Novostella Smart LED Light Bulb Review

Novostella Smart Led Light Bulb Review
Novostella Smart Led Light Bulb Review

Novostella’s Smart LED Light Bulbs seems like one of those gimmicks that can be passed. Not so with this light, as I had a chance to review a set for myself to see what they’re about. Suffice to say, they did not disappoint, and I’ll elaborate on why in this review.

Novostella 13w 1300lm Smart Led Light Bulbs

  • Very bright light, and 16 million colors for diverse scenery customization
  • Great app support; can be used with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control
  • Can be calibrated to turn on/off at preset times
  • No HomeKit support; lacks 5Ghz Wi-Fi capability



The Smart LED bulb fields a bit of a heavy design compared to other light bulbs. The actual light emitter itself is encased in a plastic cone that surrounds the light. They’re built to be automated with little to no human interaction. The fact that the bulbs include color presets along with other color combinations is a nice touch, as you can change your in-home scenery based on your mood. I found it very useful in that it sometimes aid me in my work or whenever I’m about to sleep.

On the technical side, the bulb utilizes an A19 size with an E26 base. This allows you to utilize the bulb in most lamps or overhead lighting within your home. It’s also fairly thick, but I’d be careful whenever you’re carrying these bulbs around so that they don’t fall on the floor and crack the dome.


Novostella Smart Led Light Bulb UnboxingThis Smart LED Light Bulb is one of Novastella’s brightest light bulbs within their inventory, with a Lumen cap of 1,300. The brightest level is brighter than most bulbs that are available on the market, which averages between 400-800 Lumens. The bulb comes with the standard 16 million colors that can be used to enhance the landscape within and outside your home. This includes different shades of white that can be dimmed or brightened at will. Also, you are able to make color temperature changes between 2700K to 6700K, down to the finest detail. Since there are so many colors available, I used these lights and suggested them to my friends for special occasions like a birthday party or romantic dinner.

The best that I liked about these bulbs is the different light combinations available. It enhanced the dull ambiance of my home by a very huge margin. I bought several of these bulbs and arranged them in different areas of my residence for maximum effect. The brightness of these lights really shows, so much to the point that I had to dim them slightly so I don’t blind my neighbors whenever they cross by.

Novostella Smart Led Light Bulb Multicolor

Your smartphone can interface with these light bulbs via your home 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network. There aren’t any extra pieces of equipment you need to experience what these light bulbs have to offer. Also, the bulb can interface with Google Assistant and Alexa for voice control where you can activate it at your convenience. The bulb is compatible with phones of the Android and iOS variety, so there’s nothing to worry about if you have either one of these devices on hand. I was able to interface the bulbs with my Alexa device by doing just a few taps. Yes, it’s that easy.

Keep in mind that these bulbs do not work with 5GHz Wi-Fi networks, so if your network is on that level you’re out of luck. In addition, there is no HomeKit support for the bulb.


Novostella 13w Led BulbNovastella’s Smart LED Light Bulb performs very well with its bright and brilliant light, as it’s better than other competitive smart lights of its class. For the voice control, you can control the bulb through the Smart Life app. The app is cross-compatible with other smart bulbs from different manufacturers.

The bulb can be set with a timer through the app, so I can time them to turn off whenever I’m asleep or out of the home. This is great because of the fact that these lights can turn off by just using my voice or pre-program the lights via my phone, as opposed to using the standard light switches available in homes across the country.

Bottom Line

Novastella’s Smart LED Light Bulbs are budget-friendly light bulbs that don’t break the bank. They are very bright and large and can be used to enhance the color scape in and outside the home. You can customize it however you like and give the house a little extra flair. The addition of voice controls is neat, as you can wirelessly command your lights on or off with your voice or program them to your own schedule. These lights provide a reasonable amount of value for what they’re worth and make great additions to the home if you’re looking to make the house a little more colorful than normal.


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