What are the Cheapest Domain Name Extensions (Top Level Domains) In July 2017?

Cheapest Domain Name Extensions In July 2017
Cheapest Domain Name Extensions In July 2017

2 Years ago I wrote a popular article called “What are the Cheapest new Top Level .domains?” In the last few years, the number of new top level domains has grown dramatically, and most of them have entered ‘general availability. This means that any normal person can buy them for a relatively low price.

When I made my original list of the cheapest top level domains, I only counted about 250 different extensions that you could purchase on Namecheap.com. Today there are many more top level domains available. According to wikipedia, today there are over 5 times more!

“As of February 2017, the root domain contains 1528 top-level domains” – Wikipedia.org


Back then, most of the new TLDs were over $20 each. Today most of the new domain name extensions are under $10.

What’s the difference in domain name prices between 2015 compared to 2017

The difference is that in 2017 the new domain names are about 80 cheaper than they were in 2015. Today the median domain name is $6.88 on namecheap. Compare the prices back in February 2015 to Today’s (July 2017’s) prices by reading this chart I created from my database of domain prices:

February 2015 Domain Prices

February 2015 Domain Prices
In February 2015, Domain Prices were much higher than they are today

July 2017 Domain Prices are much lower than they were 2 years ago.

Cheapest Domain Names For Sale
In July 2017 Domain Name prices are much lower than they were in February 2015

Clearly there’s been a big down turn in overall prices, but for most people are concerned with what’s the absolute cheapest thing today.

What are the cheapest top level domains for sale?

.bid, .trade, .webcam, .date, .faith, .review, .accountant, .download, .loan, .racing, .win, .party, .science, .cricket are the cheapest top level domains today. These 14 domain names all cost under $0.48 to register your name for 1 year.

Name Price Character Length
.bid $0.48 3
.trade $0.48 5
.webcam $0.48 6
.date $0.48 4
.faith $0.48 5
.review $0.48 6
.accountant $0.48 10
.download $0.48 8
.loan $0.48 4
.racing $0.48 6
.win $0.48 3
.party $0.48 5
.science $0.48 7
.cricket $0.48 7

The full data sources is available in my updated article, ‘the cheapest domain names available for sale’.

What do you use cheap domain names for?

I’d like to start a conversation to learn more about why people buy the cheapest domain names.

  • Are you starting a business on a budget? When you’re bootstrapping, every dollar counts.
  • Are you doing Switchbox SEO? When you need hundreds of domains, they need to be as cheap as possible.
  • Are you A/B Testing a brand name? Many one-word names are still available on these new extensions.

Please write your answer in the comments section below.


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