7 Things Everyone Wants To See In Diablo II Resurrected

7 things everyone wants to see in diablo ii resurrected
7 things everyone wants to see in diablo ii resurrected

With the almost confirmed leaks about an upcoming remaster/remake of Diablo II, to be announced at BlizzConline, it seems this would be a perfect time to bring up things a lot of people hope they introduce. This is a controversial topic with the #NoChanges crowd that we see every time a remaster or a remake is announced but let’s all try to cool our jets here and hear each other out!

#1 Improved Inventory Management

Don’t get me wrong, I like playing Tetris as much as the next gamer but it doesn’t really add anything to the core gameplay when you take a moment to think about it. Most of the time it just serves as an annoyance and slows you down in the middle of your grinding. Sure, it introduces a slight “opportunity cost” but that really boils down to how fast you are able to farm the things you want to farm, is that really something the game needs? 

Things that could improve this system significantly:

  • Limiting item size, personally I think they could just copy Diablo III(I know, it’s out right heretical to say anything good about this game.)
  • A separate charm inventory that is only for your charms, allowing for further customization of your character without having to sacrifice inventory space. I doubt anyone can honestly say they think it’s a fun mechanic, other than the hardest of hardcore players spreadsheeting away on how many charms and in which orientation they want to carry them. Last Epoch has something similar to this in their game and it’s one of the more loved features of the game.
  • Stackable potions. This one would probably require a much bigger overhaul of how the game fundamentally works, which probably means it will never happen.

#2 Less annoying instance reset system for farming

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Nobody likes this. If you do, I don’t like you.

This is something many of the games that came after the original Diablo 2 have failed to incorporate into their game. Having to logout/exit to character selection every time you want to reset the zone your target boss resides in is a tedious action that just takes you out of the gameplay loop.

My personal preference, and probably of many others, would be to be able to teleport back to town and press a button on the waypoint to start a fresh instance of the area we want to be farming. It’s a miniscule thing in the big picture, but for many it’s enough to take you out of “the zone”.

#3 Improved hotkey and action bar system 

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The actual UI that pops up when you press the help button in Diablo II, honestly better than many modern games…


The way Diablo II did its hotkey system back in the day was adequate and even revolutionary for me and my friends, but nowadays it really shows its age. Moving away from the F1-F8 switching your bound skill on RMB and LMB only makes sense these days. They could implement a legacy setting for those who want to stay in the old system, giving the hardcore enthusiast and a casual newcomer the best of both worlds. 

#4 Improved Ladders, league systems

This would be the biggest change for me personally as it would contribute to the longevity of the game and keeping it a fresh experience every few months, however long it takes for the developers to churn out a new league mechanic. Some of the other games in this space, such as Diablo III, Path of Exile and Old School RuneScape have all implemented this successfully, following in the footsteps of Diablo II ladder resets(which to this day draw in players) and improving upon it. It would be a joy to see them evolve the old ladder system of Diablo II in this way, and frankly I don’t see them not doing it.

#5 Microtransactions

Okay, put your pitchfork down, let me explain! If the team is committed to putting in the work to keeping the game alive with fresh content in the form of league systems or even new bosses and enemies later down the line, I would be more than happy to see MTX in the form of cosmetic items that do not benefit you in any real way in the game itself. This way the people who want to support the development of the game, or just want to look pretty while slaying demons, get to do so.

Blizzard has always had a bit of a rocky past when it comes to adding microtransactions to their games, they have mostly gotten it right. Hearthstone would be the only game I can think of personally where one can “buy power” but that is kind of an inherent problem with the card game genre itself, but I digress.

#6 In-game loot filter

This entry is more for the enthusiast level players but having a way to filter your loot in a game like Diablo 2 becomes essential the further into the end game grinding you get. You don’t want to see 80+% of the trash dropping on the ground, as it is not even worth your time to turn around and pick up. It makes the game look cleaner and allows for more content the community can create, share and discuss amongst themselves. This one is really a no-brainer in 2021 (although I wouldn’t hold my breath for the remaster to drop any time this year…)

#7 Modding tools

If the game is released as just a remaster/remake of the original and that is all the development Blizzard are prepared to put into it, I am sure everyone would be more than happy if they released a modding toolkit for it. Diablo 2 has an amazing array of mods and full modifications of the game, such as Median XL, Project Diablo, Path of Diablo and many many others. 

In all honesty, just getting modern day graphics and engine improvements with a modding toolkit would allow the community to begin creating even more ambitious projects for many of us to fall in love with once again. 

#8 Wait, I thought you said there were 7?

I did indeed, #8 is what you want to see. Leave a comment below or start a conversation in a community you’re a part of, let’s get people hyped for Diablo II Resurrected!

You can check the BlizzConline stream and schedule here!



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