beachsafe Portable Safe Box Review

Beachsafe Portable Safe Box Review
Beachsafe Portable Safe Box Review
  • Durable and water-proof chassis
  • Built-in fan for active cooling
  • Difficult to bypass
  • Dual charging ports

  • Colors may be too eye-catching


If you enjoy going to the beach often, you know how troubling it can be to leave your valuables unattended when you’re in the water, taking a stroll in the surf, or buying ice cream on the boardwalk. Beaches are often crowded, and some of the people there may be thieves who are intent on stealing smartphones, wallets, or jewelry that others leave out in the open. That is why the team over at beachsafe formulated a solution to this problem. They created a portable safe box that can store all your valuable items in addition to having additional useful travel features so you can fully enjoy your time under the sun. They recently sent over a review sample of the product, and I couldn’t wait to share my opinion of it with my readers. 

Package Contents

Package Contents
Package Contents
  • beachsafe Portable Safe Box
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Stainless-steel Securing Cable

Design and Features

The beachsafe has an ultra-durable and water-proof hard plastic exterior chassis that is designed not only to secure your valuable items from thieves but also to protect them from the elements. It has a built-in outtake cooling fan that draws heat from the inside to keep your devices cool. The fan is powered by the solar panel battery installed in the safe that also functions as a light source and a charger for your smartphones and other electronic devices. You can either let the battery charge naturally through the exposed solar panels or plug it in a power source through the included Micro USB cable. 

Exposed Solar Panels
Exposed Solar Panels

I wouldn’t count on the panels to fully charge the battery quickly enough since they are intended primarily for emergency use. On the other hand, I like how they bundled the beachsafe with a Micro USB cable since the one I’m using for my budget phone isn’t compatible with the product.

The internal battery is attached inside the box with screws. It features two charging ports so you can charge two of your devices at a time. You can also leave the device to charge inside the box and lock it while you enjoy the waters or go someplace else. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about your smartphones heating up inside thanks to the outtake cooling fan.

Battery Output Ports
Battery Output Ports

The beachsafe features a tamper-resistant four-digit combination lock to stop thieves from accessing the contents in the box. It is tough to bypass for those who don’t know the combination. Moreover, you can easily change the combination if you’re not at ease with the default code.

Combination Lock
Combination Lock

The beachsafe comes with a  heavy-duty flexible stainless-steel securing cable so you can lock it down to your lounge chair or another stationary object to prevent thieves from grabbing it free when you’re not watching. The cord is knotted inside the box to keep it firmly stuck inside in case someone tries to wiggle it loose. 

Aside from being highly functional, the beachsafe is also quite stylish. It comes in four brilliant colors, namely lime green, ocean blue, oh so orange, and sunshine yellow. The one I received is the sunshine yellow variant, and I honestly think it attracts too much attention because of the bright color. Nevertheless, I am confident that anyone who would attempt opening the box will fail because of the excellent build quality and durable materials. If it’s any consolation, the lively colors also go well with the usual beach apparel.


Ultimately, the beachsafe is highly effective at securing your valuables and deterring thieves while you enjoy the beach or go on fishing trips. If a crook were downright intent on stealing your precious items, they could hypothetically break the box with a hammer, but it would make a lot of noise and attract too much attention, especially in crowded places. It is a fantastic gift for yourself or a friend who is fond of the outdoors. 

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