Dudios Dubuds Review: Lasts Longer Than Your Airpods

Dudios Dubuds Review Thumb
Dudios Dubuds Review Thumb

The Dudios Dubuds were recently sent to our office, and I’ve been tasked to review them. As someone who’s reviewed a lot of true wireless earbuds, I wasn’t all that excited when I was doing a bit of research before their arrival as they seemed to me like any other pair based solely on design. When I finally got to test them out, I took back all of my initial thoughts. I was blown away by the Dudios Dubuds, and here is why:

Dudios Dubuds | A Surprisingly Powerful Pair


For the price, you’d be pleasantly surprised when you finally receive the Dudios Dubuds. The earbuds come in a nice and sleek box that looks very premium, with their tagline “Sound with Substance” clearly printed on the packaging.

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Look at that powerful tagline.

It’s a decent unboxing experience overall, certainly better than many earbuds at the same price point. In the box is a product manual (which I never bothered to read), the USB-C cable, and the Dubuds themselves, housed inside their charging case. Opening it up didn’t feel cheap at all!

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Here’s everything spread out.


The Dubuds look sleek. The case and housing for the buds use a matte black plastic that’s smooth to the touch without losing friction. Inside the case, you’ll see the charging docks, cut out to perfectly house the buds themselves.

20200823 124037
Looks cute, but a bit bulky.

A great little design choice is the USB-C port. Dudios made the right choice here, because many newer phones also use USB-C. No longer will you have to carry a Micro USB just to charge your devices – just bring one cable and you’re good to go! If you don’t like cables at all, don’t worry – the Dubuds are capable of wireless charging, too.

The Dubuds use a minimalist design, similar to that of the Airpods, but with a couple of differences. First off, the charging pins are very visible on the lower part of the buds. Two holes are punched into the bottom for the stereo microphones. There are also a couple of LED lights on the outer edge that indicate when the buds are on, pairing, or is running out of battery life.

20200823 124219
They don’t look “new” or “unique” at all… but keep reading.

Overall, these earbuds look very quiet, functional, and low-key; perfect for taking out on your commute, workout, or run. The case is super portable, too, and is easy to bring along in any small bag or pocket – if you can handle the bulk. As someone who doesn’t like wearing wireless gaming headphones outside of the house, these are a godsend.

Build Quality

The Dubuds’ lightweight portability can be attributed to the hard plastic material used for the case, which was probably a choice made to allow for the hefty 2,700 mAh battery. It really does add a bit of weight to it, giving it a more premium feel. 

The earbuds aren’t too bad. They’re lightweight enough to not feel bulky when you have them on, but there’s enough weight in them to know that the drivers are pretty legit.  I am personally not a fan of the silicone tips, but they do add more grip to the buds when I use them outdoors.

20200823 124302
Look at that cute little LED indicator.

Pretty decent build quality overall, but I still wouldn’t drop these. I’d love to find a silicone case that fits its charging case just for a bit of extra protection.


USB-C Quick Charging: How cool is it that the Dubuds are quick-charging? That’s the beauty of having a USB-C port and a big battery. All 2,700 mAh of the battery can be charged in an hour! 

Easy Touch Control: Many true wireless earbuds on the market still use buttons for control, making loud audible clicks and making you press the earbuds harder into your ear. I’m not a fan of that, which is why I appreciate the Dubuds’ Easy Touch Control feature – I just need to tap one earbud and I’m good to go.

One-Step Pairing: The Dubuds were so easy to pair up to my phone out of the box as they don’t require a complicated setup sequence. All I had to do was turn on my Bluetooth, pull out the buds, and let them pair on their own. Ez.

Lightweight, Semi-In Ear Design: The compact and lightweight design, while not unique, is very functional. These versatile earbuds are great for wearing outdoors or in bed when you’re trying to relax. Its semi-in ear design doesn’t create a complete seal on your ears and let in some ambient noise – which is great for commuting.

Up to 70 Hours of Playtime: The star of the Dubuds show is definitely the charging case. It allows your buds to charge up for 70 hours of playtime thanks to the 2,700 mAh battery. You won’t need to charge this a lot, so if you travel around, this is a great companion to have.

14.2mm Neodymium Drivers: 14.2mm neodymium drivers are pretty big for earbuds. They give the earbuds a nice booming sound free of distortion. Many competitor products have very flat-sounding bass, and we’re happy to hear that Dudios didn’t skimp on audio quality.

IPX4 Waterproofing: IPX4 waterproofing for the earbuds lets it survive the rain and sweat during workouts. This feature is great for people who like to stay active and those who need to be out a lot.


These sound great. Not as amazing as higher-end earbuds, but for the price, the Dudios Dubuds overdeliver. The buds are capable of a really deep but not obnoxious bass, and low tones are sonorous, giving the buds a wide soundscape that I wasn’t sure it was capable of.

20200823 124153
Goes to show you can’t judge a pair of buds by its charging case.

The mids are steady, vocals are very clear and aren’t muddled by the bass. Finally, it’s got soaring highs that feel nice on the ears without completely bursting my eardrums even at max volume.

I’m pleasantly surprised to hear the sound coming from the Dubuds. It goes to show that it doesn’t take a lot of money to create a really decent-sounding and high-functioning pair of earbuds. Screw Raycons and Airpods, I’m a Dudios fan now. 

The microphones on the buds aren’t too shabby either.

Pros and Cons

There’s a lot to like and not much to hate about this pair of true wireless earbuds. Dudios really put a lot of thought into its internals, even though the buds themselves ended up looking a bit like the Airpods. 

Pros first: I really like how quick it pairs, and the fact that it uses USB-C as a charging port. It’s very future-proofed and lets me enjoy fast-charging right out the box. They also sound surprisingly good, a sure sign that Chinese manufacturers are starting to carve their own niche in the audiophile industry. Finally, hi-fi for the masses!

20200823 124356
Thank the tech gods for USB-C.

The cons: It’s not a very unique design and can easily be mistaken for knockoffs at first glance. People will have to hear it to believe it. Another problem I have is the “portable” charging case. While it does fit in your pocket, it’s twice as large as an Airpods case and twice as heavy, too. It feels bulky and I’d rather keep it in a bag.

Second, the earbud design is very uninspired and runs into the same problems as the Airbuds. Using them without the silicone tip will let them slip if not put on properly.

Wrap Up

The Dudios Dubuds are a great steal. You get amazing audio quality, stellar battery life, and USB-C quick charging for a fraction of the price of premium earbuds. However, it does suffer from being aesthetically boring and the charging case being bulky, which, in my opinion, are solid tradeoffs for the features that the Dubuds offer. You could do much worse for the same price!


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