Relief Heat Smart Belt Review

Relief Heat Smart Belt Review
Relief Heat Smart Belt Review

The back is one of the most important parts of the body, and if left unattended could cause irreparable harm to you in the future. Heat pads are a viable solution to help solve back problems, but can sometimes pose challenges for effective use. I wanted to test out Relief Heat to see what it could do for the back, which I will explain in this review. This was written in the context mainly for gamers to minimize the risk of back pain, due to the fact that eSports gamers, in general, have to sit for prolonged periods of time while playing for hours on end in major sporting events.

Benefits of Heat Therapy

Over the past several years, there has been a growing number of people becoming dependent on using substances to treat their physical pain. The Relief Heat belt is an alternative solution for those that are using medications to get nutrients traveling within their body. Heat therapy is proven to treat conditions that are chronic in nature, such as lower back pain or arthritis. This is basically any method that applies warmth to the body, either in part or its entirety. By increasing the temperature and concentrating it in an affected area, blood flow, and circulation increases.

While there are various ways to apply heat therapy, such as warm showers and compresses, the Relief Heat Belt falls under the compress category since you’re wrapping it around your lower torso. Picking the right heat therapy ultimately depends on what is causing your discomfort.

When it comes to arthritis, inflammation in the joints can cause stiffness and pain. Depending on the type and severity of arthritis a person has, results may vary. People that have a loss of nerve sensitivity won’t be able to feel inadvertent burns if the compress runs for too long on the skin.

Also, never apply heat therapy to open wounds. Whenever you have damaged tissue on your skin, it can be inflamed for as long as three days. Any time the skin is swelling with redness is also another indication that there is inflammation of the skin. Therefore, if you have open wounds on your body, the Relief Heat belt should not be used along with any other heat therapy.


Relief Heat

  • Ultra-portable
  • Easy to use; applies heat instantly
  • Comfortable to the body
  • No sizes available for those that are above 60 inches at the waistline


Relief Heat’s design is straightforward; it’s a belt that wrapped around the waistline and is secured with a Velcro strap, along with a battery pack inside to supply power to it. The belt comes in two different sizes: 22-40 inches and 40-60 inches. These sizes should accommodate most people that fall between these ranges. The fabric that makes up the belt is very soft, with a yellow-green interior and a black exterior with the Relief Heat icon placed in the center. It’s a simple design that doesn’t add any extra complexity and works exactly as intended.

The belt comes with an AC plug that you connect to the wall via a USB-C connection to charge up the belt, along with a bag to pack the belt in. The plug itself is fairly thick, so there is nothing to worry about it breaking. When separated from wall power, the belt can last up to three hours before needing to recharge again. This is very useful since it is good enough to last for an hour or two’s worth of workouts before putting it aside and reusing it again.

This is geared towards people with back problems, whether it’s pregnant women, people sitting upright for too long behind a desk, or fitness gurus experiencing back pain when doing intense workouts.


Reliefheat Heating Pad Review
I’ve had some instances in which I had back pain that felt really bad for me for a few hours at a time. The Relief Heat belt helped alleviate my pain greatly. The heat boosted the circulation within my body significantly, which aids in oxygen and other nutrients to travel to the muscles and joints more freely. Increased circulation helps minimize the stiffness in your back, and can also repair damaged muscles.

Once I started up the belt via the app it warmed up my waistline instantly. It can be calibrated to start at low temperatures and gradually increased to a comfortable level. Individual results and preferences may vary based on your own personal tolerances with heat, so keep that in mind when wearing the belt.

Relief Heat Belt

I used the belt during outdoor jogging and when I’m sitting in my home office. The heat applies mainly inwardly to the body and didn’t leave any notable spots where it would be immediately noticed upon contact. The thing that I love most about this belt is its portability; I can bring it with me anywhere that I go.

App and Support

Relief Heat functions around the use of an associated app that you download via the Google Play or Apple Stores. The app is easy to use, and I was able to download it with just a few taps to my smartphone.

I was able to modify the temperature from 100 to 110 degrees so I could get a feel for the belt when it applies the heat to my waist. Through the app, I set the duration for a period of 15 minutes, which worked comfortably for the entirety of the period.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Relief Heat belt is a great belt to have for those that have back problems or are at risk of having back problems. For the gamers out there, this is a nice accessory to keep in case you’ve been sitting in the chair for too long. In addition to Relief Heat, you can stand up and stretch for a bit to keep your muscles from aching and keep yourself nimble.


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