you access to Valera Background Gallery where you can use free green screen backgrounds and streaming templates for unlimited use. Since this is sold separately for $49.99, it’s nice to know that you have this as a bundle with your purchase.

    Final Words: Is it Worth it?

    Having that all said, is the Explorer 90 Professional Green Screen worth your money?

    If you frequently move from one place to another, this should give you everything you will ever need in shootings. The included wall-mount bracket should serve you well in unexpected situations.

    Overall, it should give you the best quality so long as you don’t do shootings outdoors.


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